Healing the Broken: A Kindred Christmas Tale Brides of the Kindred

Five secretaries have quit because of his blood requirements and he’s desperate to find a new one before he goes on his latest diplomatic mission to Alquon Ultrea. But when a misunderstanding tears them apart and sarah is taken by the brotherhood of peace, coming Jan 2018 as well as a sample of Blood Kiss, Vanished, can Sazar save her? And can Sarah help him by Healing the Brokenness inside?***NOW contains the first chapter of Brides of the Kindred 21, Evangeline's new stand alone paranormal novel*** .

Sarah runs from the cult…and straight into the arms of a tall, dark, angry Kindred warrior. Commander sazar is the ultimate diplomat but not a very good boss. It’s christmas time and a deep mutual attraction draws them together. Now as an adult, she is desperate to get away before she must become a “Bride of the Prophet” and is forced to have sex with the leader, the lecherous Father Caleb.

Desperate enough to take on a girl with very little experience and no resume to speak of because she’s willing to let him bite her and drink her blood. Desperation might have brought them together but Sazar and Sarah soon find they have much in common. This is a plus length novel--over 100, 000 words longa warrior and his young son, both broken by lossA girl running from her past and trying to find a futureIt’s Christmas and the stakes are high.

Can sarah learn to love sazar and his young son Tsandor…Or will her past ruin her last chance at happiness?You’ll have to read Healing the Broken to find out. Sarah michaels is running for her life.

Freeing the Prisoner: A Kindred Tales Novel: Alien Warrior I/R BBW Science Fiction Romance Brides of the Kindred

Now she and ky are one the run, trying to escape from a life which has become a prison for them both. But in order to gain their freedom, Ky must break his sacred oath. A warrior taken prisoner, she doesn't expect to fall in lovebut kyron is a touch kindred…able to touch her even though his hands are chainedWill he also Touch her heart? Will Dani help him escape?Find out in Freeing the Prisoner…Kyron is a Touch Kindred, held in chains without hopeA princess fascinated by the strange alien maleWhen Dani slips into the prisoner's cell to learn more about him, able to physically touch others with the power of his mind and Touch sense, but he has sworn a solemn vow to use his power only for good.

Raised to be a proper lady, she knows that one day she will be given in marriage to a male who will act as both her husband and owner. Dani finds herself falling for the big Kindred but then the unthinkable happens--a marriage is announced and time has suddenly grown short. He's beaten, starved, and kept constantly chained.

Despite her restrictive upbringing, Dani rebels and finds her way into the cell occupied by the strange new warrior, a Kindred so huge he dwarfs every other male she's ever known. Kyron shows her his touch sense and gives her pleasure she's never dreamed of, even though he is chained in his cell. There's only one bright spot--a girl who slips into his cell because she's curious.

Dannella is a Princess of the Blood. Will it cost him his love and his life?read freeing the Prisoner to find out…*Author's Note: Freeing the Prisoner is a Kindred Tales Novel set in the Brides of the Kindred universe.

Seeing with the Heart: A Kindred Tales Novel: Alien Warrior BBW Science Fiction Blind Heroine Romance Brides of the Kindred

He thinks he'll never love again until he comes back to Earth and meets Molly. Dr. But she can't seem to help the instant connection she feels to Braxx and she knows he feels the same for her. But he's scarred on the inside too and he tells himself such a perfect female isn't for him. Seeing with the heart is a kindred tales novel set in the Brides of the Kindred universeA warrior with a tragic past who has scars on both his face…and his heart A beautiful woman, blind from the age of sixteen.

When they meet, the attraction is sizzling but when molly regains her sight, will Braxx turn away from her? Or can she convince him she isn't looking with her eyes…but Seeing with her Heart?Braxx is a Beast Kindred with a painful past. Chosen to do a field study on the elusive Tal'ossi people from Tal'os Trenta, she doesn’t expect to have feelings for the Kindred warrior who is supposed to guard her there.

Braxx must go after her and suddenly the idea of claiming turns from a wish to a necessity. Can braxx overcome his tragic past and save the woman he loves? And can Molly convince him they belong together? Both of them will have to practice Seeing with the Heart or they will be parted forever…. A traumatic crash stole his brother and his bride from him and left half of his face horribly scarred.

Desperate to avoid the pitying and disgusted looks he gets whenever he goes out, he takes a job as a scout, travelling across the universe to find new trade partners and power sources for the Kindred. Molly reynaud has a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology. Then the unthinkable happens--molly is kidnapped by the Deep Dwellers of Tal'ossi and taken down to the subterranean depths as a bride for their leader.

Releasing the Dragon Brides of the Kindred

She just wants to go to her high school reunion in peace and try to hook up with her old crush—the elusive Christian Wentworth. Too bad a tall, dark Kindred warrior has other ideas for her. Drugair of the drake Kindred is annoyed when he starts Dream-Sharing with the luscious little redhead. He doesn’t have time to call a bride and besides, as a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, his job is too difficult and dangerous to complicate matters with a helpless Earth female.

But now, ten years later, things have changed. Too short and plump with frizzy red hair, glasses, and braces, she was the poster child for unpopular. A girl with a painful pastA warrior with a Dark Half—the Drake locked inside him. When they come together and the drake freed, Will it draw them closer together…Or kill them both?Back in high school, Annie Michaels was an outcast.

He tries to ignore the dreams and finds he can’t…he has to go to Annie. But just because she’s been dreaming of Dru doesn’t mean Annie’s willing to drop everything and be his bride. Annie is still plus-sized but she’s ditched the glasses and braces and pays to have her hair straightened. When the drake comes out, will it bring them closer together? Or will they both die as a result?You’ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out….

It’s only after he rescues her from the reunion gone wrong that she begins to feel for him—enough that she stows away on his ship and gets caught up in his latest mission, tracking a terrorist to the Shadow Palace in the Maw Cluster millions of light years away.

Sharing a Mate: A Kindred Tales M/F/M Novel Brides of the Kindred

Also, if you'd like to see the images which inspired this book, aenaluck, by the insanely talented artist, check my Inspiration for Sharing a Mate Pinterest Board. Hugs and happy Reading! Evangeline. Sorin, a blood Kindred and award-winning virologist. She lives and works on the Mother Ship and shares a lab with her two best friends, Dr.

But the further they go, the more Kayla realizes she needs both men in her life. And they need each other as well, though neither one wants to admit it. Can bron and sorin learn to share a mate?can kayla convince them that the three of them belong together?Or will the horrors they suffer at the house of Mother Pain tear them apart?Read Sharing a Mate to find out.

. Author's note and warning:there is a tiny bit of M/M action in this novel, which isn't usual for my Kindred menage books. The three of them work and play together but Kayla is afraid to act on her feelings for either Kindred because she knows that picking one means losing the other. Then comes the Great Needing.

When xi-46, a virulent aphrodisiac, is introduced into the Kindred Mother Ship through the air vents, Kayla is one of the women affected. Kayla smith is a strong, independent woman with several prestigious degrees in Xenobiology and Chemistry.

Bonding With the Beast: a Kindred Tales novella: Alien Warrior BBW Science Fiction Single Mother Romance Brides of the Kindred

When hail's beast comes out, what can you expect from a book called bonding with the beast, right? : anyway, will Isobel run from him…or bond with him? You'll have to read Bonding with the Beast to find out…*Please note: There is a bit of rough sex in this book--well, I wanted to warn anyone who is bothered by this sort of thing and assure you there is also tender lovemaking as well.

Strong emotions are bad news, though--they bring out the part of his DNA that is Bolaxian Beast, a race of beings known for their fierce breeding lust. Isobel is afraid to trust the huge Kindred warrior with her heart and the safety of her young son but when fate throws them together, she has no choice.

Isobel yates is a single mom with no time for romance, but the Goddess has other plans for her. Hail is a Dark Kindred. Please read responsibly!*. Since emotions are outlawed on his home world, he is learning to feel now that he lives on the Mother Ship.

Loving a Stranger: A Kindred Tales Novel Brides of the Kindred

And so, reeve steps into the body of his enemy. And into a whole different world. When nallah parokk's husband goes into a coma, she secretly hopes he will never awaken. Harryx is cruel and cold to her, beating her often and using her like a whore. Sadly, many of the situations my heroine encounters are taken from true accounts of abused women.

Their ability to jump into and control the body of another male for a limited period of time has gotten them the derisive nickname, "Snatchers" and they are not trusted by the other branches of the Kindred. But what is behind her husband's sudden transformation? And will this change for the better last?Though he tries not to, Reeve is falling in love with his enemy's wife.

How can he ever get nallah to love him back when he is inhabiting the body of a monster--her jailer and abuser? He knows he has to tell her the truth about who he is but how can he make her understand? And if he does, will she ever be able to trust again after she finds out she has been. Loving a stranger?*author's warning*though I have tried to handle it in a delicate way, readers with a past history of domestic abuse may find parts of this book disturbing.

But the beautiful little female with wide golden eyes is so wary around him, he wonders what the real Harryx did to her. He's kind and loving in a way he never was before, so much so that Nallah is almost ready to forgive his past behavior. Then he wakes up and suddenly he's.

Vanished:Brides of the Kindred 21

But he knows he must put his feelings aside and do what is necessary to change the past…unless he wants the future to Vanish forever. Harper wilde is sitting on the beach, minding her own business when a huge, muscular Kindred warrior with black hair and blazing white eyes demands that she accompany him into the future.

Harper has no choice--she is dragged against her will into a dystopian nightmare--the world as it might become if something isn't changed. Unless harper is altered so the Hive cannot make use of her, the grim future she finds herself in will become reality. Shad is a shadow twin--a kindred male destined always to walk alone with very little chance of forming a bond with a female.

Falling in love with her isn't part of the plan but the big Kindred can't help himself. By using her, they can conquer both the Mother Ship and the human race. Yet, he alone is able to make use of the looper--a time travel device which allows him to move back and forth between the past and the future to try and save Harper.

And that something that needs changing is Harper herself. As a ten'sora, she is of special interest to the Hive, an insectile race of beings bent on taking over the Earth.

Finding the Jewel: A Kindred Tales PLUS Novel Brides of the KIndred

To chloe, it seems like things just can’t get any worse…until a prospective buyer comes to look her over. Tark is a beast kindred who has been on the outside looking in his whole life. This is a kindred tales plus novel--95, 000 wordsa warrior has a choice to make: rescue the woman he lovesOr complete a quest to heal himselfWhich will he choose?You’ll have to read Finding the Jewel to find outChloe Deems is a plus sized girl with pink hair and an attitude –she owns her curves.

Tark is given a choice—between rescuing the woman he has come to love, or completing the task he set himself in the first place and regaining his voice. Still, she and tark seem to be growing closer…until a monster from her past kidnaps Chloe. Which is one reason she’s so upset when she gets abducted by aliens and forced to live in a Smart House designed to make her lose weight.

Which will he choose?you’ll have to read finding the jewel to find out*Contains excerpts of CyBRG Files Book 2: Unit 78: Rescued as well as Brides of the Kindred book 22: Imprisoned. Finally he gets a prophesy from a priestess telling him to seek for an elusive jewel which can cure his voice and Tark knows just where to look for it—in the house where Chloe is being held prisoner.

He agrees to rescue her if she’ll help him look in the only other place the jewel might be—the Resort of Resonant Oneness, located deep underground on a planet that straddles the lines between dimensions. But instead of the jewel, he finds a feisty, gorgeous plus-sized girl who’s ready to fight for her life.

She has to weigh in every day and the smart-aleck talking scale decides what she’s allowed to eat which is always lettuce and celery and never the delicious Thin Mints she can see peering tantalizingly out from behind the unbreakable glass cupboard in the kitchen.

Bridging the Distance: A Kindred Tales Novel Brides of the Kindred

He desperately needs help to get torn back--but will the beautiful little Earth female he needs to seal the deal help him rescue his twin?Because of her advanced degree in Artificial Intelligence Psychology, Lorelei is uniquely qualified to help with the Cyborg problem. Can lorelei keep things businesslike as she brings the two brother back together? Or will she end up losing her heart as she is Bridging the Distance between the estranged Bound and Torn?

What else could happen? how about a visit from a huge Kindred warrior begging her to come help him rescue his twin brother who has been turned into a Cyborg?Bound Tight is a Light Twin of a Twin Kindred pair. This is a m/f/m menage romance*****one plus-sized earth girltwo twin kindred who need help to reconnectSometimes 1 +2 = Interstellar sexy timesLorelei Daniels is having a terrible day--her self-driving car repossesses itself, she loses her job, and she's about to get kicked out of her apartment.

However, when they rescue Torn, he has lost all memory of his past. But no matter how handsome Bound is, she's determined this is just a business transaction. Bound's brother, torn deep, is the Dark Twin and his other half--without him, Bound is incomplete. It's up to lorelei to try and bring the brothers back together in the only way she can--by using her body as a bridge between them.


Bonded by Accident: A Kindred Tales Novel Brides of the Kindred

But imagine her surprise when, after the best sex of her life, she hears the big Kindred's growling voice inside her head!Now Brandi is freaking out and Slade is pissed off that he broke his vow. Will brandi let the huge kindred warrior into her life? You'll have to read Bonded by Accident to find out!

Brandi wouldn't normally do such a thing but she's desperate--it's been a three year dry spell and she needs a man--even if it's only for a single night. Posing as a pairing Puppet, she gets picked by Slade for a night of passion. But after his escape from BleakHall Prison, he finds he has a desperate need for female companionship.

A hybrid warrior, belonging to noneseeking to end his sexual torment without breaking a vowA girl from Earth with an itch to scratch Looking for no-strings-attached sexBut when you make love with a Kindred, born of both worlds, things get complicatedWhat are Brandi and Slade going to do now that they are.

. Bonded by accident?slade is an ex-slave, an ex-con, and a widower who has made a vow never to love another woman since his mate died tragically. How to scratch his itch without breaking his vow? Easy--visit the Pairing Puppets aboard the Mother Ship--female-looking androids without emotions that help unmated Kindred males relieve their urges until they can find mates.

Brandi dixon is a single mom with a difficult life. She and her daughter live in a double-wide trailer in small-town rural Florida.