From the Queen Bibliomysteries Book 22

Everyone dreams of stumbling upon a long-lost treasure in the attic or inheriting a fortune from some distant relative.  . But for ellen gallagher, the impoverished owner of a thrift shop in South Carolina, that dream comes true. And inscribed to the Queen of England. When the book disappears from her shop, Ellen must call on her friend Annie Darling, owner of the mystery bookstore Death on Demand, to track it down.

The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. The next story in the bibliomysteries series, penned by MWA Grand Master Carolyn Hart. She finds in her possession a first edition of Agatha Christie’s Poirot Investigates that has been signed by the author .

 .  .

Mystery, Inc. Bibliomysteries Book 26

A book lover’s lust for acquisition drives him to murder in this short tale from the New York Times–bestselling author of Beautiful Days. Brockden forms a plan to acquire the store in such a way that no one would ever suspect foul play: untraceable murder. But surely the owner of such a fine shop wouldn’t easily part with it.

Identified only by the hastily—and clumsily—chosen alias Charles Brockden, the narrator of this story finds a bookstore that instantly piques his desire. And he knows he will be successful—because he has done it before. The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors.

He must call it his own; he must add it to his already-extensive collection of bookstores.

The Travelling Companion Bibliomysteries Book 27

As the life he knew back home in Scotland fades from memory, he desperately seeks the secret lying within Stevenson’s long-lost pages.  .  .  . The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. Working part-time in exchange for room and board leaves plenty of freedom to explore the city once visited by his literary hero, Robert Louis Stevenson, and things only get better when he meets a collector who claims to have the original manuscripts of both the first draft of Jekyll and Hyde and the never-published The Travelling Companion both thought to have been destroyed.

. For recent college graduate ronald Hastie, a job at the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookshop offers the perfect occupation during a summer abroad in Paris. Then ron meets the man’s mysterious assistant, and a reckless obsession stirs inside him. A thrilling new novella about a Jekyll and Hyde–obsessed Scot in Paris from the international-bestselling author of the Inspector Rebus mysteries.


The Book of the Lion Bibliomysteries 20

A long lost manuscript by geoffrey Chaucer draws Professor Dominic Hallkyn through the streets of Boston and into a mysterious plot. Perry takes his readers on a mad dash through the winding streets of Boston in pursuit of the unique artifact that may be doomed to disappear from history .  .  . He soon finds himself scrambling to meet the caller’s demands amid uncompromising suspense that culminates in a devilish plot twist.

This time, for good. The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. When professor dominic hallkyn receives an anonymous phone call late one night from a voice claiming to possess a priceless Chaucerian manuscript presumed lost forever, he doesn’t know how to react.


Hoodoo Harry Bibliomysteries Book 31

Leonard pine is a gay, black, Republican combat veteran. The kid was clearly running scared, but who was he running from and how did he end up in the driver’s seat of the missing bookmobile? The first solid lead in a case that started more than a decade earlier with Hoodoo Harry, this mystery of a small town’s dark and disturbing past will take all of Hap and Leonard’s wits—and fists—to solve.

Best friends who’ve shared a succession of low-wage odd jobs that have gotten them into even odder situations dealing with lowlifes, now the duo delivers their own brand of ass-kicking justice as private investigators.  . Hap collins is a straight, liberal, white, blue-collar tough guy. In this brand-new story, a day’s fishing lands Hap and Leonard their biggest catch ever: the Rolling Literature bookmobile.

Together, they’re the truest Lone Stars living in America’s most independently minded state. Known for his “zest for storytelling and a gimlet eye for detail, ” multiple award–winning author Joe R. Lansdale brings his rapid-fire dialogue, no-holds-barred action, and gut-busting humor to this original Hap and Leonard novella Entertainment Weekly.

The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. A pillar of rural african american communities in east texas, the renovated school bus vanished fifteen years ago—along with its driver, Harriet Hoodalay, aka Hoodoo Harry—reappearing just in time to crash Leonard’s pickup into a creek.

Behind the wheel was a twelve-year-old boy who didn’t survive the accident.

The Book Thing Bibliomysteries 7

Tess monaghan wants to like the Children’s Bookstore. It’s bright, cozy, and packed with the kinds of books that she is dying for her daughter to fall in love with. But no matter how badly she wants to support this adorable local business, the owner’s attitude stops her in her tracks. Her simple act of kindness will make Octavia smile for the first time in months—and uncover a crime more suitable for the mystery aisle than the children’s section.

The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. What kind of children’s bookseller hates children? What’s eating Octavia, the grouchy owner, is more than the pressures of running a small business. Luckily, tess is more than a book lover—she’s a private investigator who doesn’t mind working pro bono to help out an independent bookshop.

A thief targets a local bookstore and it will take a bibliophile PI to save the shop. Each saturday, someone steals a stack of her priciest, most beautiful children’s books, and the expense threatens to force her fledgling store out of business.

The Little Men Bibliomysteries Book 21

From the national bestselling author of Dare Me and other thrillers, this is a spooky mystery set on the dark fringes of glamorous Los Angeles. The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. Her suspicions are only fueled by the ominous inscription that she discovers in a book that’s closely guarded by her landlord .

 .  . In 1953, penny is just another washed-up, wannabe Hollywood actress who is past her prime. But the dream cottage with its French doors and tiled courtyard may not be as perfect as it seems. In 1950s hollywood, an actress is haunted by a bookseller’s death: A novella from the Edgar Award-winning author of Give Me Your Hand.

She has settled in to a quiet lifestyle, and when she finds a low-rent bungalow in Canyon Arms, it’s a dream come true; Penny takes to the place instantly. Penny’s new neighbors start filling her head with stories about past tenants, whispering voices, and a suicide that may not have been a suicide at all.

Soon enough, penny starts hearing strange noises and she can’t help but wonder about the true fate of the bookseller who died in her home a dozen years earlier.

Seven Years Bibliomysteries Book 6

As his curiosity gets the better of him, Aitcheson can’t resist playing detective. A gripping novella from the new york times–bestselling author of the Inspector Banks Mysteries and a “master of the art” TheBoston Globe. Now aitcheson’s imagination is running wild. Was it a sordid teacher-pupil affair that ended in betrayal? A scorned lover’s first salvo in a campaign of terror? The taunt of an obsessive psychopath? Then again, it could be nothing more than a tasteless joke between friends.

Retired cambridge professor donald Aitcheson loves scouring antiquarian bookshops for secondhand treasures—as much as he loathes the scribbled marginalia from their previous owners. But when his investigation leads to a remote girls’ boarding school in the Lincolnshire flatlands, and into the confidence of its headmistress, he soon discovers the consequences of reading between the lines.

It was a threat—insidious, suggestively sick, and terribly intriguing. Praise for peter robinson “robinson is equally skilled at reflecting procedural details and treating his flesh-and-blood characters—despite their flaws—with compassion and humor. The miami herald   “robinson is good at producing ingenious mysteries and this one doesn’t disappoint.

The sunday telegraph on Friend of the Devil. This wasn’t once a gift to an unwitting woman. But when he comes upon an inscription in a volume of Robert Browning’s poetry, he’s less irritated than disturbed.

The Gospel of Sheba Bibliomysteries Book 18

Davenport lomax’s young daughter asks him whether spirits and faeries are real, the Edwardian librarian just pats the little darling on the head. The next time lomax sees him, Grange is at death’s door. When A. A librarian is tormented by a lethal volume of black magic. To uncover the truth about the gospel of sheba, Lomax agrees to accompany Grange to a meeting of the brotherhood, where he will encounter darkness that threatens his life, his family, and his soul.

The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. Theodore grange is a member of the brotherhood of Solomon, a secret society dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of black magic, and he believes he has found a book written by the Queen of Sheba herself. But when a desperate man emerges from the winding passages of the library muttering about demonology, he gets Lomax’s attention.

Said to hold the answers to one thousand demonic mysteries, the tome will poison any man who dares read it.

Reconciliation Day Bibliomysteries Book 30

Reconciliation day is a delightfully suspenseful novella perfect for fans of the Peculiar Crimes Unit novels Publishers Weekly. The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. Determined to read it for himself, Carter travels to Transylvania, where the rumored treasure might be hidden.

A man obsessed with dracula pursues a legendary lost edition of the classic vampire book in this chilling story from the author of the Bryan and May Mysteries. But once there, he’ll need to work with his nemesis to solve the mysterious puzzle—or risk an endgame neither he nor Mikaela can afford to lose.

Carter, owns many editions of bram stoker’s novel, maybe even as many as his well-heeled rival, one of the world’s leading experts on Dracula, Mikaela Klove. Drawing on his renowned flair for the outré, christopher Fowler—an author “in the first rank of contemporary mystery writers”— reimagines Stoker’s lost chapter and intersperses it with an unforgettable journey through Transylvania.

If it actually exists, the elusive edition is rumored to contain a different ending and a never-before-published chapter tantalizingly set in Dracula’s personal library. But one thing has always eluded him: the chance to examine the possibly apocryphal blue edition of Stoker’s seminal vampire tale.

Every Seven Years Bibliomysteries Book 23

Elsa finds a book with strange powers and must face her tortured past. But now that her mother has passed, Else has returned. And when her old tormentor karen Little hands her the very book that sent her running all those years ago, the cruelties of her past have Else seeing red. The bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors.

After years of suffering bullying at the hands of the few other residents, she left to make a new life. It’s been seven years since Else visited her tiny hometown on an isolated island off the coast of Scotland.