Monster in the Closet The Baltimore Series Book 5

But now she has a chance to get to know the real Clay while doing real work as an equine therapist, which includes helping two girls whose mother was brutally murdered. She might even find something deeper with her boss’s handsome son, Ford Elkhart, whose eyes are so haunted. Until she turns up right under his nose…   Since she was a child, Taylor Dawson believed the lie her mother told her: that her father was a monster.

But just as taylor feels her life opening up to new family, work, and friends, a danger lurks in the darkness—one that will show Taylor the face of true evil… . The new york times bestselling author of every dark corner returns to baltimore, where a father-daughter reunion puts innocent victims in the sights of a stone-cold killer…Baltimore PI Clay Maynard routinely locates missing children for clients, but his own daughter—stolen by his ex-wife—has eluded him for years.


Watch Your Back The Baltimore Series Book 4

So when stevie attracts the attention of a vicious psychopath, Clay will do whatever it takes to keep her alive. Since the minute he first saw her, Clay has wanted to protect the wounded officer, and he started loving her not long after that. When a cold case is reopened, a murderer re-emerges deadlier than ever in this thriller in New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose’s Baltimore series.

Baltimore homicide Detective Stevie Mazzetti has suffered losses no woman should have to endure. And, despite it all, she’s still a fighter. That is, if he can stay ahead of a killer with everything to lose—and something terrifying to hide. When she learns that her ex-partner might have miscarried justice, she’s determined to put the past to rights, even when she becomes a target.

It’s former marine clay maynard’s job to see the risk in every situation, but he doesn’t have to look hard to find the danger surrounding Stevie.

Did You Miss Me? The Baltimore Series Book 3

But together they find the reality to be even more troubling, and it runs deeper than Daphne fears. Daphne believes it’s connected to the recent high-profile trial, and at first FBI special agent Joseph Carter agrees. And, if she survives, threaten the lives of everyone she loves. With her son’s life in jeopardy, she must unlock a dreadful secret about her past—and confront a truth that will change everything for those closest to her.

. But after she helps to convict a killer, her confidence is shattered once again by the news that her son has been kidnapped. When her past comes back to haunt her, a baltimore prosecutor must turn to an FBI agent in order to save her kidnapped son in this heart-stopping novel from New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose.

Baltimore prosecutor daphne Montgomery pulled herself out of a damaged past to build a solid life for herself and her son.

Death Is Not Enough The Baltimore Series Book 6

Whoever is trying to frame thorne is about to lead him down the rabbit hole of his past, something he thought he had outran long ago. He plays the part of the bachelor well, but he secretly holds a flame for his best friend and business partner, Gwyn Weaver, a woman struggling to overcome her own demons.

. The past comes back to haunt a high-profile defense attorney in the newest book in the Baltimore series from the New York Times bestselling author of Edge of Darkness and Monster in the Closet. In his work as a defense attorney in baltimore, Thorne has always been noble to a fault--specializing in helping young people in trouble just as someone did for him when he was younger.

Thorne must figure out who has been digging into his secrets, how much they know, and how far they will go to bring him down. After four years, he thinks he might finally be ready to confess his feelings, come what may. But his plans are derailed when he wakes up in bed with a dead woman--her blood on his hands and no recollection of how he got there.


No One Left to Tell The Baltimore Series Book 2

With her last breath, the woman whispers cryptic words into her ear and hands her a blood-smeared flash drive. But when paige holden shares the flash drive with him, dark secrets, its contents cast doubts on the conviction—and lead him and Paige into a world of blackmail, and a decades-long string of murders.

. New york times bestselling author karen rose returns to the gritty world of Baltimore’s cops and prosecutors with a tale of danger and desire that will leave you breathless… A car crashes in front of rookie PI Paige Holden’s home. An investigation they’ll survive only by trusting each other—and the truth.

Five years ago, state’s Attorney Grayson Smith put a murderer behind bars. And suddenly, she finds one of her pro bono clients dying in her arms—from a gunshot wound.

Edge of Darkness The Cincinnati Series Book 4

A cincinnati detective questions everything he knows--and everyone he trusts--in the new novel of romantic suspense from New York Times bestseller Karen Rose. Homicide detective Adam Kimble is no stranger to battling demons. Adam would risk anything for her, but they'll soon find out she isn't the only target.

. Meredith has loved adam for a year, and seeing how hard he's worked to deal with his PTSD makes her feelings only stronger, but she respects his needs. But someone doesn't want meredith helping women like Mallory, and Meredith finds herself in the crosshairs of a very determined killer. But meredith fallon is a different kind of weakness: one that could actually be good for him, if only he would let himself depend on her.

Her work keeps her busy anyway: she counsels sexually abused women like Mallory Martin to help them reintegrate into the world.

You Belong to Me The Baltimore Series Book 1

He’s up against a brutal killer with a very personal vendetta. Lucy trask is intrigued by JD’s compassion, but she isn’t about to mix work with pleasure. Medical Examiner Dr. A baltimore detective and a medical examiner must work together when the witnesses of a long-ago crime become the victims of a deranged killer in this gripping romantic suspense novel.

Baltimore city homicide detective jd fitzpatrick has seen a lot of horrific violence, both as a cop and during his deployment in Afghanistan, but nothing like the trail of tortured bodies that are turning up throughout the city. Not while there’s a ruthless killer on the loose. And definitely not while she’s keeping a dark secret that could connect her to these vicious killings—and put her next on the killer’s hit list.

. And now jd is beginning to suspect that his medical examiner may be shielding some crucial evidence linked to the case.

Every Dark Corner The Cincinnati Series Book 3

In this nerve-shattering novel in new york Times bestselling author Karen Rose's Cincinnati series, two FBI Special Agents are on the trail of a depraved criminal. When fbi special agent griffin "decker" Davenport opens his eyes after several days in a coma, there is unfinished business still on his mind.

But their “benefactor” is not who everyone thinks he is. But everyone has a limit to what they can endure. Mallory has never told his secrets before—the danger to her and her sister has always been too great. Decker's on the cusp of discovering the mastermind behind a human trafficking case, and he and his partner, Special Agent Kate Coppola, are determined to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Eighteen-year-old mallory martin and her little sister, Macy, were the victims of an illegal adoption—sold by their addict mother for drugs. And they’re about to get a surprising new lead from a very unlikely source.

Alone in the Dark The Cincinnati Series Book 2

To stop them, scarlett and Marcus have to be just as cunning and just as ruthless. His secret past gives him good reason. But first they have to make it out alive. So far she’s been able to lock away her rage and her vigilante fantasies. Homicide detective scarlett bishop has seen enough bad guys slip through the cracks and innocent victims go unavenged to know that good doesn't always prevail.

That lock is about to break. He believes he’s seen the depths of human depravity, dark road—and straight into the crosshairs of a dangerous, but then his investigation into the murder of a young girl who once asked for his help lures him and Scarlett down a dark, powerful underground ring that deals in human trafficking.

Former army ranger marcus O'Bannion is a fierce champion of victims’ rights. New york times bestselling author karen Rose returns with a breathtaking novel of suspense in the Cincinnati series—one that crosses the line between danger and desire, and justice and revenge.

Closer Than You Think The Cincinnati Series Book 1

Reaching back decades into faith’s own past, it will shatter everything she believes to be true and will give terrifying new meaning to flesh and blood. Two college girls have gone missing in the area, and FBI Special Agent Deacon Novak is called to work on the case. Her recent inheritance of her grandmother’s old house in Cincinnati offers sanctuary in which she can start her life anew, but requires that she face the dark memories that still resonate to this day.

But she has no idea how close to home her fears still are. Soon they’ll discover that this seemingly simple investigation is anything but. When his inquiry unexpectedly leads him to Faith, he finds a beautiful and brave woman he can’t help but fall for. A woman on the run must confront her dark past at her family’s home in Cincinnati in this thrilling novel of romantic suspense from New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose.

Psychologist faith corcoran is desperate to escape the stalker who’s made her life a nightmare for the past year—desperate enough to run to the one place that has been her nightmare far longer.

I Can See You Romantic suspense Book 10

Eve becomes noah's online guide and realizes that the handsome detective may have secret scars as painful as her own. When her test subjects begin turning up dead as a result of apparent suicides, she doesn't know where to turn. Homicide detective Noah Webster is one of the few people who believe the victims are connected murders.

New york times bestselling author karen Rose delivers her latest pulse-pounding suspense novel, where the line between the virtual world and everyday reality blurs when it comes to murder. Eve wilson's face was once scarred by a vicious assault. Years later, her outer scars faded and inner scars buried, Eve has fought her way back to the real world and is determined to help others do the same.

Terrified and ashamed, she escaped to the online realm, where she could choose the face she allowed people to see. As eve and noah chase a killer who is always one step ahead of them, together they try to overcome the tragedies of their pasts and learn to trust again, but they soon discover that danger is much closer than they think.

Now a graduate student moonlighting as a bartender, Eve researches the addictive powers of online communities.