After Doomsday

If the last men and women in the galaxy do not identify and destroy their enemy, there will be no place in the universe to hide. The winner of three nebulas, demonstrating once again why he is considered one of the brightest literary lights to shine during the Golden Age of Asimov, and numerous other awards over the course of his illustrious career, science fiction Grand Master Poul Anderson has written a magnificent adventure of courage and survival in the wake of the unthinkable, seven Hugos, Heinlein, and Bradbury.

Donnan’s first priority is to escape with his crewmates; the second is to find out if there are other human survivors somewhere among the stars—unbeknownst to Donnan and the three hundred men now under his charge, the female crew of the Europa also survived the genocide—and the third is to seek vengeance, for the alien annihilators will not rest until their task is completed.

. It is clear that one of a trio of alien species engineered the holocaust, but which? When the captain of the Franklin falters, engineer Carl Donnan is forced to take command of the ship. The only survivors of an annihilated human race must find one another somewhere in the cosmos and unite to destroy the alien aggressors who obliterated the Earth in this classic science fiction adventure After a three-year mission, only to discover the planet is dead, the American starship Benjamin Franklin and its all-male crew have returned to Earth, a blackened shell devoid of life.

The future of what remains of the human race is in his hands.

Orion Shall Rise

On a post-nuclear earth, visionaries who dream of reaching for the stars attempt to revive the forbidden technology that destroyed their world. An enthralling work of speculative fiction from a winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards, Orion Shall Rise is a feat of world-building and a sobering view of tomorrow by one of the twentieth century’s most revered science fiction masters.

Poul anderson’s monumental tale combines science, and global politics with breathtaking action and adventure, anthropology, philosophy, offering an ingeniously unique and provocative vision of humankind’s all-too-possible destiny. This ebook includes the bonus story “The Sky People. ”. Centuries ago, humankind was nearly destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse.

But the reborn dream of space flight harbored by a forward-thinking few could herald the revival of the nuclear technology that once ravaged the planet and its people—and the powerful Maurai Federation will take every step necessary, no matter how drastic, to prevent doomsday from dawning again. The dominant culture of a widely diminished Earth, the ecologically sensitive Maurai hold fast to their belief that “non-green” science is an unacceptable evil.

Many generations have passed since that terrible time, and the remnants of civilization have re-formed into separate, vastly different societies.

There Will Be Time

But a terrible darkness clouds his admission into the secretive, time-traveling organization called Eyrie when the group’s true intentions become clear. The prolific and remarkable Poul Anderson dazzles once again with a humanistic science fiction adventure that races across the boundaries of time. This ebook includes the bonus stories “Progress” and “Windmill.

”. But he won’t be able to do it alone. He’s even seen the far future, when the ecology-minded Maurai Federation dominates a world nearly obliterated by nuclear war. His unique gift enables him to visit ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and the Wild West. In the shadow of the Crucifixion, Jack finally achieves his goal.

A time traveler stumbles upon a horrific plot to alter the future in this adventure from “one of science fiction’s most revered writers” USA Today. Born with a strange genetic mutation, Jack Havig can travel backward and forward in time at will. Lightning-paced and marvelously inventive, There Will Be Time is an unforgettable journey through the ages from one of the greats of twentieth-century science fiction.

For eyrie’s plans include an unthinkable genocide designed to irrevocably alter the destiny of humankind—and Jack is the only one who can stop it. Jack undertakes these voyages with one objective in mind: to find others who share his remarkable abilities.

The Boat of a Million Years

They have walked among mortals for millennia, traveling across the world, trying to understand their special gifts while searching for one another in the hope of finding some meaning in a life that may go on forever. Following their individual stories over the course of human history and beyond into a richly imagined future, “one of science fiction’s most revered writers” USA Today weaves a broad tapestry that is “ambitious in scope, meticulous in detail, polished in style” Library Journal.

A new york times notable book and hugo and nebula Award Finalist: This epic chronicle of ten immortals over the course of history “succeeds admirably” The New York Times. The immortals are ten individuals born in antiquity from various cultures. Immune to disease, able to heal themselves from injuries, they will never die of old age—although they can fall victim to catastrophic wounds.


Highway of Eternity

But at the cost of the corporeal self, there is no place in the aliens’ future for anyone unwilling to exist as mind alone. But racing through space and time can be a hazardous occupation, especially with monstrous beasts, killer robots, and Immortal body-destroyers waiting at every juncture. The last novel from acclaimed science fiction Grand Master Clifford D.

Corcoran and boone’s powerful extrasensory abilities lead them to an advanced transportation system through time, and back to the bucolic eighteenth-century English countryside. Simak, nebula, winner of the hugo, and numerous other awards, Highway of Eternity combines breathtaking action with provocative ideas and unparalleled ingenuity, the hallmarks of Simak’s exceptional art.

. Two present-day investigators race across time to escape malevolent aliens from the future and their terrible “gift” of immortality in this novel by a Nebula Award–winning author. What is the price of eternal life? secret agent Jay Corcoran is about to learn the answer when his investigation into an inexplicable disappearance carries him and journalist friend Tom Boone hundreds of years into the past.

There, they discover a family from the distant future hiding from the Immortals—an alien race that, many centuries on, is seducing human subjects with the promise of eternal life. Far forward. Now that the evans family’s sanctuary has been breached, escape is the only answer—for Boone and Corcoran as well—and the only way out is forward.


World Without Stars

A far-future tale of marooned space travelers, a near-immortal hero, and a universe-spanning love from a multiple Nebula Award–winning author. It is she who sustains him, his courage, a memory, a tragedy, his song, with a love that is a miracle, who inspires his actions, and a dream. In a far-future era, violent trauma, banished except in the case of severe, death is virtually no more, enabling mankind to spend what were once entire lifetimes exploring the farthest reaches of the vast universe.

With no means of escape and hostiles on every side, the situation appears hopeless for Captain Felip Argens. One of the most thoughtful and lyrical works by the incomparable poul Anderson—winner of seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards over the course of his acclaimed career—World without Stars is a thrilling deep-space adventure and a magnificent feat of world building by a luminary of science fiction’s golden age.

But for the mission’s true leader—crewman, adventurer, and ship’s bard Hugh Valland—impossible is not an option. If necessary, even if it takes decades, he will alter destiny to end the terrible conflict and bring his men safely back home, or centuries, or longer—for a remarkable love patiently awaits Valland’s return to Earth.

. When the interstellar vessel meteor is dispatched to investigate a distant orb circling a giant red sun, an error in calculations sends the ship crashing into a different world altogether, casting its surviving crew into the heart of a savage, planetwide war of primitive alien tribes.

Tau Zero

But how will they keep hope alive and maintain order as they hurtle deeper into space with time passing more and more rapidly, and their ultimate fate unknown?   With its combination of mind-blowing hard science and compelling human drama, Tau Zero is “the ultimate hard science novel” Mike Resnick.

Experienced scientists and researchers, they have come to terms with the time conditions of their space travel.  . Until.  .  . They will age five years on board the ship before reaching their destination, but thirty-three years will pass on Earth. This hugo award finalist, “justifiably regarded as a classic” SFReviews.

Net, is the tale of an epic space voyage where time dilation goes horribly wrong. Since their ship is not capable of traveling faster than light, the crew will be subject to the effects of time dilation and relativity. The leonora christine passes through an uncharted nebula, which damages the engine, making it impossible to decelerate the ship on the second half of their trip.

To survive, the crewmembers have no choice but to bypass their destination and continue to accelerate toward the speed of light. Aboard the spacecraft leonora christine, fifty crewmembers, half men and half women, have embarked on a journey of discovery like no other to a planet thirty light-years away.


The Garden of Rama

When this book is good, it is really good. Sfreviews. Net. The third novel in the rama series from the legendary “colossus of science fiction” and creator of 2001: A Space Odyssey The New Yorker. Continuing from the end of rama ii, richard, three astronauts—Nicole, and Michael—remain trapped in a labyrinthine alien spaceship bound for deep space.

Told that they must re-establish contact with Earth and arrange for two thousand more humans to return with them in another voyage, the astronauts worry what trouble they might be entering into. After all, their children have never known other people. Their fears are realized when they learn part of their new crew from Earth includes a group of violent convicts.

Eventually, they arrive at the Node, a Raman facility orbiting Sirius whose purpose is to study representatives from all of the galaxy’s species. Creating the best semblance of a life they can, Nicole bears five children and they spend the next twelve years raising them aboard the ship. As the spacecraft hurtles toward a rendezvous with a Raman base, the astronauts brace themselves to finally meet their enigmatic captors face to face—and hope to learn the true purpose behind the mysterious craft.


Against the Fall of Night

Originally published in the november 1948 issue of startling Stories, Against the Fall of Night is a rich and intensely poetic vision of a distant future that’s sure to delight fans of Clarke and science fiction as a genre. Clarke is one of the truly prophetic figures of the space age .  .  . Give my greetings to the Keeper of the Records.

Arthur C. Living in the ten-billion-year-old city of Diaspar, Alvin is the last child born of humanity, and he is intensely curious about the outside world. But according to the oldest histories kept by the city fathers, there is no outside world—it was destroyed by the Invaders millions of years ago. Alaine of Lyndar.

This cryptic message takes Alvin on a quest to discover humanity’s true past—and its future. The colossus of science fiction. The new yorker  . The renowned science fiction author’s landmark novel of the last human born on a far future world—and his quest for the truth about existence. One day, alvin finds a rock with an inscription seemingly meant for him: “There is a better way.


A Choice of Gods

Now, most of the remaining humans live a tranquil, pastoral life, five thousand years later, leaving technological and religious exploration to the masses of robot servants who no longer have humans to serve. But the unexpected reappearance of jason’s brother, who had teleported to the stars many years before, threatens to change everything yet again—for John Whitney is the bearer of startling information about where Earth’s population went and why—and the most disturbing news of all: They may finally be coming home again.

Simak’s brilliant and thought-provoking A Choice of Gods has lost nothing of its power to astonish and intrigue. And no one else was there? that is the reality that greeted a handful of humans, his wife Martha, including Jason Whitney, and the remnants of a tribe of Native Americans in the year 2135.

A masterwork of speculative fiction, it is classic Simak, intelligent and ingenious, standing tall among the very best science fiction that has ever been written. A handful of humans and a multitude of robots create a new society on a mysteriously abandoned Earth in this breathtaking science fiction classic from one of the genre’s acknowledged mastersWhat if you woke up one morning on Earth.

 .  .  . Nominated for the hugo Award when it first appeared in print more than forty years ago, Clifford D. Their inexplicable abandonment had unexpected benefits: the eventual development of mental telepathy and other extrasensory powers, inner peace, and best of all, near-immortality.

Our Children's Children

Simak delivers an alien invasion tale that is at once wildly imaginative, seriously thought-provoking, and just plain fun. And the end could come sooner than anyone imagined—for some of the intelligent, rapidly breeding extraterrestrial monsters who have been devouring our children’s children may well have followed their prey back to the now.

. There is a dark and terrifying reason, however, for the visitors’ abrupt arrival. Some folks want them gone and some want to go with them, as governments and powerful corporations alike scheme to get their hands on remarkable, potentially profitable time travel technology. Our frightened descendants are seeking sanctuary from carnivorous aliens who have descended upon the future Earth, a threat that could mean the rapid destruction of the entire human race.

A speculative fiction master who stands alongside Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein in the pantheon of Golden Age science fiction gods, multiple Hugo and Nebula Award–winner Clifford D. Even though the present is merely a stopover and their ultimate destination is the age of the dinosaurs, their arrival has caused a worldwide uproar.

Fleeing a carnivorous race of alien monsters, the entire surviving human population from five hundred years in the future escapes into the present in this thrilling science fiction adventure from one of the Golden Age greats Our human descendants from five centuries in the future are coming to visit—all one billion of them—arriving via tunnels through time.