Brave New World: Inside Pochettino’s Spurs

From pochettino's early years as a player and coach to his transformation of Tottenham into one of the best teams in England, the book uniquely reveals the inner workings of the man and of his footballing philosophy. He has done so by promoting an attacking, pressing style of football and by nurturing home-grown talent, fully endearing himself to the Spurs faithful along the way.

Guillem balague was granted unprecedented access to pochettino and his backroom staff for the duration of the 2016-17 season, players such as Dele Alli and Harry Kane, his closest assistants, and he has therefore been able to draw on extensive interview material with Pochettino, his family, and even a very rare conversation with Daniel Levy to tell the manager's story in his own words.

The exclusive behind-the-scenes story of the mauricio Pochettino revolution at Spurs, told in his own wordsSince joining the club in 2014, Mauricio Pochettino has transformed Tottenham from underachievers into genuine title contenders. The result is the most comprehensive and compelling portrait of a manager and of a club in the Premier League era.

It also lays bare what it takes to run a modern-day football team competing at the highest level over the course of a single campaign. In the process, he has marked himself out as one of the best young managers in the world, more than holding his own against the Premier League's established heavyweights.


Bring the Noise: The Jürgen Klopp Story

He left germany for one of the england's most challenging jobs: to manage Liverpool, a once-mighty club that had not managed sustained success since the 1980s. It was not a task for the fainthearted. His eyes betray a wild ecstasy and agony as his team thrives or falls. Klopp is dynamic, expressive, driven-he feels every move and play, restless, every tactical shift, every contact on the field.

. His game plan demands relentless commitment-the famous gegenpress-and he is one of the great personal motivators in all sport. Raphael honigstein, author of das reboot and budesliga correspondent for the Guardian, has interviewed Klopp and followed his career since his early years, and better than anyone knows how to "bring the noise" to his subject.

In klopp, liverpool finally found a manager who embodied the essence of the club. In 2008, he joined borussia dortmund, where he achieved back-to-back league titles and took the club to the UEFA Champions League final. Jürgen klopp's coaching career began in the German second tier at the unfashionable club of FSV Mainz 05, whom he steered to the Bundesliga for the first time in forty-one years.

Anfield, liverpool's home, is a temple to flamboyant attacking soccer powered by passion.

Rotations and Interchanges: A book inspired by Marcelo Bielsa

Inspired by marcelo bielsa's philosophy, Rotations and Interchanges makes an attempt to describe and be hands on a very small part of Marcelo Bielsa take on Football.

Pep Guardiola: The Evolution

Pep guardiola: the evolution takes the reader on a journey through three action packed seasons as Bayern smashed domestic records yet struggled to emulate that dominance in Europe, analysing Guardiola’s management style through key moments on and off the field. It is a portrait and analysis of a manager and the footballing philosophies that have beguiled the world.

For three extraordinary seasons at bayern munich, its backroom staff, above all, Marti´ Perarnau was given total access around the German super club – to its players, to its manager, its board members and, Pep Guardiola. Perarnau reveals how guardiola improved as a manager at Bayern despite failing to land the ultimate prize in European football, examines his decision to leave Germany to take up the challenge at Manchester City and how his managerial style will continue to evolve in the Premier League.

In the follow-up to his critically acclaimed account of Guardiola’s first full season at Bayern, Pep Confidential, Perarnau now lifts the lid on the Catalan’s whole tenure in Bavaria. This is more than the story of three seasons with one of the biggest clubs in the game.

The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports

Some lost everything. This is a sports and business tale of how money, ambition, and twenty-five years of drama remade an ancient institution into a twenty-first-century entertainment empire. Today, and games are beamed out to nearly two hundred countries, players are sold for tens of millions, clubs are valued in the billions, all while the league struggles to preserve its English soul.

. Deeply researched and drawing on one hundred exclusive interviews, including the key decision makers at every major English team, The Club is the definitive and wildly entertaining narrative of how the Premier League took over the world. The club is the previously untold inside story of how English soccer’s Premier League became the wildest, richest, most popular sports product on the planet.

Some succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Pretty soon, from russian oligarchs to Emirati sheikhs, everyone wanted to try their luck, American tycoons, and Asian Tiger titans. No one knew it when their experiment began, but without any particular genius or acumen, the motley cast of billionaires and hucksters behind the modern Premier League struck gold.


Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United

Hachette Books. After an astonishing career-first in scotland, and then over 27 years with manchester United Football Club, with his friend and collaborator Sir Michael Moritz, Sir Alex Ferguson analyzes the pivotal leadership decisions of his 38 years as a manager and, draws out lessons that anyone can use in business and life to generate long-term transformational success.

From hiring practices to firing decisions, and a go-to reference for any leader in business, sports, Leading is as inspiring as it is practical, from mastering the boardroom to responding to failure and adversity, from dealing with transition to teamwork, and life. From the winningest soccer coach ever, best known for 27 triumphant years with Manchester United, comes the book that decodes the key tools he used to deliver sustained success on and off the field.


My Turn: A Life of Total Football

You can dispute whether cruyff was the greatest player ever--he was certainly one of the top three--but he is undoubtedly the player who single-handedly changed the nature of the game. My turn tells the story of cruyff's remarkable career, built on the techniques he learned playing in the streets of postwar Amsterdam while hoping to be noticed by the city's famous club, Ajax.

. He was the sport's uncompromising genius on and off the field of play. In the 1974 world cup, cruyff propelled the Dutch team to the final for the first time. Cruyff's lasting influence, however, is not in the medals he won, but in the style of play he epitomized and then applied to the Barcelona and Ajax teams he coached.

In 1973, cruyff was sold to Barcelona for a world-record transfer fee. Nation Books. He led the catalans to victory in la Liga for the first time since 1960, and went on to leave a lasting mark on Spanish soccer. The autobiography of dutch soccer legend johan cruyff, whose remarkable life and impeccable style have influenced star players and clubs for decadesJohan Cruyff embodied a footballing philosophy that now dominates coaching and playing styles in all the leading club sides around the world.

His vision of "total football" transformed the way soccer was played, and its dazzling fluidity became the basis of the most admired sides around the world. He would eventually inspire that team to eight league championships and three European cups. He won his first of three Ballons d'Or at twenty-four in 1971.

Marcelo Bielsa - Coaching Build Up Play Against High Pressing Teams

I am looking forward to seeing him in Lille next season. I am pretty sure his influence on their team, their club and their players will be huge – amazing. Mauricio pochettino“He is one of the best managers in the world. Hachette Books. Athanasios terzis is a uefa 'a' licence coach and has produced extensive analysis of Marcelo Bielsa in 9 different tactical situations, supported with 9 full training sessions 35 practices.

Athanasios is the author of some of the best-selling football coaching books, 'coaching the Juventus 3-5-2' and 'FC Barcelona Training Sessions', most notably 'Jurgen Klopp's Attacking and Defending Tactics', which won the Italian FA Award for “Best Coaching Book” in 2014. The book includes marcelo bielsa's tactics and playing philosophy for building up play from the back against high pressing teams with a full analysis of his 4-2-3-1, 3-3-3-1 and 3-4-3 formations.

He has had a massive influence on football across the world and on other top coaches, such as Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Jorge Sampaoli and Gerardo Martino. Nation Books. Marcelo bielsa's attacking philosophy includes a mix of short and long passing, creating numerical advantages, moving the ball to the free player through 'link players', dragging opposition players out of position and exploiting the gaps created.

Marcelo bielsa is a highly respected coach and is famous for his innovative playing style, tactics and formations. The aim of the book is to use the innovative tactics of Marcelo Bielsa to provide a complete guide of how to build up play effectively against high pressing teams. To successfully build up from the back, the team in possession has to follow four steps:step 1: provide a free passing option for the goalkeeperStep 2: Move the ball to the target or free playerStep 3: Create a numerical advantage in specific areas of the pitchStep 4: Take advantage exploit the numerical advantageEach chapter has extensive analysis for a tactical situation based on Marcelo Bielsa's tactics and is then followed by a full session to help all coaches adapt the tactics into training sessions for their team.

The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a Winning Culture

Fc barcelona are one of the most successful football clubs in the world. Lying at the very heart of their success is how they deal with people and the care and attention given to the environment in which those people are nurtured: practices which are of equal relevance to all organizations trying to channel the activities of their talented individuals for the corporate good.

Hachette Books. However, what makes fc barcelona’s unique is the winning culture that has delivered sustained success for much longer than the customary four-year cycle of an elite team. Nation Books. Drawing on interviews with key architects of the culture, damian hughes provides unique insights into the crucial issues confronting the modern corporate environment, as well as his own extensive experience as a sports psychologist working with leading sports and business institutions, and shows how the lessons learnt at FC Barcelona can also be applied to develop your own winning culture.

They are: big picture, cultural Architects, Repetition, Arc of Change, Authentic Leadership. These are the same principles that are adhered to in successful working environments across any industry. In the four years that pep guardiola was in charge they won 14 of a possible 19 trophies—a success rate never matched.

. In the barcelona way, sports psychologist damian hughes reveals the key principles that have defined FC Barcelona’s success and shows how the DNA of a winning team can be successfully applied to any working environment, with dramatic results.

Pep Confidential: The Inside Story of Pep Guardiola's First Season at Bayern Munich

At the invitation of pep guardiola, he shadowed the Catalan, his staff and his superstar players during training and on matchdays. Be as critical as you like' - pep guardiola to marti Perarnau, summer 2013 Marti Perarnau was given total access to Bayern Munich during season 2013-14. We hear guardiola explain in detail the radical tactical moves which transform Bayern's season and reprogramme the players who will win the World Cup with Germany.

Perarnau talks exclusively and in fascinating detail with players such as Arjen Robben, Manuel Neuer, Philipp Lahm, Thiago Alcantara and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Birlinn Publishers. He lives in Barcelona. Access inside the changing room and behind the scenes that any journalist or writer would kill for - Perarnau's insights are astonishing' - Graham Hunter 'Write about everything you see.

He writes for a number of Spanish newspapers and runs the hugely popular Perarnau Magazine blog. This book represents the first time in the modern era that a writer has got this close to one of the elite teams of world football. Hachette Books. Pep confidential is much more than the story of a season - it is also a lasting portrait of one of the greatest coaches in sport.

Bayern smashed domestic records on their way to the double, but were humiliated by Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final. Marti perarnau, former Spanish Olympiad turned journalist, is a renowned football analyst.

The Barcelona Inheritance: The Evolution of Winning Soccer Tactics from Cruyff to Guardiola

Birlinn Publishers. From cruyff's "total football" to the epic rivalry between Guardiola and Mourinho, a gripping chronicle of the rise and fall of Barcelona's dominance in world soccer. Barcelona's style of play--pressing and possessing--is the single biggest influence on modern soccer. In the barcelona inheritance, jonathan Wilson reveals how and why this came to pass, offering a deep analysis of the evolution of soccer tactics and style.

In the late 1990s, johan cruyff's dream team was disintegrating and the revolutionary manager had departed, but his style gave birth to a new generation of thinkers, including Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho. Today, their teams are first and second in the Premier League, marking the latest installment in a rivalry that can be traced back twenty-five years.

The barcelona inheritance is a book about the tactics, the personalities, and, in one case, the friendships, an apocalyptic falling-out that continue to shape the game today. Hachette Books. Nation Books.