Black Operator: The Gulag Assassins

Ambushed in the same road tunnel where Princess Diana died in a fatal crash, Tereshkova and Rhodes play a deadly game of hide and seek with the killers. In addition, the heroes of afghanistan series, he has written the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, as well as Echo Six and the Devil's Guard series. After just two weeks in the City of Light, the cruel hunters return.

The new assassins are more cunning and skilled than ever, and they have a single agenda. This is his final attempt, and she will die. Former inmates of the gulag, all convicted of the worst possible crimes, and led by a ruthless former KGB hitman. Rhodes must use every ounce of his skill, strength and ingenuity to stay ahead of the assassins.

The author, including the recent release: special operations – Grant’s War, Eric Meyer, has written many other thrillers, as well as the previous five ‘ASSASSINS’ series of books. She travels to paris with her bodyguard and lover Cris Rhodes, but the threats to her life are far from over. The latest epic Shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer.

This is the sixth and final book in the Black Operator: Assassin series. Maria tereshkova, key candidate for the Russian presidency, is convinced the attempts on her life have ended. His name is vladimir Ushakov, and this time, there will be no mistakes.

Black Operator: The Moscow Assassins

The chase is over, the President has opted to use democratic means to win over the voters. But their newfound security is about to end. A new trio of assassins arrives, and they are more formidable than ever. Two convicted mass-murderers, skilled in every aspect of human slaughter. The latest epic Shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer.

Fifth in the black Operator: Assassin series. Maria tereshkova has been on the run for her life for more than a year, she is kept alive by Cris Rhodes, former DEA operator. Until a message arrives from the Kremlin. She will eliminate tereshkova and her protector in an independent operation, with no links to the Presidency.

Tereshkova and rhodes are hole up in a remote cabin in Northern Michigan, guarded by a platoon of Michigan Militia. The trio is unstoppable, and they leave a trail of bodies in their wake. Huge, russian beasts, led by a young woman with the face of an angel and a heart blacker than hell itself. The cruel hunters have been called off.

That is until the sister of an assassin, killed by Rhodes, makes an offer that is too good to refuse. The hunt has been relentless, and they spend their lives in hiding. Cris rhodes must dredge up every last vestige of his skills and strength to stay ahead of the killers and keep them both alive.

Black Operator: The Siberian Assassin

Fourth in the black Operator: Assassin series. The hunt is still on for the woman who would defy the Russian President, and who threatens to topple him. Inside Russia. Their only ally is a maverick pilot and his ancient biplane. A killer with the face of an angel, and a heart as black as the depths of Hades. The author, eric meyer, has written many other thrillers, including the recent release: Special Operations – Grant’s War.

After escaping from the killers sent by the Kremlin, she resolves to face the threat, and deal with it head-on. In addition, the raider series, he has written the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, as well as Echo Six and the Devil's Guard series. A bloody ambush at the border is the start of a violent chase across the snowy wastes of Siberia.

The plan is sound, but it does not take into account the lethal forces that Maria and her bodyguard Cris Rhodes are up against. They must fight to remain free of the Gulag, and to survive the Siberian Assassin. An expert killer who never misses, and never fails to take out her target. The deadliest woman in russia, a security forces officer who works for FSB, and reports to the Kremlin.

The latest epic Shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer.

Last Man Standing Forever Free Book 1

Yet some men and women will fight to survive. What happened? is this the end?when society breaks down, abandoning their homes, who will keep order?People are running scared, fleeing for their lives. Everything has changed, and nothing is as he remembered. To fight and keep fighting. Can one man survive when america falls apart?Oz Porter, a prepper and former Marine sniper, is a man who prepares for the worst.

. To remain forever free. Last man standing is the first in an ongoing Forever Free series of short novels that chronicle the vicious aftermath of the breakdown of society. The local cops have fled, and lawlessness is the new power in the land. He thought he’d been to hell and back in Iraq, but when he arrives back in his home town of Copperville, his war is not over.

It is time for Americans to defend what is theirs. Where is his wife, and is she alive or dead? There are no answers, only questions.

Beyond Endurance Forever Free Book 2

When america lies in ruins, what can one man do?Oz Porter, a prepper and former Marine sniper, has led his people into the Appalachians, where they create a refuge, a place they name Endurance. They are criminals, bullies and thieves. Once again, they look to Oz Porter and his unique skills to save them.

But how will they combat the new enemy?when people lose everything, who will keep them safe?They are a force controlled by self-appointed ‘leaders’ and staffed by heavily-armed deputies. Men who insist they are the law and hunt down all who dare oppose them. Hidden away in their mountaintop settlement, the cold and hungry inhabitants of Endurance cannot escape the notice of these self-appointed enforcers.

To help them remain forever free. Beyond endurance is the second in an ongoing Forever Free series of short novels that chronicle the vicious aftermath of the breakdown of society. Men recruited for their inherent violence. Building log cabins for shelter, trapping and hunting in the forest for food, they manage to scrape enough to live a meagre existence.


Black Operator: Red Square Assassins

She is going back to russia, to meet with the President of the Russian Republic, yet his words are false. Three times is one too many, and he goes to Russia. They’re owned by a man who makes a bigger profit from murder than from selling premium vodka. The man who has vowed to protect her, Cris Rhodes, former DEA agent, remains in the USA.

A group of killers drawn from former Special Forces and KGB elements that frequent the Red Square Club in Moscow. The kremlin see her as an enemy, and one who must be killed. Until he learns of maria’s disappearance and travels to Moscow to search for her, He has fought the killers sent by the Kremlin twice before, and they still come back.

Rambo meets die hard in the third Black Operator epic shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer. Maria tereshkova, the savior of Russia. He has prepared a final attempt to take her life, and this time, they cannot fail. Twice before, they have sent assassination teams to kill her, and twice before, she has managed to avoid them and survive.

. Leaves a trail of death and destruction around Moscow as he searches for the beautiful and enigmatic Russian girl who threatens to overturn the Kremlin dictatorship. A fast moving, rip-roaring thriller. Or a deadly enemy, depending on the point of view.

Special Operations: Grant's Crusade

A new ally in their perpetual search for bigger, more powerful weapons. Destroy the nukes, and get out again. Special operations: grant’s Crusade is an incredible story of tough, violent men fighting in North Korea. Aided by a beautiful south korean nuclear scientist, they will travel to the target by North Korean submarine, Captain Ri Sung-mi, courtesy of a group of defectors.

An ally prepared to supply them with nuclear devices, weapons with the power to devastate entire American cities. North Korea. A leaking, obsolete romeo class diesel electric boat unfit to sail on anything more than the local boating lake. The rangers know they are on a one way journey, and time is running out fast on what is left of their lives.

These men are army rangers, is disabled, Captain Cash, Grant, and when their leader, a natural fighter, keeps them moving forward. The harshest, most hostile environment on Earth. Shot at, shelled and exposed to massive doses of radiation, they must battle overwhelming odds to carry out their mission. A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops books.

The rangers have a clandestine mission, to infiltrate the nuclear facility in Sanwon, a few klicks above the 38th Parallel. They also contain a clue to a catastrophic new development.

Beyond Good and Evil Forever Free Book 3

The frequent raids that threaten the town demand constant vigilance, and the struggle becomes a bloody battle of attrition. He learns of an emergency underground facility two hundred miles away, across a hostile region filled with danger. Forbidden to leave the town, he and his wife Eleanor ignore the order and embark on a grueling journey to find a cure for their daughter.

Forever free pt iii - beyond good and evil, is the third in an ongoing Free series of short novels that chronicle the vicious aftermath of the breakdown of society. And one man’s fight to keep his family safe. Until everything changes. Is there anything a man will not do for his family?Porter leads the defense of the town, until his young daughter falls sick.

Can one man uncover the truth?life in copperville is hard for the survivors of the apocalyptic disaster, a prepper and former Marine sniper, and Oz Porter, fights to provide food for his family.

Heroes of Afghanistan: Righteous Strike - Black Ops

At the end, one question remains. Rafe stoner is a drunk loner with little to live for. He has given Stoner a reason to live. These include the popular seal team bravo stories, Echo Six, Heroes of Afghanistan, Raider, and Devil's Guard titles. His refusal is brief and to the point. During a bloody battle, Khan kidnaps a group of journalists following Congresswoman Barbara Adams.

Who will live, violent men in a tough, and who will die?Heroes of Afghanistan: Hammer of God is an incredible story of tough, violent land. The bin laden raid on Abbottabad has left diplomatic ties shattered, making an official rescue mission impossible. General ishaq khan, known as the ‘Hammer of God, ’ is the architect of this new terror.

What began as a rescue becomes a desperate fight for survival. A new insurgency is brewing on the Afghan-Pakistan border. Her work was to highlight injustices against women, yet now Adams and her party have become the victims. A reason to fight. He agrees to take on the mission with his best friend Grigory Blum.

The congresswoman’s husband turns to former Navy SEAL for help. This is the latest title by the bestselling author of many SpecOps series.

Black Operator: The Kremlin Assassins

Maria not only faces the threat from the Kremlin, but of deportation back to her country where she will face certain death. Yet it is not just her life at stake, but the fate of millions of civilians. She has been forced to flee to the United States in order to stay ahead of the killers. The latest epic shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer.

Maria tereshkova is running for her life. The kremlin assassins’ is a whirlwind action thriller, a desperate story of survival against all the odds. The author, eric meyer, has written many other thrillers, the Raider series, including the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, as well as Echo Six and the Devil's Guard series.

And still they come, the killers sent by the Kremlin and trained by Russian Special Forces. Killers sent directly from Moscow itself, and from the President who will stop at nothing to destroy those who challenge his authority. After a massive car bomb attack nearly kills them both, Rhodes has no choice but to set a trap for the next killer.

Her bodyguard, every trick he has learned in the bloody battles against the drug cartels, uses every weapon in his armory, former DEA agent Cris Rhodes, to guard her from those who would kill her. The kremlin assassins are determined there will be no mistakes this time, and their attacks are more brutal and more relentless than ever before.


SEAL Strike: Night Hunters

When a bloodthirsty band of taliban commanders escapes from prison, a SEAL unit led by Master Chief Tony Chase is called in to track them down. Time is not on their side, for with every day that passes, more young recruits arrive to strengthen the Taliban numbers. Outnumbered and outgunned, the slightest mistake will mean death for them and for the missionaries held by the enemy.

Seal strike: night hunters is the second short novel in the SEAL Strike series. The terrain is the most violent and rugged region of Taliban held Helmand. All of them under sentence of death for mass murder. Together, they are more than a threat, they are an army. But from the very start this is no ordinary mission.

Each one is a serious threat to the Coalition and can rally hundreds of fighters to join the Islamist cause and begin a new onslaught. Night hunters is a collaboration between Todd McLeod and Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of more than fifty war novels. To make matters worse, the jihadis have taken Christian missionaries’ hostage, and are using those that have not already been murdered as human shields.