Lethal Deception Refuge from Danger

Not that the former Navy SEAL could ever forget the brave, beautiful single mother. Was the motive related to the orphaned toddler cassidy was raising, a sweet little girl who brought out the father fi gure in maverick Gabe? Or did a newly revealed family secret have killer consequences?Originally published in 2008.

Why anyone would want to kill Cassidy was a mystery. But when the danger followed her home, Gabe promised to protect her. Danger and intrigue lurk around every corner in this classic story from bestselling author Lynette EasonHaving rescued Cassidy McKnight from kidnappers in South America, Gabe Sinclair thought his job was done.


River of Secrets Refuge from Danger

This isn’t the first time she’s seen those blue-gray eyes, the hard lines of his handsome face. When amy sees his birthmark, she knows exactly who he is: Micah McKnight, the presumed-dead Navy SEAL. Amnesia and danger collide in this classic tale from bestselling author Lynette EasonThe amnesiac patient in the makeshift Amazon hospital looks familiar to visiting American nurse Amy Graham.

The man her own mother set up to die. But her secrets are about to explode, because now someone is after them both. Book 2 in the Refuge from Danger series. Originally published in 2008. Amy can’t bear to tell him the dangerous truth about his hidden past. Her best friend’s brother.

Holiday Illusion Refuge from Danger

Lucas bennett that the woman he's known all this time as a caring orphanage worker is really someone else. For the surgery, anna must take him to a hospital in the city she once called home. A place she fled in fear years ago. And that the danger stalking all of them won't take Christmas Day off. Little paulo desperately needs a new heart.

It's his only christmas wish—well, that and building his first snowman. Someone with a very frightening past. Which means telling Dr. Her life for a child's to save a sick, orphaned boy, Anna Freeman must risk her own life.

Hide and Seek: An Inspirational PI Romantic Suspense Family Reunions

Now she has a new suspect—Max Powell's missing sister. She won't give up erica james has spent the past three years as a skip tracer, hunting down others and hoping one day it will lead to her kidnapped daughter. The closer they get to finding answers, the stronger their feelings for each other become.

Max, a private investigator, has found evidence that connects the two missing girls, and together, he and Erica search for answers. But the kidnapper will stop at nothing—including murder—to keep them from finding Erica's daughter. Family reunions: Bringing loved ones back together.

Tides of Deception Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense Book 1

Yet she also knows that if he learns the truth about her past, he’d be a fool not to run. A chance encounter brings secrets bubbling to the surface, and danger soon follows. Or is someone trying to send a deadly message? With the tides on Lantern Beach come deception and lies. Are the life-threatening events plaguing them really accidents.

One question remains—who will be swept away as the water shifts? And will it bring the end for Austin and Skye, or merely the beginning? . Change has come to lantern Beach: a new police chief, a new season, and. A new romance?austin brooks has loved Skye Lavinia from the moment they met, but the walls she keeps around her seem impenetrable.

Skye knows austin is the best thing to ever happen to her.

Threat of Exposure Texas Ranger Justice

But if he wants to crack the case, he’ll have to work with Texas Ranger Gisella Hernandez. Yet as they work together under the most dangerous threat of exposure, Brock discovers Gisella is stronger than she seems. Brock feels the case is way too dangerous for a female agent—especially one who refuses to admit she needs protection.

And that his cowboy heart isn’t so tough, after all. Originally published in 2011. The texas ranger justice adventure continues Pages full of indecipherable codes are all that stand between DEA agent Brock Martin and drugs crossing the border.

Her Stolen Past: An Novel of Romantic Suspense and Faith Family Reunions

But someone doesn’t want the truth to come out and will stop at nothing to keep them from investigating. Don’t miss the lifetime movies adaptation of her stolen past, airing february 2, 2018!A STOLEN BABYWhen Sonya Daniels finds a kidnapped baby’s birth certificate hidden in her late mother’s home, she’s shocked.

Sonya knows the guarded cop won’t rest until he unravels the mystery—but the answers could be more than she can bear alone. Family reunions: Bringing loved ones back together. What was her family’s connection to the child, still missing for over two decades? And what happened to the little girl? Sonya hires detective Brandon Hayes to help her get to the truth.


Bounty Hunter Classified K-9 Unit

Working together is the best option to find their targets, but it also doubles the danger they're in. When he calls in the tip, he's joined in his search by Special Agent Harper Prentiss. On a killer's trail while on a mission to bring his sister's killer to justice, bounty hunter Riley Martelli spots a missing FBI agent in a Colorado national park.

With a killer looming large, poised to end their search for good, can Riley and Harper unite to find both men without becoming the next victims? Harper, aided by her faithful German shepherd, is determined to locate the missing agent…without falling for the charms of the handsome bounty hunter.

Deadly Undertow Lantern Beach Mysteries Book 6

Her life depends on it. But leaving would break her heart. Cassidy must decipher between the truth and lies, between reality and deception. Running would be easy. The thrilling conclusion to the lantern Beach Mystery series is finally here!The current’s fatal pull is powerful, but so is one detective’s will to live.

When someone from cassidy livingston’s past shows up on Lantern Beach and warns her of impending peril, opposing currents collide, threatening to drag her under. Even more importantly, she must decide whom to trust and whom to fear. But if her final mission fails, the consequences will be as deadly as the raging undertow.

Lantern beach mysteries:hidden CurrentsFlood WatchStorm SurgeDangerous WatersPerilous RiptideDeadly Undertow. As danger rises and answers surface, everything Cassidy thought she knew is tested. In order to survive, cassidy must take drastic measures and end the battle against the ruthless gang DH-7 once and for all.


Exposed: A Christian Romantic Suspense Boxed Set Book Bundle Collection

Proving she's innocent is going to be tough. Now, with two kids and no money, she has no choice but to take a job at the new factory that's about to open in Madison Falls. But someone in this sleepy, southern town doesn't want Amy to live long enough to collect that inheritance. He wants her to stay safe, but she's not willing to listen to a mere student.

Can he protect her and keep his cover intact? more importantly, will he be able to find the drug dealer before any more students--or teachers--die?Lesley Ann McDaniel - Jill Came Tumbling AfterJill Martin has finally kicked her alcoholic husband to the curb. But if her stepfather figures out what she's up to, he won't just steal away her chance at freedom.

He'll take her very life. Virginia vaughan - for love or MoneyAmy Sullivan left everything familiar to meet an aunt she didn't know she had. Bradley must get his sister back and protect the woman he loves before the worst happens. And he loses everything. Angela ruth strong - dead on arrivalthe daughter of the Peruvian President, Maritza Rosado, arrives in Washington D.


Cold Pursuit: Cold Harbor Book 6

She can’t leave them in her murderous brother-in-law’s care so she goes on the run with the children to be sure they’re out of his reach. Despite not having the support of the blackwell Tactical team, Samantha Willis, other than their forensic expert, Alex isn’t about to let the shooter harm Whitney or anyone else.

When a blinding snowstorm triggers avalanches in the area, it’s too dangerous for the police to reach the secluded resort to stop the killer. As alex and whitney grow close and the killer strikes again, Alex has to find and take down this madman, even if it means risking his own life. She’s on the run…when whitney rochester’s brother-in-law kills her sister, Whitney fears for the life of her niece and nephew.

Or so she thinks until a killer shows up—weapon in hand—at the ski resort where she works and targets her. But he’s in pursuit. Former recon marine alex hamilton is working an undercover investigation at the resort when a crazed man wielding a gun takes out a guy in close proximity to Whitney. Alex and sam must protect everyone at the resort while they feverishly work to figure out if Whitney or the victim were the intended target.