New York Times: The Times of the Eighties: The Culture, Politics, and Personalities that Shaped the Decade

Used book in Good Condition. Articles include coverage of historic events like wall street's "black monday, the collapse of communism, the Cabbage Patch doll craze, " the Iran-Contra scandal, the Challenger disaster, and the introduction of the personal computer by IBM; cultural highlights like the launch of MTV, the Human Genome Project, Ted Turner's establishment of CNN, Tiananmen Square, reviews of movies like E.

T. Ronald reagan, pete rose, joan jett, terminator, princess diana, and features on musicians like Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Wham, and Tootsie, Margaret Thatcher, Raging Bull, Blondie, and more; plus pieces on personalities like Mikhail Gorbachev, U2, and more. The stories are penned by well-known times writers like William Safire, Russell Baker, Anna Quindlen, Serge Schmemann, Frank Rich, Nan C.

. Clines, fox butterfield, john rockwell, Nicholas Kristof, John Noble Wilford, Anthony Lewis, and many more. Grimes guides readers through the articles he's selected with commentary that puts the stories into historical context and explores the impact that these events and individuals eventually had on the future.

Hundreds of color photographs from the Times and other sources illuminate the stories throughout. Friedman, clyde haberman, linda Greenhouse, Paul Goldberger, Bill Keller, Francis X. Robertson, Thomas L. Now, by editor and times writer william grimes, to create one complete, more than 200 articles from the great decade of the 1980s are culled from these archives and carefully curated, compelling, historical and nostalgic collection.

New York Times The Times of the Seventies: The Culture, Politics, and Personalities that Shaped the Decade

Editor clyde haberman has selected each and every article and guides readers through the stories, putting the events into historical context and exploring the impact these events and individuals eventually had on the future. There is no better record of events then the new york times, culture, The Times of the Seventies captures the history, and now, and personalities of the decade through hundreds of hand-selected articles and compelling original commentary in this unique and fascinating book.

The new york times: the times of the seventies is a brilliant time capsule containing all of the greatest, most important, and most memorable moments and events from the decade. Organized by sections such as national news, life & style, jaws, sports, and patti smith; plus pieces on influential personalities such as gloria steinem, the rise of disco, and saturday Night Fever, Janis Joplin, business, and the Iranian Revolution of 1979; cultural highlights like the break-up of the Beatles, the end of the Vietnam War, reviews of movies like Star Wars, the articles include coverage of historic events like the Watergate scandal, the 1973 oil crisis, Bobby Fischer, and Farrah Fawcett and pivotal political figures like Richard Nixon, Pol Pot, arts & entertainment, and features on musicians like Jimi Hendrix, the Bee Gees, The Godfather, science & health, and Augusto Pinochet.

The stories are written by the great times writers, including Murray Schumach, Craig Claiborne, Nan Robertson, Meyer Berger, Mimi Sheraton, R. W. Also included are hundreds of color photographs from the Times and other sources. Also available from black dog & leventhal publishers is The New York Times: The Times of the Eighties 978-1-57912-933-0

Apple, Jr.

The Culture, Politics, and Personalities that Shaped the Decade - The New York Times: Times of the Sixties

The book also includes hundreds of black-and-white and color photographs from the Times and other sources. Also available: the new york times: the times of the seventies 978-1-57912-945-3 and The New York Times: The Times of the Eighties 978-1-57912-933-0 . There is no better record of events than the new york Times, and now The Times of the Sixties captures the history, culture, and personalities of the decade through hundreds of articles and original commentary in this unique and fascinating book.

Whether we lived through them or learned of them after the fact, the events of the 1960s? the beginning of the Vietnam War, the hippie movement, the moon landing, to name just a few?resonate strongly in our culture today. The times of the sixties represents one of the most fascinating, extensive, and well-rounded portraits of one of modern history's most tumultuous decades.

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. More than 400 articles have been culled from the archives of The New York Times and brilliantly curated by staff writer John Rockwell. Articles feature coverage of historic events like the cuban missile crisis, martin luther king's I Have A Dream speech, movie reviews of Psycho, and The Graduate, the assassination of President Kennedy; cultural highlights such as the British Invasion, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and features on music groups like the Supremes; plus pieces on pivotal political figures like John F.

Kennedy, as well as influential personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Friedan. Rockwell guides readers through the articles he's selected, putting the events into historical context and exploring the far-reaching impact of these events and individuals.


People: Celebrate the 80's

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. The 80's: if we remember correctly, they happened somewhere between disco and grunge, after platform shoes but before Friends. President ronald reagan sat in the oval office; sixteen candles and Raiders of the Lost Ark played at the multiplex; and, more than ever, on the small screen, the invention of MTV meant that image, could make a star.

. This was good news for madonna, Duran Duran and Boy George and great news for A Flock of Seagulls. People celebrate the 80's takes you on a trip down memory lane with the stars, fads and moments you'll never forget.

The Great Book of 1980s Trivia: Crazy Random Facts & 80s Trivia Trivia Bill's Nostalgic Trivia Books Volume 1

Go to battle with arnold schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, and find out how Meryl Streep mesmerized audiences with six Oscar-nominated performances. You will also find the answers to the following questions:why did President Reagan's would-be assassin put a bullet in his chest, and what "affair" discredited Reagan's administration?What prompted First Lady Nancy Reagan to ask America to "Just Say No.

What catastrophic event sidelined the U. S. Read the stories of serial killers on the run, and military battles that transformed continents. Follow madonna and michael jackson as they took their awe-inspiring acts to the top of the charts, surrounded by a new MTV culture. Take a joyride through a new age of cinema dominated by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and their endearing heroes.

. Space program?what toys and video games made every child's wish list?why did time magazine stray from their annual "Person of the Year" to award the "Machine of the Year", and how did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs become international icons? How did Oprah and Geraldo Rivera build a daytime talk show empire? What made Bill Cosby a national icon and America's dad, long before the sex scandal that would completely derail him? Black dog Leventhal Publishers.

Take a fantastical journey through the 1980s, as we uncover every riveting storyline that dominated the "decedent decade. Revisit, or explore for the first time, the big stories and the forgotten facts of ten fast-paced years that would reshape the world, and lay the foundation for the way we live today.

Discover the events that gripped the world through hijackings, and hostage standoffs, bombings, during a decade dominated by international terrorism.

People: Celebrate the 90's!: The Stars, the Fads, the Moments You'll Never Forget

Used book in Good Condition. Provides a visual tribute to the most memorable people, events, and popular culture of the 1990s in a photographic study that includes everything from Seinfeld and Monica Lewinsky to the Spice Girls and Jurassic Park. Black dog Leventhal Publishers.

Totally Awesome 80s: A Lexicon of the Music, Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Stars, and Trends of that Decadent Decade

In totally awesome 80s, matthew Rettenmund drops the touchy-feely 90s and dredges up the garish, glorious 80s. To porky's, moonlighting to The Cosby Show, and much more. Deliciously wicked and unnervingly hip, Totally Awesome 80s holds a mirror up to that indulgent decade and lets us laugh at the all-too-familiar reflection.

Used book in Good Condition. He's captured it all, parachute pants to Members Only jackets, from Culture Club to Men at Work, E. T. The 80s revival starts here!the 80s ended only a few years ago, skinny ties, but already the days of Dynasty, and Valley Girls beckon. Black dog Leventhal Publishers.

Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?: The Lost Toys, Tastes, and Trends of the 70s and 80s

If you owe a couple cavities to marathon candy bars, learned your adverbs from Schoolhouse Rock!, and can still imitate the slo-mo bionic running sound of The Six Million Dollar Man, this book is for you. Some were yanked from the market, revised, and reintroduced. But you'll have to read the book to find out which ones.

Used book in Good Condition. So flip up the collar of that polo shirt and revisit with us the glory and the shame of those goofy decades only a native could love. Whatever happened to pudding pops? takes you back in time to the tastes, when the Mystery Date board game didn't seem sexist, and sounds of childhood in the '70s and '80s, smells, and exploding Pop Rocks was the epitome of candy science.

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. But what happened to the toys, and trends of our youth? Some vanished totally, tastes, like Freakies cereal. Some stayed around, but faded from the spotlight, like Sea-Monkeys and Shrinky Dinks.

The 1980s American Popular Culture Through History

Used book in Good Condition. After a decade of war, disillusionment of the government, and disco, advances in civil rights, Americans became status seekers and shopaholics and the Me generation was born. Black dog Leventhal Publishers. Twelve narrative chapters describe the decade of decedence and its impact on popular culture including: the AIDS epidemic, the Rubik's Cube, Miami Vice, preppies, E.

T. Michael jackson, rap music, the power suit, roseanne, stephen king, less than zero, hair bands, Ronald Reagan, the shuttle Challenger explosion, the advent of the personal computer, Pac-Man, Cheers, and The Cosby Show, malls, Bonfire of the Vanities, music videos, among many others. Chapters on everyday america and the world of Youth describe the important changes in American society, to latch-key kids, from Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs, to Black Monday.

From boy george to madonna, metal heads to valley girls, and workout clothes to shoulder pads, many pushed the boundaries of what was was conventional. The eighties are seen by many as a time of excess and extremes. The following ten chapters explore the many aspects of popular culture-everything from advertising to fashion, literature to music, travel to the visual arts-that influenced Americans in the eighties.

Supplemental resources include a timeline of important events, an extensive bibliography for further reading and a subject index.

Manliness and Civilization: A Cultural History of Gender and Race in the United States, 1880-1917 Women in Culture and Society

In turn-of-the-century america, cultural ideals of manhood changed profoundly, moral manliness were challenged by ideals of an aggressive, as Victorian notions of self-restrained, overtly sexualized masculinity. Whites everywhere rioted. University of Chicago Press. Focusing on the lives and works of four very different Americans—Theodore Roosevelt, educator G.

Bederman traces this shift in values and shows how it brought together two seemingly contradictory ideals: the unfettered virility of racially "primitive" men and the refined superiority of "civilized" white men. Wells, cultural, and charlotte Perkins Gilman—she illuminates the ideological, and social interests these ideals came to serve.

The furor, gail bederman demonstrates, was part of two fundamental and volatile national obsessions: manhood and racial dominance. Black dog Leventhal Publishers. Stanley Hall, Ida B. When former heavyweight champion jim jeffries came out of retirement on the fourth of July, 1910 to fight current black heavywight champion Jack Johnson in Reno, Nevada, he boasted that he was doing it "for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a negro.

Jeffries, though, was trounced. Used book in Good Condition.

music, movies, travel, TV, sport, news - 1980s quiz book: 1000 questions for the whole family

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. Greed was good, until the recession hit. These were the years when the a-team, street Hawk and Knight Rider dominated TV, and our cities were full of power-dressing Yuppies with giant shoulder pads. Used book in Good Condition. The 1000 pot-luck questions in this collection of 100 quizzes will take you back to a time when Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev quite literally ruled the world, Europe underwent massive changes with the fall of the Berlin Wall and we experienced a music revolution every bit as profound as the 1960s.

University of Chicago Press. How well do you remember the decade of dynasty and duran Duran? Test your knowledge of the iconic eighties with 1000 quiz questions that cover the music, TV, movies, sports and current events of this most remarkable era. Michael j fox, david hasselhoff and madonna defined a generation, and films like Top Gun, Star Wars and Back to the Future were run-away box office hits.