Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers by Leo L. Beranek 2012-10-04


Acoustical Measurements

Paperback edition. Pages are clean and binding is tight.

Master Handbook of Acoustics, Sixth Edition

Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. Throughout, describes hands-on techniques, this authoritative text provides clear explanations, and features numerous room designs that can be built as presented, or adapted to your particular needs. Understand how sound waves travel in free fields and in enclosed spaceslearn how human sound perception and psychoacoustics affect room designCalculate and predict reflections, control rooms, and choose construction materialsDesign, window, home studios, build, and diffusionDesign and build home theaters, and other acoustically sensitive spacesReduce HVAC noise levels, and install treatment modules to optimize early reflections, and achieve excellent sound isolation with proven wall, and room modesPerform acoustical measurements and site surveys, recording studios, reverberation times, reverberation, and door designsUnderstand the acoustics of auditoriums and concert hallsUtilize the supplied cost-effective plans and specifications for a variety of recording and listening rooms Paperback edition.

Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. The most complete and current guide to architectural acoustics principles and practicesDesign and construct audiophile-quality sonic environments of all sizes--from home theaters and project studios to large-scale recording studios.

Thoroughly revised to include new acoustical design techniques, Master Handbook of Acoustics, Sixth Edition, explains the art and science of room acoustics and architecture by combining theoretical instruction with matter-of-fact engineering advice. Written by renowned experts in the field and refined through several editions, this fully updated classic describes the fundamentals of acoustical properties, as well as the latest solutions to acoustical problems.



Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. Throughout, a wealth of illustrations and exercises make the ideas more concrete. Electroacoustic devices such as microphones and loudspeakers are used everywhere from cars and mobile phones to homes, places of worship, and sports arenas. It also examines the compromises that are necessary when designing transducers for use in the real world.

To meet the needs of a broad range of readers, electrical circuits, the book also includes background material on room acoustics, and electrical filters. Electroacoustic theory is explained in an easy-to-read style without resorting to matrix theory. Paperback edition. A contemporary introduction to the subject, Electroacoustics explains the scientific and engineering principles behind the design of these sound transducers.

The modern treatment of transducers also makes this a valuable reference for transducer designers, acoustical consultants, hobbyists, and anyone involved in electroacoustic design. Used book in Good Condition. He uses the concept of electrical circuit analogies to help readers quickly grasp the fundamentals of acoustical and mechanical systems.

Learn about ultrasonic transducers, loudspeaker Enclosure Design, and More This accessible textbook book is based on the author’s extensive experience teaching electroacoustics to advanced graduate and graduate students. Get a solid foundation in electroacoustic Engineering Principles The book emphasizes multidisciplinary engineering principles, preparing students for the broad range of applications they may encounter in their research as well as later in their careers.

The book covers both traditional electrodynamic audio and ultrasonic transducers and includes up-to-date material on arrays, planar transducers, loudspeaker enclosure design, and more.


Paperback edition. Beranek. Source of practical acoustical concepts and theory, loud-speakers and speaker enclosures, with information on microphones, and room acoustics. Acoustics. Used book in Good Condition. Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. 491 pp, hardcover 1986 original published 1954. Used book in Good Condition.

. Leo L.

Riding the Waves: A Life in Sound, Science, and Industry

Riding the waves is a testament to the boldness, diligence, and intelligence behind Beranek's lifetime of extraordinary achievement. One central lesson i've learned is the value of risk-taking and of moving on when risks turn into busts or odds look better elsewhere, " Beranek writes. Paperback edition. Known for his work in noise control and concert acoustics, Beranek devised the world's largest muffler to quiet jet noise and served as acoustical consultant for concert halls around the world including the Tanglewood Music Shed, the storied summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. Used book in Good Condition. His seventy-year career, through the most tumultuous and transformative years of the last century, has always been propelled by the sheer exhilaration of trying something new. In the 1970s, beranek risked his life savings to secure the license to operate a television station; he turned Channel 5 in Boston into one of the country's best, then sold it to Metromedia in 1982 for the highest price ever paid up to that time for a broadcast station.

The life and work of renaissance man Leo Beranek: scientist, engineer, busisess leader, inventor, entrepreneur, television executive, professor, musician, philanthropist, and author. Leo beranek, philanthropist, television executive, an Iowa farm boy who became a Renaissance man―scientist, inventor, musician, entrepreneur, and author―has lived life in constant motion.

The driver just happened to be a former Harvard professor of engineering, who guided the young Beranek toward a full scholarship at Harvard's graduate school of engineering. The many awards he has received include the Presidential National Medal of Science, presented in 2003.

Fundamentals of Acoustics

Used book in Good Condition. Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. Used book in Good Condition. This revision keeps the same strong pedagogical tradition as the previous editions by this well known author team. Paperback edition. This text is designed for a one semester junior/senior/graduate level course in acoustics. It presents the physical and mathematical concepts related to the generation, transmission and reception of acoustic waves, covering the basic physics foundations as well as the engineering aspects of the discipline.


Sound System Engineering 4e, Fourth Edition

Used book in Good Condition. A highly regarded reference, bringing you all the current technology and practice * Details mathematics for audio systems and describes audio and acoustic instrumentation * Provides you with an overall coverage of how the sound system works as a whole Paperback edition. Fully updated on the design, implementation and testing of sound reinforcement systems this great reference is a necessary addition to any audio engineering library.

Long considered the only book an audio engineer needs on their shelf, Sound System Engineering provides an accurate, complete and concise tool for all those involved in sound system engineering. Used book in Good Condition. Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. Packed with revised material, numerous illustrations and useful appendices, this is a concentrated capsule of knowledge and industry standard that runs the complete range of sound system design from the simplest all-analog paging systems to the largest multipurpose digital systems.


Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: An Exploration of the Physical Meaning of Quantum Theory Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics

But even the best students - indeed, the theory says is going on,  especially the best students - emerge rather confused about what, physically, exactly, in microscopic systems. Used book in Good Condition. Traditional courses in quantum mechanics teach students how to use the quantum formalism to make calculations.

Mcgraw-hill TAB Electronics. The text is accessible to students with at least one semester of prior exposure to quantum or "modern" physics and includes over a hundred engaging end-of-chapter "Projects" that make the book suitable for either a traditional classroom or for self-study. Paperback edition. Authored by an acclaimed teacher of quantum physics and philosophy, this textbook pays special attention to the aspects that many courses sweep under the carpet.

This supplementary textbook is designed to help such students understand that they are not alone in their confusions luminaries such as Albert Einstein, Erwin Schroedinger, and John Stewart Bell having shared them, to sharpen their understanding of the most important difficulties associated with interpreting quantum theory in a realistic manner, and to introduce them to the most promising attempts to formulate the theory in a way that is physically clear and coherent.

Used book in Good Condition.