Bride in Trouble Bay of Islands Brides Book 1

- He has ten days to convince Phoebe that he’s still her Mr. She’s getting married in ten days, but she doesn’t remember the groom…Phoebe Goldsmith wakes up in hospital after suffering a head injury to find that all her memories of the last eight years have vanished. She doesn’t remember her father passing away.

Her family suggests she postpone the wedding until her memory returns. And she definitely doesn’t remember rafe Masters, the gorgeous firefighter who tells her that they’re due to be married on Valentine’s Day in ten days’ time. Rafe insists they’re madly in love, but the thought of saying ‘I do’ to a complete stranger makes Phoebe want to run for the hills.

Bride in Trouble Bay of Islands Brides Book 1 - But rafe’s determined not to give up on their marriage before it’s even started. Right, and he’s determined to win her all over again, no matter what it takes. She doesn’t remember opening the Bay of Islands Brides shop with her mother and sisters.

Bride by Mistake Bay of Islands Brides Book 2

- One photographer, one wedding dress, one bride by mistake…When a scandal drives famous actress Fliss Rivers to the Bay of Islands, she only plans to stay a few days. His role in the local community relies on his exemplary behaviour, but when passion flares between them, neither can say no to a secret fling.

Then a photographer catches Fliss modelling a wedding dress, and the press are convinced the two of them are tying the knot. And love always finds a way…. But she knows at some point she’s going to have to go back to the real world. When dominic goldsmith’s wife died, he swore he’d never love another woman.

Bride by Mistake Bay of Islands Brides Book 2 - Oblivious to the celebrity gossip on the internet, Dominic remembers Fliss as the young girl who blushed when he stripped off his sweater on the cricket pitch. But that was two years ago, and even his seven-year-old daughter insists it’s time he started dating again. Their relationship is no longer secret, and Fliss is convinced it means the end.

But fate is beholden to no man, or woman. Helping her old school friend roberta in her bridal café is a welcome distraction from the intimate details of her life that are splashed all over the internet.

Bride in Secret Bay of Islands Brides Book 3

- They do their best to stay apart, but it turns out that vowing to love each other for the rest of their lives has a strange effect on their relationship…. What would you do if you woke up to discover you were married to your best friend?Roberta Goldsmith and Angus McGregor wake after a night of celebration with friends in Vegas to discover themselves handcuffed together with a certificate on the bedside table that states they’ve tied the knot.

Neither of them is ready for marriage, and anyway they’re not even in love! Roberta’s busy at the Bay of Islands Brides shop, and Angus’s job as a GP at the local surgery leaves little time for romance. They both swear to keep their wedding a secret, but a terrible disaster throws them together in the most shocking way.

Bride for a Night Bay of Islands Brides Book 4

- At eighteen she finally admitted she was in love with him, but even though he liked her, Freddie was desperate to get away from his problems at home and enlisted in the New Zealand Army, leaving a broken-hearted Bianca behind. Eight years later Freddie finally returns to his hometown, physically and emotionally wounded.

Afraid of having her heart broken again, Bianca tries to fight her feelings for him, but the spark that has always been between them soon turns to a roaring flame. Bianca’s determined not to give the sexy soldier another chance to wound her. To his surprise Bianca is still in town, and still single. She’s turned into a gorgeous woman, but it soon becomes clear that she’s not forgiven him for breaking her heart.

Bride for a Night Bay of Islands Brides Book 4 - When bianca’s mother, asks him to take part in the Auckland Bridal Fair by acting as Bianca’s groom for the day, Noelle, he’s quick to jump at the chance. For a soldier wounded in battle, nothing’s more valuable than a second chance…Bianca Goldsmith has known Freddie Brooks since they were kids.

But freddie’s just as determined not to let her go….

Bride for Hire Bay of Islands Brides Book 5

- Then cameron taylor walks into her life and turns everything upside down. Cam is stunned to find the first woman he ever loved—and lost—on the other side of the world. Her days are full running the Bay of Islands bridal shop with her three daughters. About to close the most important business deal of his career, he feels that having a wife on his arm will make him seem more authentic, so he asks Noelle to pretend to be his bride for the weekend.

It’s just an act and a chance to catch up on old times before he leaves again for the UK. A second chance at a first love…nearly two years after her husband’s death, Noelle Goldsmith is convinced that at age 52 she’ll never marry again. But the passion that was between them has only been dormant, and when it flares up again, not extinct, it’s going to make parting a second time the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do.

Bride by Christmas Bay of Islands Brides Book 6

- There’s no chance she could be a bride by her birthday on Christmas Eve. But a secret she’s hiding makes it impossible for her to move forward. Old friends, new lovers… Elliot Goldsmith has known Libby Carter since they were at primary school. Sometimes she doesn’t think she’s ever going to feel anything again.

Is there? Libby is with mike, and he’s with Karen, and he keeps trying to tell himself he’s happy. He’s always been attracted to her, but somehow the timing has always been wrong, and now they’re both dating different people and heading toward thirty at a rate of knots. Staying with karen isn’t fair to her or himself, and even though Libby’s in mourning and he knows there’s no chance of them getting together, he decides it’s time to make the break.

Bride by Christmas Bay of Islands Brides Book 6 - For libby, life has become a process of breathing in and out and making it through each day as best she can. And then the plane they’re on crashes, tearing their world apart. Now mike’s dead, libby’s wounded, and Elliot’s been brought to his senses. And then elliot kisses her, and she realizes her emotions are very alive and kicking.

Elliot wants to be with her, and when he reminds her of the promise they made to each other when they were kids—that they’d marry each other if they were still single when they turned thirty—Libby knows he’s serious.

Mountain Man's Secret: A Fake Fiance Romance

- Forever. All lies, but the wheels in my head are turning. If i attend the wedding with a handsome mountain man, my ex’s head will spin. I just have to convince this new stranger a be my fake fiancé for the weekend. And then i have to NOT fall in love with the guy. For closure, or so I tell myself. It’s past time to heal already.

A good-looking park ranger with a chip on his shoulder just happens to show up in my life. And his timing couldn’t be better. I need some help getting under my ex’s skin. I’ll work on letting go later. He needs to know what he lost and that I’ve moved on. The man i was supposed to marry is getting married.

Mountain Man's Secret: A Fake Fiance Romance - And the bastard has invited me to his wedding to rub it in my face. But i need this.

My Best Friend, the Billionaire The Billionaire Kings Book 1

- I just thought it would be fun to write a new series that had a connection to one of my favorites. The two of us are poles apart. So i’ve trained myself not to think of him in that way. Not to think of kissing him, undressing him slowly. Of sliding beneath the bedclothes. I try to guess who, and he just smiles.

Izzy, ” he says patiently, “it’s you. Oh no. The billionaire kings is set in noah’s ark animal Sanctuary and features the sons of the heroes from the USA Today bestselling Three Wise Men series of sexy holiday romances. Never fall in love with your best friend…I met Hal on the first day of high school.

My Best Friend, the Billionaire The Billionaire Kings Book 1 - I also fell in love with Hal on the first day of high school. But although we were good friends from the start, I knew he’d never be mine. He’s gorgeous, sexy, confident, and he’s also incredibly rich. I’m scarred – physically and emotionally – quiet, and my family has always been poor. Of having his hands on my skin.

I don’t think of it at all. I can’t. Because hal never stays with a girl for long, and if he were to have me, then leave me, my heart would break into a million pieces, and I’d never be able to put it together again.

Boss Daddy

- The chemistry might melt your Kindle, but the guaranteed HEA will melt your heart. Our son, sick, is in need of a transplant. Why do i run to colt? why is he the only one who can comfort me and make me weak with desire?He won’t let me go, no matter how I try to stay away. We shared one wild, unforgettable night.

Colt was my secret crush. I was trying to get back at my ex. Pregnant and scared, I ran away. Six years later, i’m desperate for a job and Colt is the CEO. Passion sparks between us again. I can’t tell him my secret. Colt’s tongue is hot in my mouth, his hands all over meWhen I get the emergency call about my son, our son.

Boss Daddy - Do i tell colt my secret just when I might lose everything?If you’re anything like me, you like a little escape from reality. So jump into the pages and take a little trip to naughty town with me! You’ll get to meet feisty heroines and the super sexy alpha males that adore them.

Always Been Mine: A Single Mom Office Romance

BrixBaxter Publishing - The one i gave everything to before leaving that small town. Mine. Every good girl deserves a bad boy. All i want is her. But who she was and will always be. Someone to step up when I need her to. My little sister’s best friend. Face to face. The girl from across the street when I was just a kid. Weston. My military background has me giving direct orders and expecting quick, compliant responses.

Not in life. Not who she can be or what she can do for me. And here we are again. She’s a single mother now. No one ever tells me no. Not in the office. And i’m in need of an office assistant. I just never expected it to be my first love. Stuck in a room with suits and stiffs.

My Boss, the Billionaire The Billionaire Kings Book 2

- But i can handle the Lion King, as I like to call him. I’m his PA. Now we’re in trouble. Never fall in love with your boss…I’ve worked for Leon for two years now. Which means i’ve been in love with Leon for about, oh, 730 days, give or take. He’s tall, gorgeous, hardworking, and strict. How on earth do you un-forget being kissed by your handsome prince?*The Billionaire Kings is set in Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary and features the sons of the heroes from the USA Today bestselling Three Wise Men series of contemporary holiday romances.

The books are all standalones, and you don’t have to have read the three wise men to enjoy the Billionaire Kings, Charlie, but if you have read them you will hopefully have fun meeting up with Brock, and Matt occasionally in these stories! This new series takes place approximately thirty years after the Three Wise Men, but it’s not set ‘in the future’.

My Boss, the Billionaire The Billionaire Kings Book 2 - I book his dental appointments, walk his dogs, keep his diary, pick up his dry cleaning, and organize his accounts. I know him as well as a wife would, although unfortunately without the added benefits that role would bring. I’d tell him how i feel, so i know it’s never going to happen unless I leave the Ark, but he’s made it quite clear he’s against relationships at work, and I love my job.

Then, on the day the prime minister’s supposed to arrive at the Ark, his crazy dog knocks me over and gives me a concussion. And, as if i’m snow white needing to be awoken from her slumber, Leon kisses me. Crap.