Daring To Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America 1967-1975 American Culture

Examines the most controversial and explosive shaping force in the women's movement in America, and traces its influence on modern feminism Used book in Good Condition.

The Seventies: The Great Shift In American Culture, Society, And Politics

Here are the names, faces, and movements that gave birth to the world we now live in-from Nixon and Carter to The Godfather and the Ramones; from Billie Jean King and Phyllis Schlafly to NOW and the ERA; from the Energy Crisis to Roe v. Arguing that it was one of the most important of the postwar twentieth-century decades, Schulman reconstructs public events and private lives, despite its reputation as an eminently forgettable period, high culture and low, analyzing not only presidential politics and national policy but also the broader social and cultural experiences that transformed American life.

A sprightly, neatly detailed and enlightening history. This is an important contribution to modern American social history and the literature of popular culture. Publishers weeklysweeping away misconceptions about the "Me Decade, and brilliant examination of the political, " Bruce Schulman offers a fast-paced, cultural, social, wide-ranging, and religious upheavals of the 1970s.

The seventies is an astutely provocative reexamination of a misunderstood era. Wade.

Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in America, 1848-1869

For this new edition, ellen Carol DuBois addresses the changing context for the history of woman suffrage at the millennium. Used book in Good Condition. In the two decades since feminism and suffrage was first published, the increased presence of women in politics and the gender gap in voting patterns have focused renewed attention on an issue generally perceived as nineteenth-century.


Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol

Sojourner truth first gained prominence at an 1851 Akron, "Dat man over dar say dat woman needs to be helped into carriages, Ohio, women's rights conference, saying, and lifted over ditches. A monumental biography of one of the most important black women of the nineteenth century. Inspired by religion, truth transformed herself from a domestic servant named Isabella into an itinerant pentecostal preacher; her words of empowerment have inspired black women and poor people the world over to this day.

. Photographs Used book in Good Condition. Straight-talking and unsentimental, Truth became a national symbol for strong black women--indeed, for all strong women. As an abolitionist and a feminist, truth defied the notion that slaves were male and women were white, expounding a fact that still bears repeating: among blacks there are women; among women, there are blacks.

No one who reads painter's groundbreaking biography will forget this landmark figure and the story of her courageous life. Now, in a masterful blend of scholarship and sympathetic understanding, words, eminent black historian Nell Irvin Painter goes beyond the myths, and photographs to uncover the life of a complex woman who was born into slavery and died a legend.

And ar'n't i a woman?" sojourner truth: ex-slave and fiery abolitionist, figure of imposing physique, riveting preacher and spellbinding singer who dazzled listeners with her wit and originality. No one who heard her speak ever forgot Sojourner Truth, the power and pathos of her voice, and the intelligence of her message.

How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective

Taylor is assistant professor in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University. In this collection of essays and interviews edited by activist-scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, founding members of the organization and contemporary activists reflect on the legacy of its contributions to Black feminism and its impact on today’s struggles.

Keeanga-yamahtta taylor writes on Black politics, social movements, and racial inequality in the United States. Used book in Good Condition. Her articles have been published in souls: a critical journal of Black Politics, In These Times, Black Agenda Report, Culture and Society, New Politics, Jacobin, The Guardian, Ms.

International Socialist Review, and other publications. The combahee river collective, a path-breaking group of radical black feminists, was one of the most important organizations to develop out of the antiracist and women’s liberation movements of the 1960s and 70s. Her book from #blacklivesmatter to black Liberation won the 2016 Lannan Cultural Freedom Award for an Especially Notable Book.


Thank You for Your Service

Thank you for your service is an act of understanding, what are we asking of them? And when they return, and it offers a more complete picture than we have ever had of two essential questions: When we ask young men and women to go to war, what are we thanking them for?“Finkel sketches a panoramic view of postwar life.

. A book that every American should read. Jake tapper, los angeles timesfinalist for the national book Critics Circle Award, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and the New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism. Finkel is with these veterans in their most intimate, and for the professionals who are truly trying, and hopeful moments as they try to recover, and to a great degree failing, and friends, and in doing so, essential portrait of what life after war is like--not just for these soldiers, widows, but for their wives, painful, he creates an indelible, children, to undo the damage that has been done.

One of ten favorite books of 2013 by michiko kakutani the new york times, a Washington Post Top Ten Book of the Year, and a New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year Used book in Good Condition. In the good soldiers, his bestselling account from the front lines of Baghdad, Finkel embedded with the men of the 2-16 Infantry Battalion as they carried out the infamous “surge”.

Now a major motion picture directed by american Sniper Writer Jason Hall and Starring Miles TellerNo journalist has reckoned with the psychology of war as intimately as David Finkel. Now, in thank you for your service, finkel tells the true story of those men as they return home from the front-lines of Baghdad and struggle to reintegrate--both into their family lives and into American society at large.

Suffragists in an Imperial Age: U.S. Expansion and the Woman Question, 1870-1929

In this book, Allison L. Sneider carefully examines these simultaneous political movements--woman suffrage and American imperialism--as inextricably intertwined phenomena, instructively complicating the histories of both. Women for full citizenship and political rights. In 1899, carrie chapman Catt, who succeeded Susan B.

Women to help lift the inhabitants of its new island possessions up from "barbarism" to "civilization, " a project that would presumably demonstrate the capacity of U. S. Catt, was well-versed in the language of empire, like many suffragists in her day, and infused the cause of suffrage with imperialist zeal in public debate.

Unlike their predecessors, who were working for votes for women within the context of slavery and abolition, the next generation of suffragists argued their case against the backdrop of the U. S. Used book in Good Condition. Anthony as head of the national American Women Suffrage Association, argued that it was the "duty" of U.

S. Expansionism into indian and Mormon territory at home as well as overseas in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Personal Politics: The Roots of Women's Liberation in the Civil Rights Movement & the New Left

Used book in Good Condition. On the basis of years of research, interviews with dozens of the central figures, Evans explores how the political stance of these women was catalyzed and shaped by their sharp disillusionment at a time when their skills as political activists were newly and highly developed, and her own personal experience, enabling them to join forces to support their own cause.

The women most crucial to the feminist movement that emerged in the 1960's arrived at their commitment and consciousness in response to the unexpected and often shattering experience of having their work minimized, even disregarded, by the men they considered to be their colleagues and fellow crusaders in the civil rights and radical New Left movements.


Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community

For anyone interested in lesbian life during the 1940s and 1950s, or in the dynamics of butch-fem culture, this study remains the one that set the highest standard for all oral histories and ethnographies of lesbian communities anywhere. Kennedy and davis provide a unique insider's perspective on butch-fem culture and argue that the roots of gay and lesbian liberation are found specifically in the determined resistance of working-class lesbians.

These poignant and complex stories show how black and white working-class lesbians, although living under oppressive circumstances, nevertheless became powerful agents of historical change. It includes a new preface in which the authors reflect on where the last 20 years have taken them. Boots of leather, slippers of gold traces the evolution of the lesbian community in Buffalo, New York from the mid-1930s up to the early 1960s.

This 20th anniversary edition republishes the book for a new generation of readers. Used book in Good Condition. Drawing upon the oral histories of 45 women, it is the first comprehensive history of a working-class lesbian community.

Dangerous Pleasures Philip E.Lilienthal Books

Yet they were central figures in shanghai urban life, rescue, eliminate, regulate, count, warn about, entering the historical record whenever others wanted to appreciate, castigate, pathologize, cure, or deploy them as a symbol in a larger social panorama. Over the past century, a changing site of work for women, prostitution has been understood in many ways: as a source of urbanized pleasures, a profession full of unscrupulous and greedy schemers, a marker of national decay, a source of moral danger and physical disease, and a sign of modernity.

. For the communist leadership of the 1950s, healthy, the elimination of prostitution symbolized China's emergence as a strong, and modern nation. Used book in Good Condition. In the past decade, as prostitution once again has become a recognized feature of Chinese society, it has been incorporated into a larger public discussion about what kind of modernity China should seek and what kind of sex and gender arrangements should characterize that modernity.

Prostitutes, like every other non-elite group, did not record their own lives. This pioneering work examines prostitution in Shanghai from the late nineteenth century to the present. How can sources generated by intense public argument about the "larger" meanings of prostitution be read for clues to those lives? hershatter makes use of a broad range of materials: guidebooks to the pleasure quarters, surveys by doctors and social workers on sexually transmitted disease in various Shanghai populations, polemics by Chinese and foreign reformers, municipal regulations prohibiting street soliciting, tabloid gossip columns, memoirs by former courtesan house patrons, learned articles by Chinese scholars commenting on the world history of prostitution and analyzing its local causes, collections of anecdotes about high-class courtesans, police interrogations of streetwalkers and those accused of trafficking in women, newspaper reports on court cases involving both courtesans and streetwalkers, fictionalized accounts of the scams and sufferings of prostitutes, relief agency records, and interviews with former officials and reformers.

Although a courtesan may never set pen to paper, we can infer a great deal about her strategizing and working of the system through the vast cautionary literature that tells her customers how not to be defrauded by her.

The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II

William H. He examines such subjects as the vietnam war, the culture of the 1970s, the events of September 11th and their aftermath, the origins and the end of the Cold War, the civil rights movement, the rise of the New Right, and various presidencies. Brilliantly written by a prize-winning historian, Eighth Edition, The Unfinished Journey, considers both the paradoxes and the possibilities of postwar America.

Chafe portrays the significant cultural and political themes that have colored our country's past and present, class, including issues of race, foreign policy, gender, and economic and social reform. Used book in Good Condition.