Amber Brown Horses Around

But sometimes, amber is surprised to learn, big trouble can lead to big changes for the better. She and her best friend, Justin, are spending the summer at Camp Cushetunk. Learning to ride cinnamon, the sweetest horse ever, is so amazing that Amber doesn’t even mind shoveling her poop. Then amber becomes the target of a series of pranks.

Puffin Books. Certain she knows who is behind them, Amber and her friends come up with the biggest prank ever to get revenge. But the outcome is not what they expect. Turns out horsing around can lead to big trouble. Always bright, amazingly Bold, Amber Brown!Amber Brown is one happy camper.

Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink

On top of that she’s on the hunt for the perfect dress and writing her Best Child speech. Paula danziger called bruce coville and elizabeth levy her best friend and her other best friend, big-heartedness, sense of humor, and this close connection enabled them to lovingly capture Amber Brown's voice, and her fondness for puns.

Not only does amber get to be the best child but all her best friends are invited, including Justin, whose family will be making a special trip back to town just for the big event! But when every conversation about the wedding causes a fight about money, they talk about a having a tiny wedding without any family or friends.

Beloved amber brown returns in a new book!Amber Brown is excited about her mom and Max’s upcoming wedding.

Amber Brown Is on the Move

If amber wants to adjust to her new life and survive the school year, she'd better get moving!“Amber manages to hit the sweet spot once again… In their second volume, style, Coville and Levy continue Danziger’s Amber Brown series with wit, and intelligence. Booklist. How can she leave the home her dad used to live in? and with her dad dating again, but with standardized tests coming up at school as well as a dance competition, how will they ever find time for just the two of them? All of these changes make Amber's head spin, she needs to focus more than ever.

Now that amber’s mom and max are married, the three of them are moving to a new house and Amber is worried about more than just packing. Always bright, amazingly bold, Amber Brown, Amber Brown! I, have boxes to fill.

Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon

They've known each other for practically forever, sit next to each other in class, help each other with homework, and always stick up for each other. Justin never says things like, "Amber Brown is not a crayon. Amber never says, "Justin Time. They're a great team—until disaster strikes. Will they be able to work it out before it's too late?Along with the ups and downs of shared custody, humor, the Amber Brown chapter books are beloved for tackling relatable dilemmas with thoughtfulness, and plenty of puns.

Puffin. Only amber brown can handle her best friend moving away with such honesty, humor, and heart. Amber brown and Justin Daniels are best friends. Justin has to move away, and now the best friends are fighting.

Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit

She straightens up her room?sort of. She really tries. Lately, no matter what she does, it isn?t enough. Amber brown is in deep trouble. What?s amber to do? All she wants is a little extra credit. Now her mother is angry, her teacher wants all of her homework, and Max keeps trying to make her laugh. And she agrees to meet Max, her mother?s new boyfriend?but she doesn?t agree to like him.

. She does her homework?well, most of it. But how will she succeed? Puffin.

Amber Brown is Green with Envy

Puffin. Puffin. Some kids seem to have no problems. And that makes Amber Brown green with envy. Then mom and max decide to get married even sooner and move to a new house—maybe even a new town. Sometimes her dad goes out on dates when he is supposed to be spending time with her. And her mom went to disneyland with Aunt Pam while Amber was with her dad not fair!

. Always bright, amazingly bold, Amber Brown!  Amber's parents just aren't acting the way she thinks parents should.

Amber Brown Goes Fourth

Puffin Books. Amber knows justin can't be replaced, but she is on the lookout for a new friend. Brandi seems a likely choice, humor, with a new best friend?along with the ups and downs of shared custody, and go forth, but does Brandi want to choose Amber in return? Will Amber Brown go fourth, the Amber Brown chapter books are beloved for tackling relatable dilemmas with thoughtfulness, and plenty of puns.

But the one thing she doesn't have is her best friend, Justin Daniels. Justin has moved away, leaving Amber utterly best friend-less. Puffin. Puffin. She has her pens, pencils, new clothes, and new shoes. Only amber brown can handle going to a new grade without her best friend with such honesty, humor, and heart.

Amber brown isn't entirely ready for fourth grade.

Amber Brown Sees Red

And most important, what will happen when Dad moves back? Puffin. Her mom and Max are engaged. And her body's not the only thing that's changing. And now her school's overrun by skunks, and she feels like she's being held captive in a hot, crowded school bus that's going nowhere. Her dad is moving back from Paris.

Why can't her parents agree on anything. Puffin Books. But growth spurts and skunks are not her only concerns. Amber brown's going through a growth spurt. Puffin.

You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown

Chicken pox, she finds out. Puffin. Puffin Books. Mosquito bites, she thinks. And one itchy kid when she arrives. Is her vacation completely ruined? And now that she can't go to Paris, how will she be able to convince her dad to move back home? Puffin. She is one excited kid before she goes. Puffin Books. It's finally summer and amber Brown is going to London to visit her aunt Pam and then to Paris to visit with her father.


I, Amber Brown

Amber decides that she needs to claim something for herself, she knows just what she's going to do! After all, don't her ears belong to her? Full of all the fun, and realistic dialogue that Paula Danziger's famous for, and when the topic of ear-piercing comes up, humor, this is a winning entry in the ever-popular series.

Upbeat, authentic, and humorous. School library Journal, starred review"Fresh and fast-paced. Entertainment Weekly Puffin. Puffin. Soon amber feels as if half of her belongs to her mom and half of her belongs to her dad. Amber's dad has moved back to New Jersey, which means shared custody. Puffin Books. Puffin Books.

But this year, the season is bringing big changes. Puffin Books. Amber Brown loves the holidays.

Forever Amber Brown

But if she says no, then Max may leave. She?s even getting used to her mom?s boyfriend, Max. Puffin Books. Puffin Books. Amber is used to change?her life has been full of it lately. If she says yes, they might have to move. First her best friend Justin moved and she became best friends with Brandi. Puffin. But then max asks Amber?s mom to marry him.

. Now the only change that she wants is to redo her bedroom. Puffin Books. Amber?s mom is confused?and so is Amber! Can?t things just stay the same for once? Puffin. Puffin Books. Then she had to deal with her parents? divorce and her dad?s move to France.