Mountain Hawk

Now it’s kill or be killed as trace’s pursuit of the kidnappers leads him ever deeper into danger among warring Indian factions and hostile white men in the world he’d hoped to leave behind…. Then he finds out jamie’s been abducted—possibly sold into slavery, or worse. Mountain man trace mccall has seen enough of “civilization” to be content with a simple existence living off the land.

He keeps mostly to himself—except for visiting with pretty neighbor Jamie Tresh and occasionally crossing paths with the local Blackfeet tribe. But forces beyond his control are about to put Trace’s peaceful life on the line. Trouble starts when he decides to help some homesteaders make their way to Fort Bridger.

The journey puts trace on the wrong side of two violent men—and a group of renegade Blackfeet on a murderous mission.

Wings of the Hawk

But he was saved by a pair of grizzled old fur trappers, and he learned to fend for himself and live off the land. When jim finally returns home to St. An action-packed adventure of the Old West from the author of Trial at Fort Keogh. Revenge can turn a boy into a man. And put a man six feet underat just fourteen, jim tracey found himself without a friend in the world, running from the Indian war party that had killed his father.

Louis, he finds that there was more to his father's murder than he'd thought. Though the indians did the killing, someone else did the planning--someone too close for comfort. Now young jim must untangle a thick web of lies, and when the dirty dealings come to light he will come face-to-face with a murderer.

. But if he tastes the vengeance owed him, it won't be as the boy everyone knew as Jim--it will be as a man named Trace McCall.

Son of the Hawk

Her father did not approve of the union and stole her away—unaware that she was carrying the white man's child. She married a member of her tribe to give her son a father, naming the child White Eagle. Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. Over a decade ago, a Shoshoni maiden loved mountain man Trace McCall.

A war party of sioux slaughters the Shoshoni camp, but the child escapes. With no place to run, White Eagle decides to find his white father.

The Hostile Trail Matt Slaughter series Book 2

When matt’s girl is taken captive, a bloody showdown with Iron Claw is inevitable. But a clash with the sioux—led by the dreaded Iron Claw—turns the knee-deep snow red with blood. Only the deadly rapid-fire of Matt’s Henry rifle—the feared spirit gun—gets him and Ike out alive. Back at fort laramie, Matt and Ike sign up as cavalry scouts.

Prospectors on the bozeman trail are an endangered species, especially now that Iron Claw has declared war on all whites using the trail. Two hunters have a dangerous showdown with a deadly Sioux warrior in this western from Charles G. West. In the winter of 1866, trail partners Matt Slaughter and Ike Brister are hunting elk in the high lonesome of the Bighorn Mountains.

And it’s destined to take place beyond the mountains matt and Ike fled for dear life—in a valley called Little Bighorn…   “Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true. Ralph Compton.

No Justice in Hell A John Hawk Western Book 2

And he’s ordering them a round vengeance with a bullet chaser—and death on arrival. There’s just one problem: the outlaw got there first. West comes a thrilling new chapter in the saga of John Hawk, an army scout with a tracker’s eye, a cowboy’s grit—and his own brand of justice. He’s the notorious Zach Dubose.

Their only chance is to reach the last chance Saloon in Helena—and John Hawk is their last hope… Hawk can track down a low-life like nobody’s business. Three desperate women. He’s waiting for Hawk and his girls. Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.

Ralph Compton. Winner of the 2018 spur award for Best Paperback Western   From acclaimed storyteller Charles G. What’s their rush? they’re being pursued by a wanted outlaw who wants them dead. He first meets the three lovely ladies as they’re fleeing in a wagon—alone—through Blackfoot country. One deranged killer.

. No way in hell is john Hawk going to sit back and let the innocent get slaughtered.

War Cry

Then he saves the life of Sarah Lawton, a lovely widow with her young daughter, both helpless under Indian fire. And by doing so, he' made mortal enemies with the Cheyenne-who are now out for his blood. Will carson is the best scout at Fort Dodge.

Vengeance Moon Matt Slaughter series Book 3

But for slaughter, there’s even more at stake. And she’s just the pretty little tool Wildmoon and her killer brood need for hitting Slaughter straight through the heart. By his side is Molly, the vulnerable love of his life. The job? bring the fugitive back to Virginia—dead or alive. Making matters worse is a sioux war that’s trapped Slaughter between the vengeance of a hostile tribe and the blind greed of a gun-crazy mother who’s blocking his only way out.

Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. Bloody mamaon the run for a murder he didn’t commit, Matt Slaughter is lying low in the badlands with a new life, and a new woman. But old troubles are right behind him: her name is P. D. Wildmoon, a hard-drinking bounty huntress armed with a.

44, a rawhide horsewhip, and three wild-eyed sons bred to kill.

The Blackfoot Trail

Now, joe fox is forging a new trail--of vengeance! Mountain man joe fox reluctantly led a group of settlers through the Rockies--and into the clutches of Max Starbeau, who traveled with the party until he was able to commit theft and murder--and kidnap Joe's girl.

Day of the Wolf

Wanting no part in the rampant war in the western plains, Wolf is set on returning to his mountain refuge. But his journey home is interrupted by three desperate women who need his help. His innocent association with these prostitutes leads to a near-deadly fight that ends with a charge for attempted murder.

Chased by the most experienced deputy the marshal service has, Wolf leads him to the Black Hills, where their final showdown can only end in blood. …. Inevitable war when mysterious mountain man wolf comes down to the Crow village to return one of its wounded, the Crow wonder whether he is man or spirit.

What wolf doesn’t realize about these women is that they aren’t what most people would call ladies.

Stone Hand

He moves as silently and invisibly as the wind, and strikes with the brute force of a hundred men. Retired master tracker jason cole must now hunt down this evil incarnate—a hunt that soon becomes a violent test of strength, courage, and skill in this epic and unforgettable tale of the untamed American frontier.

Now, an innocent young girl is taken as his hostage, as his bloodthirsty rampage reaches the Camp Supply settlement, with his demand nothing short of all of the Oklahoma Territory. He is called stone hand, a legendary Cheyenne renegade whose very name instills terror in natives and white men alike.

A Man Called Sunday

A risky endeavor strapped for cash, luke sunday takes a job as a scout for the army’s war against the Sioux. Freeman is killed in a Sioux attack and the reckless Bogart shows up, Mrs. Set adrift, he happens upon the Freemans, who need a guide to the Gallatin Valley. But when Mr. When they meet the sinister-looking Sunday, they’re hesitant to hire him.

When he accuses them of wrongdoing, the outlaw Bill Bogart leads the charge to oust him from the campaign. Raised by the cheyenne and crow, he runs afoul of the army when they attack a peaceful Cheyenne village, believing it to be Sioux leader Sitting Bull’s camp. Freeman must put her trust in the man called Sunday.