Marked Shadows in the Dark Book 1

Who he was. Something i desperately wanted but never thought I’d have came looking for me. Then I met her. Question is—can i pull the trigger?Note from the author: This is a dark romance that may contain some emotional triggers. It was an obligation. I was untouchable. Secrets were revealed. That there was something dark brewing inside of me from a pretty young age.

He raised me. I would have killed for him. But then that time came. 18+ due to content. I discovered I was just a pawn in her game. A choice was to be made. And in a fleeting moment, everything that caused me pain was gone. Folklore tells you a reaper is ugly, but some of the scariest creatures hide in plain sight.

. I choose him. Then, at eight-years-old, my luck changed. My savior showed up. Lies unfolded. The rules tell me she’s a loose end.

Love and War: Volume One Shadows in the Dark Book 2

It is the one high I need. The shadows of solitude follow me wherever I go. Weapons—they can be anything I need them to be. Kross brannon is the best there is when it comes to tattoos. They say your childhood paves the way to adulthood, and maybe it does. When i feel like i’m about to blow I turn to the needle.

Through the internal chaos, and the constant noise, the anger that won’t cease, everything is silenced with the pull of the trigger. Ink—i’ve loved it since I can remember. It’s my release. It was the only way to escape the pain, the torment. But the nightmares are still very real. Without any effort they can cause so much destruction, but also so much peace.

I walked the roads of hell until i figured out that the only way to survive was to exist under a cloak of darkness—to deal with the devil himself. They’ll never leave me alone. It defines me. I brand people. I know mine was lit up in flames. Unlike people in my life, they are predictable, dependable.

Love and War: Volume Two Shadows in the Dark Book 3

The tug of war inside of me is strong. I’d waited my whole life for this. Nothing and no one was going to stand in my way. Still, i’m willing to walk away in order to right my wrongs. One mistake could cost me everything, including the beautifully wicked man I’ve fallen in love with. He knows my deepest secrets.

From the moment lux opened her mouth that night I wanted to be pissed at her, but with one outburst she’d given me everything I’d fucking dreamed of since I was a kid. There’s something about him that I’ve wanted since the moment I discovered him, but I vowed to push it aside. I want him—the broken and the battered.

This is a Dark Romance. He gave me the chance of a lifetime, despite his known reputation of sitting alone on his throne. Suitable for ages 18+ due to content. If you do not like dark themes this book may not be for you. But i was determined to prove him wrong, even if that meant revisiting a past I’d long left behind.

Then he touched me, and since, nothing has been the same. My entire life i’ve been cold, but that night a spark ignited between us and I’m starting to warm. I knew from the first day that he’d never see me as more than a wannabe—an amateur.

Six Book Collection - Fire & Vice

He locked her up in a penthouse for his exclusive use. The moment ash set eyes on anastasia Sitnikov, his dream woman, complete with purple lipstick and bad attitude, his life got a whole lot more complicated. Only the toughest survive. From himself. Book 6 - bound by bloodrussian mafia enforcer Boris Grekov knew the moment he set eyes on her that she would belong to him.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have the time. No questions and no apologies. Live hard, work hard and play hard. If he had a lifetime he would spend it convincing her that they were inseparable. In his spare time he was a champion cage fighter, his only friend an undemanding Rottweiler. Now, the ruthless businessman seems determined to keep her in his possession.

Book 4 - savage vendettawhat happens when the baddest mafia boss in town wants the untouchable homicide detective who is determined to take him down? Vladimir Sitnikov will play a dangerous game in order to capture the fiery Jane McKinley and bring her under his roof and his control. Book 5 - fear in her EyesDaniel Mercer wanted something he shouldn't have.

Unfortunately, she chose Tyson King's city. She had to get away before he took more than she could give. Book 2 - fight or FlightAsh's life was simple.

Abducted: A Mafia Hitman Romance Alexis Abbott's Hostages Book 1

My hidden little secret in the cellar is a prize I won't be throwing away. Her luscious lips and sweet curves promise that hiding from the mafia just got a lot more exciting. I'm not going anywhere. A beautiful woman is locked in my bunker. She stirs in me something I thought I'd long ago snuffed out: desire.

I murdered her abductor, but I'm no hero. I'm the monster they call the Angel of Death, yet she makes me feel like a man again. And neither is she. Abducted is a standalone dark romance novel in the Hostages series from bestselling romance author Alexis Abbott! Safe from cheating.

Hold Me: A mafia romance Collateral Book 2

A love worthy of any sacrifice. The sister of death. Loyalties will be tested and bonds broken. I thought i was done being someones toy, but I was so very wrong. A knight in blood stained armour. Hate me or hold me? A priceless pawn. Collateral. He’s a bad man. Safety is nothing more than a premise in my world, and enemies linger where I least expect them.

Even my big bad wolf may not be able to save me this time. A cartel boss— and my everything. I’m a former slave.

Falling Warriors Series Collection Books 1, 2 & 1.5

Now including content exclusive to this boxset which includes:— An extended epilogue for How the Warrior Claimed— An exclusive Tristan scene. If you like slow-burn romances, arranged marriages, dark anti heroes, and chemistry so hot you'll need a fan, these are the warriors for you. Because they don't just love—they own.

These alpha warriors conquer everything they desire. Including the women who own their hearts.

Red Water

She has even attracted an enigmatic admirer. But when this new love interest begins to reveal his more unsavory appetites, Malory finds herself a hapless participant in a sick game—a game that forces her to confront her own nasty inner demons. An escape from the whispers—his whispers—that still skitter through her mind.

An escape from darkness. And though malory has not yet managed to silence her father’s whispers, she is excelling at school, making new friends, and shining as the music school’s new star cellist. Dark, erotic, and haunting,  Red Water sticks with you like a dream you can’t shake. Meghan o’flynn, bestselling author of the ash park serieshow do you let love in when the only thing that feels right is pain? Compared to the beat-up trailer she’s had to call home since her mom died, Malory Shoemaker’s tiny dorm room is a significant upgrade.

An escape. An escape from the terrible things her father put her family through. And as the game intensifies, so do the old, familiar whispers in Malory’s head. Now she must decide: sink back into the darkness, or claw her way to the surface and discover a life worth fighting for. If you like gillian flynn's sharp Objects or Sylvia Day's dark romance, you will love Red Water.

More praise for red water:“with prose that will bring you to your knees,  Red Water will hold you in its grip without apology, and you will love every torturous second of it.


She crossed me once, so now she’ll know what it’s like to fear me. My name is avery decker, and my story isn’t for the faint of heart. The more painful and messy, the better. I grew up happy and in love with my best friend until she betrayed me and walked away. After that, i fell into the deep, dark world I was meant for.

It feeds my inner demon, and right now, he is starving. I wasn’t always this way even though it was in my blood. Too bad for her, I believe people should pay for the things they have done. Presleigh clarke's actions turned me into the ruthless man I am today. I get off on making people bleed. It is about revenge and hatred, misery and violence.

But not all stories end the way you think they will … mine certainly didn’t. Slaughter is a dark romance*Contains disturbing scenes*Violent sexual situations.

The Syndicate Series Boxset

He's bitter, angry, and for a good reason. Cain bexley had 15 minutes to destroy his marriage to protect the woman he loved. Yet his plans for revenge fall apart the minute he lays eyes on Alina—Royal's ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of the rival Solokov family. As a mafia princess, alina solokov knew it wouldn't be easy when she made the decision ten years ago to leave the family for a new life at a college in England—but betrayal is often a dish served cold by those who you love the most.

Said things I should never say to a woman. Seen things happen to her. Things darker than the bottle of liquor I consume. I felt helpless. Defeated. The memories are more tortuous than the act of her torture. Then she walks back into my life, only she's not alone. The deliverance of DilanDilan Levy. The mystery man. The man with a war to end.

The man who was put behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. The man who disappeared.

Have Me: A mafia romance Collateral Book 3

To have and to hold? Hatred can change a person, warping them until they’re nothing but a mangled, twisted version of themselves. Angry. Two people with nothing to lose except each other. He’s broken. Without purpose. War. Cast adrift. And love—well, sometimes love isn’t enough. Together we were strong. Loss. Apart we are driven by nothing but the mindless need for revenge.

I’m lost. Grieving. Is it? Love.