Living in the Era of Revolution: The Words of Malcolm X

Malcolm x's everlasting legacy is celebrated through his quotes, speeches and letters. Even to this day, many of his views remain relevant and his militant words still serve as a guide for those eager to spark a revolution.

Great Speeches by African Americans: Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, and Others Dover Thrift Editions

Wells-barnett, Francis J. B. Washington, mary Church Terrell, Ida B. Tracing the struggle for freedom and civil rights across two centuries, Sojourner Truth, this anthology comprises speeches by Frederick Douglass, W. Du bois, martin Luther King, Jr. And other influential figures in the history of African-American culture and politics.

The collection begins with henry highland garnet's 1843 "an address to the slaves of the united states of america, " followed by Jermain Wesley Loguen's "I Am a Fugitive Slave, " the famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech by Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglass's immortal "What, Is the Fourth of July?" Subsequent orators include John Sweat Rock, to the Slave, John M.

Grimké, marcus garvey, and Mary McLeod Bethune. E. Martin luther King, Jr. Shirley chisholm's "the black woman in contemporary america, " "the constitution: a living Document" by Thurgood Marshall, 's "I Have a Dream" speech appears here, along with Malcolm X's "The Ballot or The Bullet, and Barack Obama's "Knox College Commencement Address.

Includes two selections from the common Core State Standards Initiative: "I Have a Dream" and "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July. ". Langston, James T. Rapier, alexander Crummell, Booker T.

The Most Powerful Slave Narratives, Historical Documents & Influential Novels: The Underground Railroad, Memoirs ... Rights Acts, New Amendments and much more - Slavery: Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten

Constitution 1868reconstruction Acts 1867-1868. Brown, a fugitive SlaveStory of Mattie J. Constitution 1865civil rights Act of 1866XIV Amendment to the U. S. Greenthe life of olaudah equianobehind the scenesharriet: the moses of her peopleFather Henson's Story of His Own Life50 Years in ChainsTwenty-Two Years a Slave and Forty Years a FreemanNarrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry BibbNarrative of William W.

. D. This carefully crafted ebook: "slavery: not forgiven, never forgotten" is formatted for your ereader with a functional and detailed table of contents:MemoirsNarrative of Frederick Douglass12 Years a SlaveThe Underground RailroadUp From SlaveryWillie Lynch LetterConfessions of Nat TurnerNarrative of Sojourner TruthIncidents in the Life of a Slave GirlHistory of Mary PrinceRunning a Thousand Miles for FreedomThirty Years a SlaveNarrative of the Life of J.

Jacksona slave girl's storyfrom the darkness cometh the lightnarrative of the life of moses grandynarrative of joannanarrative of the life of henry box brown, who escaped in a 3x2 feet boxmemoir and poems of phillis wheatleyburied alive behind prison walls for a quarter of a centurySketches of the Life of Joseph Mountain NovelsOroonokoUncle Tom's CabinAdventures of Huckleberry FinnHeroic SlaveSlavery's Pleasant HomesOur NigClotelleMarrow of TraditionAutobiography of an Ex-Colored ManA Fool's ErrandBricks Without StrawImperium in ImperioThe Hindered HandHistorical DocumentsThe History of Abolition of African Slave-TradeHistory of American AbolitionismPictures of Slavery in Church and StateLife, Last Words and Dying Speech of Stephen Smith Who Was Executed for BurglaryReport on Charge of Aiding and Abetting in the Rescue of a Fugitive SlaveSouthern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its PhasesDuty of Disobedience to the Fugitive Slave ActEmancipation Proclamation 1863Gettysburg AddressXIII Amendment to the U.


Heroes In Black Skins

He was freed from slavery at the age of nine, and after working at several menial jobs in West Virginia, he earned his way through an education at Hampton Institute and Wayland Seminary. Booker taliaferro washington april 5, 1856 – november 14, 1915 was an American educator, orator, author and leader of the African-American community.

Washington filled this role from the opening of the school in 1881 until his death in 1915. Wikipedia. Upon recommendation of hampton founder Sam Armstrong, he was appointed as the first leader of the new Tuskegee Institute, as a young man, then a teachers' college for blacks.

The Souls of Black Folk Dover Thrift Editions

In this collection of essays, first published together in 1903, he eloquently affirms that it is beneath the dignity of a human being to beg for those rights that belong inherently to all mankind. He also charges that the strategy of accommodation to white supremacy advanced by Booker T. This landmark book is a founding work in the literature of black protest.

It is essential reading for everyone interested in African-American history and the struggle for civil rights in America. W. Washington, then the most influential black leader in America, would only serve to perpetuate black oppression. Publication of the souls of black folk was a dramatic event that helped to polarize black leaders into two groups: the more conservative followers of Washington and the more radical supporters of aggressive protest.

Du bois 1868–1963 played a key role in developing the strategy and program that dominated early 20th-century black protest in America. B. E. Its influence cannot be overstated.

Narrative Of Sojourner Truth

Hailed as an inspiring memoir during a time of slavery, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth is not just about the emancipation of an African American woman, but also the strength of her faith. Look for more titles in the HarperTorch collection to build your digital library. Truth provides the narrative of her life, from her early years as a slave to her liberation and life as a freed woman.

A staunch activist, truth also gives her readers insight on gender equality issues faced by women of her time and discusses the abolitionist movement. Harpertorch brings great works of non-fiction and the dramatic arts to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms.


Recorded Testimonies of Former Slaves from 17 U.S. States: True Life Stories from Hundreds of African Americans in South about Their Life in Slavery and after the Liberation - Dem Days Was Hell

The federal writers' project was one such project by the United States federal government to support writers during the Great Depression by asking them to interview and record the myriad stories and experiences of slavery of former slaves. Southern states, including photos of the people being interviewed and their extraordinary narratives.

Contents:alabamaarkansasfloridaGeorgiaIndianaKansasKentuckyMarylandMississippiMissouriNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexasVirginia. After the end of civil War in 1865, more than four million slaves were set free. States that would otherwise have been lost in din of modernity and America's eagerness to deliberately forget the blot on its recent past.

Step back in time and meet everyday people from another era: This edition brings to you the complete collection of hundreds of life stories, incredible vivid testimonies of former slaves from 17 U. S. The resulting collection preserved hundreds of life stories from 17 U. S. There were several efforts to record the remembrances of the former slaves.


African Love Poems and Proverbs with Bookmark Petites

Ranging from joyous to elegiac, verses touch on love’s delights and follies with elliptical eloquence. Photos of African artwork accompany the text. My heart is single and cannot be dividedAnd it is fastened on a single hope;Oh, you, who might be the moon!--Somali love song. This lyrical collection comprises love poems, songs, and proverbs from a multitude of African countries and traditions.

Lovely to read aloud or reflect on silently.

UNCHAINED - Powerful & Unflinching Narratives Of Former Slaves: 28 True Life Stories in One Volume: Including Hundreds of Documented Testimonies, Records ... South & History of Abolitionist Movement

Delaneynarrative of the life of moses grandynarrative of joanna; an emancipated slave, of surinamnarrative of the life of henry box brown, who escaped in a 3x2 feet boxmemoir and poems of phillis WheatleyBuried Alive For a Quarter of a Century - Life of William WalkerPictures of Slavery in Church and StateDying Speech of Stephen Smith Who Was Executed for BurglaryLife of Joseph MountainCharge of Aiding and Abetting in the Rescue of a Fugitive SlaveLynch Law in All Its PhasesDuty of Disobedience to the Fugitive Slave ActCaptain CanotPearl Incident: Personal Memoir of Daniel DraytonHistory of Abolition of African Slave-TradeHistory of American Abolitionism.

Green, a runaway SlaveUp From Slavery by Booker T. Jacksona slave girl's story, by Kate DrumgooldFrom the Darkness Cometh the Light, by Lucy A. Washingtonnarrative of olaudah equianobehind the scenes - 30 years a slave & 4 years in the white house, by Elizabeth KeckleyFather Henson's Story of His Own LifeFifty Years in Chains, by Charles BallTwenty-Two Years a Slave and Forty Years a Freeman, by Austin StewardNarrative of the Life of Henry BibbNarrative of William W.

Brown, a fugitive SlaveStory of Mattie J. This unique collection consists of the most influential narratives of former slaves and the stories of people who have helped them. D. With their powerful & unflinching stories, they changed people's convictions and shook the very foundation of slavery:narrative of the life of frederick douglass12 Years a Slave by Solomon NorthupThe Underground RailroadThe Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of Slave! Confessions of Nat TurnerNarrative of Sojourner TruthIncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, by William and Ellen CraftThirty Years a Slave: From Bondage to Freedom, by Harriet JacobsHarriet: The Moses of Her PeopleHistory of Mary PrinceRunning a Thousand Miles for Freedom, by Louis HughesNarrative of the Life of J.


The Red Record

In 1892 alone, more than two hundred african Americans were lynched, with alleged offenses ranging from “attempted stock poisoning” to “insulting whites. The red record tabulates these scenes of brutality in clear, objective statistics, allowing the horrifying facts to speak for themselves. Wells describes actual occurrences of lynching, and enumerates the standard rationalizations for these extrajudicial killings, her original intent for the pamphlet to shame and shock the apathetic public—and spark change.

This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices. This vicious form of vigilante “justice” was in truth a thinly veiled racist justification for murderous violence. Wells in the postbellum american south, lynching was a frightfully common occurrence, perpetrated so frequently that most Southern politicians and leaders turned a blind eye to the practice.

Alongside the tally, author Ida B. A shocking and powerful account of lynching written by activist, journalist, and former slave Ida B.

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man Dover Thrift Editions

Among his most famous works, The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man in many ways parallels Johnson's own remarkable life. The human drama is powerful and revealing — from the narrator's persistent battles with personal demons to his firsthand observations of a Southern lynching and the mingling of races in New York's bohemian atmosphere at the turn of the century.

One of the most prominent african-americans of his time, James Weldon Johnson 1871–1938 was a successful lawyer, songwriter, social reformer, educator, and critic. But it was as a poet and novelist that he achieved lasting fame. Revolutionary for its time, the Autobiography remains both an unrivaled example of black expression and a major contribution to American literature.

First published in 1912, the novel relates, through an anonymous narrator, events in the life of an American of mixed ethnicity whose exceptional abilities and ambiguous appearance allow him unusual social mobility — from the rural South to the urban North and eventually to Europe. A radical departure from earlier books by black authors, this pioneering work not only probes the psychological aspects of "passing for white" but also examines the American caste and class system.