How to Make the Right Decision Every Time: 10 Keys for Finding God’s Direction

With biblical wisdom and successful examples of everydaypeople, master the art ofdecision making, this book will empower you to:learn how god desires to guide youevery day through his word  discover practical ways to apply god’SPRINCIPLES FOR MAKING DECISIONS  REMOVE THE PRESSURE AND FEAROF MAKING WRONG CHOICES  You can turn apprehension to action, and approach life confidently every day.

We all have to make decisions, big and small, every day. Make tough choices withfaith and confidence. Sometimes those decisionsare life changing, and we can become paralyzed in the process. We wonder:  “what does god want me to do?  how can i know hiswill?  what if i make the wrong choice?”  how to make the right decision every Time reveals biblical and practical keysto help you find direction, discover God’s will, uncover your purpose, and getit right every time.


I Forgive You, But...: 3 Steps That Can Heal Your Heart Forever

It eats our lunch. Forgiveness is how god does do-overs and it's how He makes things new and gives us a fresh start. Forgiveness is the key to cut the chain to our past hurts and to walk away free. Have you ever been hurt, used or done wrong? At some point in life, betrayed, we all experience wounds from others.

This book shows the power of forgiveness and includes miracle stories about people who thought that forgiveness wasn't the answer to their problems, but when they learned to forgive, their lives were transformed! When we refuse to let go of the hurt, it turns to unforgiveness and unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die.

This book is all about how to forgive, how to dig into the Bible when you've been hurt and let the Word set you free. You and i were made new because He forgave us. But, staying hurt is not okay.

Why, God, Why?: What to Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense

You can move forward into a brighter future! Used book in Good Condition. Despite her strong Christian faith, she had some serious questions. Has tragedy shaken the foundation of your life? have you been blindsided by an event you never expected to face? How can we heal after going through the dark places in life?  Karen skillfully combines experience and scripture to guide you through the land mines of doubt and confusion that come with loss.

Why god why? what to do when life doesn't make Sense explores the hard questions and emotions we face when challenges hit, life takes an unexpected turn or when "bad things happen to good people. Karen shares from personal experience after her husband passed away suddenly and prematurely. This book begins with her personal testimony of healing during a time of grief, and continues with inspiration and life application to get past the pain of life's hardest moments.


Parenting With A Purpose: A 31-Day Devotional

This christian parenting resource is designed to give you a handle on the tools necessary to equip parents. Used book in Good Condition. Fortunately, he knows your child, children do come with an instruction manual – the Word of God! God knows you, and He knows how to raise kids. These simple, insightful Christian parenting devotionals can encourage you.

They can help you to see your child as God does – a blessing and a joy, a responsibility and a delight, with unlimited potential and a God-given destiny.

Comeback & Beyond: How to Turn Your Setback into Your Comeback

Used book in Good Condition. All of us encounter difficulties that can be both painful and seemingly impossible to overcome. Have you ever experienced a devastating setback in your life? Maybe you have struggled in marriage or family, perhaps your finances have taken a catastrophic blow. Get ready to experience new hope and a renewed passion for the ultimate life that God has meant for you.

When your hopes and dreams have turned into a nightmare, it may seem that your life is over. It's time for your comeback! Used book in Good Condition. Comeback and beyond, the new book from acclaimed author, has the answers, Tim Storey, strategies and motivation you must have to turn your tragedy into triumph.

It does not matter if your setback seems insurmountable, don't take a step back, because God has already prepared your comeback. But, god is in the business of resurrecting dead visions. You will discover insights from the amazing turnarounds of some of the world's most prominent winners, and the specific steps they took to experience a full-blown comeback, better and stronger than ever before.


Hearing God's Voice Made Simple The Kingdom of God Made Simple Volume 3

You’ll find practical exercises at the end of key chapters to help develop your ability to sense what God is saying to you. Whether you’re skilled at hearing god’s voice, or more of a novice, this book will show you ways of hearing from God that you may not have considered—and you’ll also learn what to do with the things God says.

This book is part of a series called the kingdom of God Made Simple— a self-study course designed to train believers to live the life offered to them as heirs of God's kingdom. Used book in Good Condition. As you read this book, you may even discover that God has been speaking to you all along but you simply didn't know how to hear Him.

With the same straightforward, down-to-earth style used in the best-sellers Divine Healing Made Simple and Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple, Praying Medic teaches about the many ways in which God speaks. Used book in Good Condition. Hearing god's voice made simple makes the case that God is speaking and that we can learn to hear Him.

Is god really speaking?Yes—and you can learn to hear Him. Today, many are skeptical that God is speaking or that we can know with certainty we're hearing Him accurately.

Poverty, Riches and Wealth: Moving from a Life of Lack into True Kingdom Abundance

Used book in Good Condition. Some pastors use it to tell their congregations that God will make them all rich, rich, rich! Others spurn the word and insist that true Christlikeness is found in forsaking all worldly riches and possessions. The truth is, both are right--and both are wrong. With refreshing honesty, poverty, riches, and keen insight, bestselling author and pastor Kris Vallotton mines the Scriptures in an eye-opening study of what the Bible really says about money, humor, and wealth.

It's one of the most dividing words in the church. And what he finds is sure to shake up what you thought you knew--including these surprising truths:· Jesus was not poor and homeless· Heaven is described in the language of wealth· Poverty is a mindset that holds us back from true wealth· You determine your wealth based on how much, you love yourself· God wants all his children to be wealthy, and how well, though not everyone should be richKingdom prosperity begins from the inside out.

Used book in Good Condition. When you learn to cultivate a mindset of abundance, no matter your circumstances, you will begin to experience the wealth of heaven in every area of your life. Overcoming the never-Enough Mentality to Experience True Kingdom AbundanceProsperity.

Invention: Think Different; Break Free From the Culture Hell-bent on Holding You Back

He made us to be part of something massive and majestic―to contribute to his work of remaking this world and to play vital parts in his Kingdom. Elevate. He made us for confidence and significance, joy and relationship. It's a guide for living, finally, with depth and purpose. Our enemy spins lies that convince us into distraction and dependence―on alcohol, drugs, pornography, success-at-all-cost.

But jesus said, "i came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of. Msg, john 10:10 he said that about us. Invention is an invitation to join a band of renegades and revolutionaries, change-makers and troublemakers―men who won't be daunted, because they know there is more.

The universe's inventor designed us like he did the world: with passion and precision and purpose. It will expose the lies that obscure God's intent, and will help reveal His design for your life. There is so much more. Used book in Good Condition. Come and see. Used book in Good Condition. But we have a vicious enemy, hell-bent on thwarting us.

Unshakeable Trust: Find the Joy of Trusting God at All Times, in All Things

This book will both equip and encourage, as you learn how to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Regardless of your past pain, your present circumstances, or your future uncertainty, when you learn to trust God each day, you'll experience the joy-filled life Jesus came to give you.

With each new chapter, joyce unveils a sovereign and trustworthy God who longs to be in a relationship with his people, and inspires you to tear down the walls of self-reliance. Elevate. But god never will! Used book in Good Condition. Others may have let you down. Drawing on her own experiences and inspiration from the Word of God, relationally, emotionally, Joyce makes the case that in every area of your life--spiritually, financially--you can trust that God has your very best in store.

. In her new book, new york times bestselling author Joyce Meyer explores a life lived in complete and total dependence on God. Used book in Good Condition.

Called to Create: A Biblical Invitation to Create, Innovate, and Risk

Used book in Good Condition. S. The work you do today matters for eternity. In this energizing book, chick-fil-a, charity: water, and sevenly, and other creatives reimagine our work as service to god and others, guinness, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author jordan Raynor helps artists, writers, addressing such penetrating questions as- Is my work as a creative really as God-honoring as that of a pastor or missionary?- What does it look like to create not to make a name for myself but to glorify God and serve others?- How can I use my work to fulfill Jesus's command to create disciples?- Will what I make today matter in eternity?To answer these questions, Raynor shares compelling stories from an eclectic group of 40+ Christian entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, In-N-Out Burger, HTC, including the founders of TOMS Shoes, as well as nontraditional entrepreneurs such as C.

One way we do that is by continuing his creative work. Lewis, johann Sebastian Bach, and J. Used book in Good Condition. Tolkien. We were created by an infinitely creative God to reflect his love and character to the world. R. R. Raynor's "show" rather than "tell, " story-driven style makes you feel as if you are sitting at the feet of some of the godliest and most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

Perfectly poised to reach today's growing creative class, this unique work restores God's position as the first entrepreneur, helping readers see the eternal value in the work they do today.

Prayers for Freedom over Worry and Anxiety Freedom Prayers

Elevate. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Burdens such as. Staying safenavigating your financesrepairing relationshipsmaintaining good healthfacing the future Are you ready to release your worries and receive God's infinite peace? This book will help you in your daily prayer time, enhancing your current experience and freeing you to fully embrace heavenly peace.

No matter what's making you feel anxious, God cares! Set your heart free as you are encouraged by God's truth and empowered by His love. Be uplifted as you read short devotions to quiet your mind, and prayers to help you convey your burdens to the Lord, scripture to guide your thoughts, who can handle them all.

Used book in Good Condition. 2 corinthians 3:17 Used book in Good Condition. The work you do today matters for eternity.