Cinnamon Skin: A Travis McGee Novel

Travis mcgee thinks it's no accident, and clues lead him to ponder possibilities of drugs and also to wonder where Evan was when his wife was killed. Proves again that MacDonald keeps getting better with each new adventure. The associated press. When travis mcgee's friend meyer lent his boat to his niece Norma, and her new husband Even, the boat exploded out in the waters of the Florida Keys.


Free Fall in Crimson: A Travis McGee Novel

Mcgee has become part of our national fabric. Seattle post intelligencerthis time out, mcgee came close to losing his status as a living legend when he agreed to track down the killers who brutally murdered an ailing millionaire. And mcgee relearned the old lesson--that only when he came close to the edge of death was he completely alive.

. For starters, pornographic movies, he renewed an unfinished adventure with a famous--and oversexed--Hollywood actress, who led him into a very nasty nest of murderers involving a motorcycle gang, and mad balloonists.

The Lonely Silver Rain: A Travis McGee Novel

Macdonald's 21st travies McGee book and, without reservaton, his best. The san diego tribunesearching for a wealthy friend's yacht, travis McGee puts himself square in the center of the international cocaine trade, and finds himself the target of some of the most ruthless villains he's ever met. Travis mcgee is back in action and he is in fine, fine form.

. What a treat. This is vintage McGee in a novel that confirms John D. Macdonald's reputation as one of the greatest storytellers of all time. It is John D. Contemplating his own mortality for the first time, Travis McGee discovers amid all the danger the astonishing surprise behind the cat-shaped pipe cleaners someone is leaving at his door.


The Green Ripper: A Travis McGee Novel

And now he was out for blood. Then, terribly, unexpectedly, she was dead. Mcgee has become part of our national fabric. Seattle post intelligencerbeautiful girls always grace the florida beaches, sailing, strolling, relaxing at the many parties on Travis McGee's houseboat, The Busted Flush. From a mysterious illness, or so they said.

She had discovered the key to McGee--to all of him--and now he had something to hope for. But mcgee knew the truth, that Gretel had been murdered. Mcgee was too smart--and had been around too long--for many of them to touch his heart. Now, however, there was Gretel.

The Turquoise Lament: A Travis McGee Novel

If only he can get to Pidge before he has time for any more thinking. But when pidge and howie sail away to kiss and make up, McGee has second thoughts. One of the most enduring and unusual heroes in detective fiction. The baltimore sunnow that linda "pidge" lewellen is grown up, she tells Travis McGee, once her girlhood idol, that either she's going crazy or Howie, her affable ex-jock of a husband is trying to kill her.

Mcgee checks things out, and gives Pidge the all clear.

A Tan and Sandy Silence: A Travis McGee Novel

Travis mcgee is unnerved when he receives an unexpected guest—real estate developer Harry Broll, who is convinced that McGee is hiding his missing wife. Mcgee’s search for mary takes him to Grenada, where he’s soon tangling with con artists and terrifying French killers, not to mention a slew of mixed motives.

He’s getting older, lady jillian Brent-Archer is trying to make him settle down, and he’s just been shot without fair warning. Nervous that he’s losing his touch, McGee decides to get Harry off his case and prove he’s still in top form all in one fell swoop. The thing is, mcgee hasn’t seen or heard from Mary Broll in three years, and it isn’t like her to keep troubles to herself—if she’s alive to tell them.

Macdonald touched me. Dean koontz   McGee is a heartbeat away from crisis. From a beloved master of crime fiction, A Tan and Sandy Silence is one of many classic novels featuring Travis McGee, the hard-boiled detective who lives on a houseboat. No longer wallowing in self-pity, McGee has more pressing concerns—like saving his own skin.

Features a new Introduction by Lee Child. Angry and jealous, Harry gets off a shot before McGee can wrestle his gun away. As a young writer, all I ever wanted was to touch readers as powerfully as John D.

The Long Lavender Look: A Travis McGee Novel

And he can't help but ask himself, is this what they call southern hospitality. ? Mcgee misses the girl but lands in ten feet of swamp water. Mcgee has become part of our national fabric. Seattle post-intelligencera lovely young girl steps in front of Travis McGee's headlights. As he's limping along the deserted road, someone in an old truck takes a few shots at him.

And, when he goes to the local sheriff to complain, the intrepid Travis McGee finds himself arrested and charged with murder.

The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper: A Travis McGee Novel

He had done a big favor for her husband, then for the lady herself. Not only has maureen’s doctor killed herself, but a string of murders and suicides are piling up—and no one seems to have any answers. But what can a devil-may-care beach bum do for a young troubled mind?   “The Travis McGee novels are among the finest works of fiction ever penned by an American author.

Jonathan kellerman   mcgee makes his way to the prosperous town of Fort Courtney, Florida, where he realizes pretty quickly that something’s just not right. Features a new Introduction by Lee Child. From a beloved master of crime fiction, the Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper is one of many classic novels featuring Travis McGee, the hard-boiled detective who lives on a houseboat.

As if maureen didn’t have enough problems, the man on a mission to save her will have to save himself first—before time runs out. Just when it seems that things can’t get any stranger, McGee becomes the lead suspect in the murder of a local nurse. Now she’s dead, and travis mcgee finds that Helena Pearson Trescott had one last request of him: to find out why her beautiful daughter Maureen keeps trying to kill herself.


Pale Gray for Guilt: A Travis McGee Novel

But tush bannon was travis mcGee's friend and McGee could be one tough adversary when protecting a widow and her kids. Once they killed him, they figured they were on easy street. To diggers a thousand years from now. The works of John D. They also knew he was in the way of a big land development scheme. Macdonald would be a treasure on the order of the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Kurt vonnegut, Jr. The men who killed tush bannon knew he was a nice guy with a nice wife and three nice kids--trying to run a small marina on the Florida coast.

Dress Her in Indigo: A Travis McGee Novel

Travis mcgee ventures into the steep hills and strange backwoods of Oaxaca through a bizarre world of dropouts, drug freaks, and kinky rich people--and begins to suspect the beautiful girl's death was no accident. She'd cleaned out her considerable bank account, left Miami and hadn't been heard from again.

To diggers a thousand years from now. The works of John D. It was puzzling. Macdonald would be a treasure on the order of the tomb of Tutankhamen. Kurt vonnegut, Jr. A wealthy old man laid up in the hospital is desperate to understand the last months of his daughter's life before she was killed in a car crash in Mexico.


One Fearful Yellow Eye: A Travis McGee Novel

Macdonald would be a treasure on the order of the tomb of Tutankhamen. Kurt vonnegut, Jr. How to you extort $600, 000 from a dying man? Someone had done it very quietly and skilfully to the husband of Travis McGee's ex-girlfriend. To diggers a thousand yeasrs from now. The works of John D. Mcgee also discovers he likes a few members of the family far too much to let that happen.

. Mcgee flies to chicago to help untangle the mess and discovers that although Dr. Fortner geis had led an exemplary life, there were those who'd take advantage of one "indiscretion" and bring down the whole family.