Neriot 72 Shabbos Bougies Candles

Neriot - 5 hours. Candles for use in special glass containers. Wind resistent. 1 pack of 72 shabbos candles Burning time: approx. Made in Israel. Long Burning.

Ner Zion Glass Neriot Holders from

Ner Zion NER2 - 2 candles included. Sized to fit most candlesticks and to hold Neriot Refills from Ner Zion, this item is made from tempered heat resistant glass. Made by Ner Zion. These glass candleholder insets, provided in a box of two inserts, will protect your Shabbat candles from drafts. Silver, Clear.

Neriot Votive Candle, 4 Hour, 72 PK

Menora - Silver, Clear. Burns for 4 Hours. Made by Ner Zion. Safe, dripless, windproof, Inverts To Oil. Must be used in special Tempered Heat Resistant Neronim Glass!72 neronim Candles in a box.