Man With A Camera – The Complete Series DVD + Digital

The man below - november 2, 1959 19. Profile of a killer - October 17, 1958 04. Guest stars: angie dickinson tv's police woman yvonne craig tv's batman gavin macleod tv s the love boat sebastian cabot tv's family affair ruta lee witness for the prosecution grant williams The Incredible Shrinking Man Dennis Patrick TV's Dark Shadows Joe Flynn TV's McHale's Navy Harry Dean Stanton Alien Norma Crane Fiddler on the Roof Tom Laughlin Billy Jack Phyllis Avery Ruby Gentry Frank Faylen TV's The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Audrey Dalton Separate Tables Don Gordon Bullit Douglas Dick Rope CONTENTS: Season One: 01.

Kovac specializes in getting those hard to capture photos that other photographers cannot take. Live target - december 7, 1959 23. The big squeeze - january 23, 1959 Season Two: 16. Eye witness - october 26, 1959 18. Six faces of satan - december 19, 1958 11. Two strings of pearls - December 12, 1958 10 Fragment of a murder - February 1, 1960 29.

The bride - december 21, 1959 25. Touch-off - january 11, 1960 27. The warning - october 17, 1958 03. Lady on the loose - december 26, 1958 12.

Decoy: The Only Package with ALL 39 Episodes Available!

She does not have a regular partner and is assigned to a different department every week whether in uniform, undercover, or as the officer in charge. Working on any type of crime and in any area of the city, she is respected by her fellow male officers who appear to accept a policewoman as standard. In its all-too-brief run, decoy contained an assortment of routine sensibility as well as captivating psychological drama that directly influenced later crime drama shows like Police Woman 1974, and would remain an archetype for crime drama shows that followed decades later.

Decoy was and still is dedicated to the NYC Bureau of Policewomen / Policewoman's Endowment Association. Bonus Features:1. The series also had high production value in terms of its film noir look and fully developed characters. Complete for the first time on DVD, we bring you the ground-breaking police drama.

. Decoy!- first to shoot on location in nyc- first to feature a policewoman in the lead role- One of the FIRST to tackle real-life controversial subjectsBased on a variety of factual cases tackling controversial subjects, the Decoy series was a significant marker in television history, undeniably ahead of its time.

16 page episode libretto including an extended synopsis, historical information, trivia, and episode synopses2. Initially aired on october 14, 1957, it was the first show to film on location in New York City and the first to feature a policewoman as its main character.

Dan August The Complete Collection All 26 Episodes Plus TV Movie

26 episodes, 24 hrs, 4 DVDs. This quinn-martin production has all of the trademark excitement of the 1970's cop shows that would follow, including Martin Sheen, Dabney Coleman, Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, and features a who's who of Hollywood greats in early guest roles, and many others. Burt reynolds Detective Dan August.

Just prior to achieving superstar status in a legendary run of hit films, screen legend Burt Reynolds dazzled television audiences as Lt. Detective dan august, a top cop working the homicide beat in his Southern California hometown.

The Immortal The Complete Collection

New burt reynolds Detective Dan August.

The Invaders: The Complete Series

Dvd burt reynolds Detective Dan August. Shrink-wrapped.

Mr. & Mrs. North 4 DVD Collector's Set

Mrs. Shrink-wrapped. Jerry richard denning, and pamela barbara Britton, a mystery magazine publisher, who maintains the more aggressive lead to Denning's reluctant follower, are also amateur sleuths. North was produced by John W. As a forerunner to mcMillan & Wife and Hart to Hart, Mr. Mrs. Loveton and seen on cbs from 1952 to 1953 and on NBC in 1954.

Includes 50 episodes on 4 discs with an episode libretto inside! Burt reynolds Detective Dan August. North features the sophisticated husband and wife team of Jerry and Pamela North from Greenwich Village, who work to investigate various crimes and solve them before the police do. And like the aforementioned shows, while crime and murder are being solved, a touch of humor always permeates the proceedings.


The Persuaders & The Protectors Complete Collection

New burt reynolds Detective Dan August. Shrink-wrapped.

British Classic Series: Thriller // Complete Collection of 43 Murder Mystery Movies

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The Westerner: The Complete Series

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The Protectors: The Complete Collection 52 episodes

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S.W.A.T. - The Complete Series

Deacon kay rod perry, officer dominic Luca Mark Shera, TV's Barnaby Jones, and Officer T. J. The show introduced a new breed of hard-as-nails cops to audiences: Lt. Spun off from the Rookies and fueled by its signature hit theme song, S. W. A. T. First time available in its entirety! Burt reynolds Detective Dan August.

Dan "hondo" harrelson steve forrest, spies like us, mommie Dearest, Officer Jim Street Robert Urich, TV's Vega$, Spencer For Hire, Sgt. Mccable James Coleman. Shrink-wrapped. From producer aaron spelling tv's charlies Angels and Starsky and Hutch comes one of the toughest, action-packed crime-fighting shows of them all: S.

W. A. T. Chronicled the covert missions of the LAPD's Special Weapons and Tactics unit, an elite five-man team tackling situations too dangerous for even the police to handle. Shrink-wrapped.