Copper Jewelry Collection: Versatile Projects to Expand Your Skills

Perfect for jewelry makers of all stripes, Copper Jewelry Collection is a must-have for the crafting room bookshelf. Inexpensive and readily available, copper is soaring in popularity as a jewelry-making material! This book is a unique collection of copper jewelry techniques and projects from Art Jewelry magazine.

With tips, the skills showcased here include wireworking, etching, and projects assembled in a way that makes them easily accessible to beginning crafters, adding colors and patinas, techniques, combining copper with metal or polymer clay, metalworking, and more.

Cool Copper Cuffs: 25 metal and wire projects

Sherman explores ways copper, copper wire and sheet metal can be transformed into numerous different styles of cuffs. In her second book Eva M. Copper is affordable, plentiful and easy to work with. Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. She uses standard gauges of sheet and wire, along with common metalworking and wire working tools to create over 25 unique cuffs.


Metalsmithing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Cold Connections, Simple Soldering, Stone Setting, and More!

In her signature friendly, easy-to-follow style, Kate lays out a lesson plan of techniques to help readers gain familiarity with soldering tools and methods. Interweave. Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. A practice sampler of metal tiles, to be worked on step by step, cold connections, stone setting, helps to hone skills in surface manipulation, and more.

In the chapter "the field guide to the rotary tool" you will learn how to quickly and efficiently, with a simple handheld tool and a few select bits, add professional-quality surface effects and finishing to your jewelry designs. Following the success of her first book, simple soldering, kate Ferrant Richbourg walks kitchen table metalsmiths through the basics and into new territory! In addition to teaching the essentials of soldering, Metalsmithing Made Easy demystifies rotary tools and introduces different kinds of hotter small-space torches.

Once these skills are mastered in the sampler, you can undertake any or all of fifteen gorgeous projects included, bail with set stone, such as a locket, prong-set pendant, and much more.

Colored Pencil on Copper Jewelry: Enhance Your Metalwork the Easy Way

Give coloring a try on the 10 included projects, or branch out with your own ideas. At last, an easy way to add gorgeous color to your metalwork without the use of a kiln! Armed with colored pencils and a few simple techniques, you can have the beautiful look of enameled jewelry in much less time. Copper is an affordable option for metalwork, and with the techniques in this book, bracelets, earrings, you can add endless colorful designs to your necklaces, and brooches.

Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. By following the illustrated instructions, you will be able to draw and color any design you like onto your jewelry with just a few easy-to-find tools. Interweave. Once you have mastered the basics, you will have opened a whole new realm of creative options for your jewelry designs.


Mixed Metal Mania: Solder, rivet, hammer, and wire exceptional jewelry

Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. This book starts by teaching the basic techniques and giving helpful tips, and then moves on to simple projects before building into more challenging work requiring new skills learned. Kim St. For jewelry designers who crave something distinctive, Mixed Metal Mania is a dream come true.

Jean also includes the stories of inspiration behind each project, adding to the unique appeal of this book. Organic, and exciting, expressive, the projects in this book reflect a truly original artist’s vision. Mixed metal mania makes metal jewelry accessible to a brand-new audience. Interweave. Used book in Good Condition.


Layered Colored Pencil Jewelry: A Step-by-Step Exploration of Colored Pencil on Copper

Bonus tips & tricks, Templates, and a Gallery of Inspiration included. Interweave. Fifteen jewelry making projects to guide you through the process of getting beautiful color on metal with increasingly more complex techniques. Used book in Good Condition. Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. Join mary karg as she takes you back to Kindergarten with a brand new box of crayons or, in this case, colored pencils.


The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry

You’ll also find easy projects for trying the techniques, as well as a stunning gallery of metal jewelry pieces by experienced designers. Interweave. With beautiful illustrations and step-by-step instructions, this how-to book includes all the techniques involved in crafting metal jewelry, including:—Cutting and filing—Cold connections—Soldering—Texturing—Forging and forming—Setting stones—Applying specialty finishesThe book’s clear organization provides easy access to information with straightforward directions and hundreds of full-color photos.

. Find beautiful jewelry examples and gain skills and inspiration with The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry! Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. Used book in Good Condition. Creative Publishing International.

Making Metal Jewelry: Projects, Techniques, Inspiration

Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. So even beginning jewelers can get completely professional results. Learn metal texturing and finishing techniques such as chasing, etching, and adding a patina. A favorite book with crafters is now reissued with a fresh new layout! No soldering is required to make these metal necklaces, and earrings; they’re cold-connected, rings, using such easy-to-learn skills as piercing, bracelets, riveting, sawing, and joining.

Find out how to make simple settings for pearls, beads, and stones. Creative Publishing International. Used book in Good Condition. Interweave. Create your own chains, ear wires, clasps, and other findings from wire jump rings. Work with a variety of metals in sheets, wires, and tubes. Then set your creativity free on projects like a Circle Brooch with Thorn Clasp, Layered Cuff Bracelet, and Polka Dot Tube Earrings.


Handcraft Wire Jewelry: Chains•Clasps•Pendants

Jewelry makers are treated to Kimberly’s freeform style of wirework as she wraps and weaves around beads and cabochons to make showcase pendants. Used book in Good Condition. After mastering the component techniques, jewelry makers will find the resulting components are completely interchangeable for thousands of looks! Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs.

Perseus Books Group. Creative Publishing International. Interweave. The latest book from kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin teaches jewelry makers how to make 22 wirework pieces from start to finish. She then explains how to make many styles of chains and clasps, so every part of the piece can be handmade.

Exploring Metal Jewelry: Wire Wrap, Rivet, Stamp & Forge Your Way to Beautiful Jewelry

Used book in Good Condition. Creative Publishing International. The fun of these projects is the journey--you don't have to know exactly how your piece will look at the end. It's all about exploring Metal Jewelry! Kalmbach publishing Books-Cool Copper Cuffs. Jewelry instructor, author, and self-described "low-tech" metalworker Tracy Stanley will guide you through the techniques and tools you need to confidently create your own custom pieces.

Amazing metal jewelry--no torch required! create metal earrings, rivets, bracelets, and necklaces without the use of torches or flames! Exploring Metal Jewelry is your introduction to wire wrapping, pendants, and metal forming--all you need to create jewelry piece you'll love. Interweave. Then, you'll put your new skills to work with 18 pieces sure to take your jewelry collection to the next level.

From the to the moon and back bracelet to falling leaf earrings to the Woven in Time Bangle and the Blossoming Bell Pendant, Stanley will encourage you to explore your inner low-tech artist, finding your own look in each piece you create. Perseus Books Group. Interweave Press.

Simple Soldering: A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Making

This handy how-to guide is complete in its exploration of the craft of creating soldered metal jewelry, including tools, techniques, and 20 beautiful projects that beginners and enthusiasts can make at home. Author and teacher kate richbourg demystifies basic soldering for any home crafter, polished, showing how to create sophisticated, and professional-looking jewelry pieces through simple soldering techniques.

Creative Publishing International. First, she instructs how to set up a jewelry workspace that fits the confines of your budget and living space. Most of all, having taught thousands of classes on soldering, Kate has a "you can do it!" attitude that shines through to help even the most reluctant jewelry maker fire up the torch with ease.

Paired with an instructional DVD, Kate's expert teaching skills will help projects come alive, right in your own studio. With simple soldering, the art of metal working one-of-a-kind jewelry is now at your fingertips. Interweave. Interweave Press. Detailed step-by-step instructions walk you through the basic tools and materials you need, plus how to use them.

Interweave Press. Fortunately, simple Soldering proves that does not need to be the case. Used book in Good Condition.