Chasing Cristabel Ashland Pride Six

Lioness cristabel hardison would do just about anything to avoid going home to Kentucky, the king of their pride, where her father, wants to mate her to a male of his choosing. Contains m/f/m/m interaction. Her father isn’t happy, and when he brings an uninvited guest to crash her happiness, her own future may not be the only thing on the line.

This book contains three males who want to hold on to their lioness forever, a house full of lions who will protect their own, a female with some unresolved family issues, and enough heat to melt the snow. Then one day at the town diner, they scent their mate, except no one knows who she is, and they only know that she smells like sunshine and tall grass.

Just because other lions have found their mates doesn’t mean that every male is meant to. Their desire to find their mate takes over their lives and nothing – not even a pesky new waitress at Kickers Bar – is going to stop them from figuring out who their mate is and loving her forever. When cris meets her mates, sparks fly fast, and she finds herself at the center of their world.

When her roommate needs to vacate his condo, she takes her best friend, Lily, up on her offer to let her stay in Ashland until she can find another job and a new place to live. Cousins dylan, chase, and hunter Hall aren’t sure they’ll ever find a mate to share.

Saving Scarlett Ashland Pride Five

Finding Scarlett turns out to be easy. Even though her heart protests that wesley and Ray Fiero are her truemates, she has no choice but to obey her father…until a certain quirk in her DNA changes everything. Ray and wesley won’t give up on Scarlett. They rocked her world and stole her heart, and then she had to leave them behind and cut all contact.

As a breeding queen, her hereditary destiny is to be given away to a male of her father’s choosing. Scarlett jamison, the daughter of a powerful alpha wolf, knows her freedom is slowly slipping away. Expect plenty of m/f/m interaction, abundant use of the word ‘mine, ’ and inappropriate use of a horse statue.

She’ll have no say in the choice of her mate; her only duty will be to give her future mate as many pups as he wants. Taking her back to ashland to live happily ever after? Now, that’s going to be dangerous. What her father doesn’t know, though, is that Scarlett took her best friend Melody’s wedding as an opportunity to spend the night with two amazing male mountain lions.

Ray and wesley are willing to go to any length to protect scarlett’s right to choose them no matter the cost, two males determined to make her theirs, but when an innocent life is on the line, will the payment for her disobedience be blood?This book contains one female who has her choices taken from her, and a pride willing to help.

One night was not nearly enough for them.

Redeeming Rue Ashland Pride Four

After secretly overhearing traveling clan members discuss a bonding ceremony in Indiana, she decides to spy on the proceedings for one last look at the people who treated her like trash. When james and john fallon investigate a shadowy figure in the woods during a bonding ceremony, they do not expect to find the woman they are meant to share.

Labeled an abomination and forbidden from having cubs, she's spent the better part of her life as an outcast, believing she is worthless because of the color of her fur. If they can protect her, two males who aren’t about to let the slippery female get away, will they be able to keep her? Or will Rue believe she's not worthy of their love and disappear from their lives forever?Warning: This book contains one spunky heroine who will do anything to keep her son safe, and a ticked off clan of panthers who want bloody revenge for their broken laws.

. Contains m/f/m interaction. But instead of enjoying their mating, they are embroiled in a clan war as they fight to protect Veruka and her son, who have come to mean everything to them. As an albino black panther banished by her people, Veruka Jennings knows if her clan discovers she had a child, it would mean death for them both.

Expect plenty of growls and snarled curses, love bites, ceremonial mating, and scorching m/f/m loving that only happens when two mountain lions finally find the woman of their dreams.

Marking Melody Ashland Pride Book 3

This book contains sweet males, a feisty female, and m/f/m interaction. She goes with them to their old home in Pennsylvania, but finds an even chillier reception than she found in Ashland. Tristan and micah harrison would do anything to keep Melody safe, even if it means walking away from the Ashland Pride and their own family forever.

When problems arise in their hometown of King, Pennsylvania, it turns out that the males aren’t the only ones who don’t approve of their mating. Be prepared for two males with plans to hold onto their mate forever, a female searching for a place to call home, and an enemy who is always looking for new ways to wreak havoc in the males’ lives.

All were-mountain-lion Melody Marx ever wanted was to find her mate and start a family. After being rescued from her own people by two mountain lions, she knows that she’s found not just one mate, but two.

Loving Lachlyn Ashland Pride Two

But after meeting lachlyn, he knows that he’s found his mate in the sweet she-bear and opens his home to her and her second mate, were-bear Jericho. For many years, mountain lion Alek Fallon believed he was fated to be alone forever. When the mountain lions’ enemy interferes, it’s not only Lachlyn’s life that is on the line, but all of theirs.

This book contains plenty of m/f/m loving, interfering female lions who don’t know when to give up, two men who will love their woman to the best of their ability, and a camper used as a honeymoon suite. Lachlyn is a shifting dud and cannot transform into her bear self. When jericho’s father tries to force her into her bear form using a cattle prod, she nearly dies.

Be prepared for growling, ceremonial marking, neck biting, and a lot of sweethearted male mountain lions who just want to find love. Jericho’s father swears to find them, and now Alek, Jericho, and the lion pride are working together to keep everyone safe.

Jilly's Wyked Fate Ashland Pride Book 7

Mountain lion shifter, so she can finally – finally! – officially mate Wyked and Fate Myers, has been waiting for nearly three years to turn twenty-one, Jilly Fallon, the twin brothers who have stolen her heart. During the last full moon before their clan begins to travel, an old enemy resurfaces, intent on making Jilly suffer for her betrayal.

When a panther is injured at a clan gathering and Jilly can’t help, the clan healer takes her to visit a fae healer so she can learn what she needs. Now that she’s finally theirs, they’re ready to start a family with their beloved mountain lion. During the second visit to see the fae, they find themselves protecting a young girl with pink and blue wings, and a secret that got her family killed.

Wyked and fate myers feel like the last three years have taken an eternity. When wyked and fate are gravely injured, will she lose them both?Contains M/F/M interaction and a happily ever after worth waiting for.

Embracing Ehrin Ashland Pride Book 8

When she can’t have both, will ehrin choose the pride or her family?Contains m/f/m interaction, a brokenhearted hawk shifter, and the two males who would do anything to make her happy. Domino knows the moment he sees her that she’s their shared mate, and he calls Henry. Because she was never able to shift, and once she reached twenty-one and was still unmated, Ehrin couldn’t secure a mate, it was the end of the line for her.

Stepbrothers domino and Henry Fallon have known for years that they’re meant to share a mate. Saying goodbye to her family, she leaves for her friend’s home in Ashland, Indiana, until she can find work and a place to live. When domino hosts an art exhibit at the school’s open house, a beautiful redheaded female immediately goes into distress when she sees him.

Only mated males and females could stay in the nest after age twenty-one, an archaic and unfair rule as far as she was concerned. They want her to choose the hawk and come home. Domino, a rare albino panther, a mountain lion, and Henry, are ready to start the next chapter of their lives and find their mate.

Ehrin knox knows why the alpha of her hawk nest called her to his home on a chilly spring morning – it’s not for a cup of tea, but to tell her she’s banned from the nest. Once the three are together, Ehrin shifts into a stunning red-tailed hawk. Ehrin’s surprised when her parents show up in Ashland, with her former alpha bringing along a hawk male to mate with her.

Seducing Samantha Ashland Pride One

When their pride left their former home in Pennsylvania and settled in Ashland, they were suddenly able to live their lives however they wanted, Indiana, without the threat of the female lions holding them back. Expect plenty of hot sex, handcuffs, shifting, a little danger, and liberal use of the word ‘mine.

’. When they realize that they both want Samantha, they decide to follow their instincts and share her. Elementary school music teacher Samantha Thomas moved to Ashland to start her life over. How will sam decide between grant and aaron, when both men fill her with desire?Mountain lions Grant and Aaron Fallon grew up believing that love was not meant for their kind.

What she didn’t expect was for her ex-husband to follow her to Ashland to take over the vacant principal job at her school. Can two brothers share a mate? will samantha want to be shared?This book contains m/f/m interaction between two mountain lion males who won’t let anyone harm their mate and a woman with a heavy heart.

After some clever plotting by one of her students, she meets the gorgeous Grant Fallon and accepts a date with him. On the way home, her car gets stuck and she finds herself face to face with another gorgeous man asking her for a date – Grant’s brother, Aaron.

Holding Honor Ashland Pride Book 9

Freeing honor is only half of the battle. Can holden and jackson help her come to terms with all she’s lost because of the curse? Will returning to King be the best choice they ever made, or the worst decision in history? When her all-female pride discovers she’s not like them anymore, they keep her locked up.

Mountain lion shifter Honor Parkins is in trouble. Their niece, is finally able to narrow down the area where she thinks they live, Melody, and after seven long months the brothers are finally on their way to find their mate. The problem? the females live in secrecy in Canada, and no one knows where. She knows that they’re her mates.

After a meeting in the woods with sexy brothers Holden and Jackson, the ancient curse all female mountain lions are under has been broken. Missing her mates is driving her and her mountain lion crazy. Holden and jackson whitman never expected to find the leader of the female pride in the woods on the full moon; now the only thing they care about is finding her again.


Every Heavenly Moment Hyena Heat Five

Both males have demons haunting them from their pasts, but they’re willing to face them if Heaven will give them a chance to prove they’re worthy. When they convince her to spend time in Beyton so they can romance her properly, they find themselves as acting alphas for the month while their dad goes on an impromptu vacation.

Disgruntled low-ranked wolves within the pack decide to use the opportunity of the alpha’s absence to take over. Kross and kayne will do everything in their power to prove to Heaven that they can be the right mates for her, and that they’ll do anything to keep her safe and keep her forever. When heaven gets caught in the crossfire of the wolves’ battle for dominance, will Kross and Kayne be able to save her, or will they lose the only person who matters?Hyenas aren’t the only ones who love their mates fiercely.

Contains m/f/m interaction. Expect plenty of howling, neck-biting, shifting, alpha males, and red-hot loving. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want anything to do with her, and she finds herself feeling worthless and unlovable. Kross and kayne never meant to hurt Heaven by staying away from her. Hyena shifter heaven gable has known since the moment she met wolf brothers Kross and Kayne Callahan that they were meant to be her mates.


Every Miraculous Moment Hyena Heat Six

Now that his adopted children are mated and starting their own families, he’s finally ready to focus on himself. Armed with a new tattoo symbolizing her freedom, a few sexy bikinis, and the weight of her unhappy mating off her shoulders, she’s ready for anything. Mack callahan, has spent the last twenty-three years alone, alpha of the Beyton wolf pack, since his mate was killed during a full moon hunt.

With her elderly parents’ blessing and the encouragement of her best friend, she heads to a shifters-only island in Florida to participate in the supernatural version of a singles’ party. He’s not sure that spending a month on an island with a bunch of unmated shifters is going to pan out, but he’s looking forward to the time away.

When miracle and mack meet, sparks will fly, but they won’t be the only ones who notice. Can mack protect miracle, or will their life together be over before it’s begun? As one of the few female dragons in her clan, she finally has an opportunity to make her own mating choices. After accepting an invitation to a shifter island with the purpose of finding his future mate, he says goodbye to his kids and steps down from his position as alpha for thirty days.

Dragon shifter miracle Caprice has finally set herself free from her twenty-year arranged mating to an alcoholic, philandering male. Miracle’s ex isn’t about to let his mate fly off into the sunset with a wolf shifter; he wants to make her pay.