Palm Beach Nasty Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 1

Taut and efficient, " booklist said, and added, "it's a pleasure to watch craftsmen at work, and that describes the author as well as the cops. ". Right in the middle of it all is crawford's girlfriend, a beautiful, conniving gallery owner, ready to do whatever it takes to move up a bracket or two. Add to the mix a sultry real estate broker who knows where all the bodies are buried, a gorgeous forensic cop often one step ahead of Crawford, a Mutt and Jeff combo of stone cold killers and you've got Palm Beach Nasty.

Turner's palm beach is a blend of desperate criminals, merciless billionaires and surprising heroes, social climbers, " said Publishers Weekly. For fans of carl hiaasen, elmore leonard, and stuart woods comes Tom Turner's "entertaining debut" Publishers Weekly set in glitzy Palm Beach, FL―where the residents are as treacherous as they are rich.

Burned out by high-profile murders in new york and his love life splashed all over Page Six, homicide cop Charlie Crawford heads south and signs on with the Palm Beach PD. After months of petty crimes, he's first on scene to find a man hanging from a banyan tree. Prime suspects are a hedge-fund billionaire with a thing for young girls and a bartender with a sketchy past and a ten-out-of-ten creep factor.


Palm Beach Poison Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 2

An entertaining and amusing ride. Kirkus reviewsNever say no to Vasily Zinoviev. But throw in a vengeful ex-wife, a mysterious tycoon–even more diabolical than the Russians–and you have Palm Beach Poison, a vicious hit man,  proclaimed by Kirkus Reviews a “relentlessly diverting mystery” and “briskly paced fun.

”. Or you could end up like the ‘working girl’ who skinny-dipped in the wrong pool. Living in a $20 million oceanfront mansion with a harem of mistresses, Vasily and his brother are more than a handful for Palm Beach homicide detective Charlie Crawford.

Palm Beach Deadly Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 3

Sin, “readers who enjoyed the previous two installments of the Palm Beach series will welcome the return of Charlie Crawford, murder… if you’ve read Nasty and Poison, you know the drill! Kirkus said, scandal, still cynically charming and dashing. ". Deadly delivers an entertaining, and amusing, ride.

Kirkustalk show host Knight Mulcahy makes $65 million a year insulting people. Until the night he’s found, skivvies around his ankles, a bullet in his heart. Enter palm beach's finest: homicide cops Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott, who proceed to go in circles as the suspect list ramps up to double digits.


Palm Beach Bones Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 4

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his brother just checked himself into a clinic for depression and alcoholism. The good news is charlie’s love life has never been better…except with the woman he really loves. First, palm beach’s ex-police chief washes up dead on the beach behind The Breakers. Then charlie’s friend’s niece is abducted without a trace.

Detective Charlie Crawford is having a tough week.

Palm Beach Pretenders Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 5

You’d think it would be the last place on earth where a double homicide would take place, right? Think again. And the line-up of suspects? Well, there’s the former porn king of Florida, throwing wild parties with hidden cameras everywhere. The billionaire with all his dirty little secrets. The gambling addict who’s in way, way over his head.

And crawford and ott, muddling along, trying to get to the bottom of it all. Mar-a-lago…aka the winter White House.

Palm Beach Predator Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 6

And homicide cop charlie Crawford’s on-again, off-again girlfriend could be next. The husband of one of the richest socialites in town. The ex-con who’s murdered before. Crawford is up to his eyeballs in suspects but way short on clues. Someone’s killing the top real estate agents in Palm Beach, then posing them as figures from famous paintings.

Or someone who might not show up on Crawford’s radar screen until it’s too late. There's the polo playboy with the sketchy past.

Palm Beach Broke Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 7

When a silicon valley wonderboy whose company just tanked is found dead in a gruesome pose, Detective Charlie Crawford and his partner Mort Ott swing into action. Who said the high walls and privacy hedges of Palm Beach make it one of the safest places in the world? Only problem is the crime scene is scrubbed clean, and leads…not a one.

This comes the day after the cold-blooded murder of an owner of Palm Beach’s most exclusive health club.

Palm Beach Bedlam Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mysteries Book 8

Sin, scandal, and murder from the author who, as Kirkus Reviews said, always delivers an “entertaining and amusing ride. ". When a woman plunges to her death from the penthouse of a Palm Beach hotel, Detective Charlie Crawford rushes to the scene. Among the celebrants was a billionaire about to go on trial for trysts with underage girls on his Caribbean private island.

And one of his accusers? The woman who got thrown from the penthouse. Arriving at the hotel, one thing is clear: she definitely did not jump. A few days later, crawford catches a break: seems there was a wild party at the hotel the night of the woman's murder.

Killing Time in Charleston Nick Janzek Charleston Mysteries Book 1

A murder that could change the entire face of Charleston. But now he’s starting over in Charleston. And before he can even unpack, he’s got a murder on his hands. As he drives into charleston behind the wheel of a U-Haul, taking in the sweet smells of Confederate Jasmine and gardenias, he gets a call. Dark because of his father's ties with Whitey Bulger.

No brutal winters. Tragic because of what happened to his wife. Nick janzek is a Boston cop with a dark, tragic past. No staring down at stiffs on the mean streets of Beantown. No bullying despot of a boss.

Charleston Buzz Kill Nick Janzek Charleston Mysteries Book 2

Thing is, the show’s as addictive as crack. Violent crimes unit detectives nick janzek and Delvin Rhett swing into action, and within twenty-four hours they have five suspects…problem is they all have solid alibis. Meanwhile, is that a clandestine brothel being run by the fat cats of charleston? And what’s with all those college girls hanging out there?As Janzek and Rhett stumble along desperate for a break, across town, one thing is clear: some of Charleston’s most prominent citizens are up to their eyeballs in all of it.

Charleston buzz, boozers, womanizers, a TV reality show, is a train wreck of losers, and ne’er-do-wells. One day its main character is discovered dead in bed, lacy panties tucked under the covers, his wife a thousand miles away.

Broken House

A new psychological novel from tom turner, author of the Charlie Crawford - Palm Beach seriesHedge fund honcho Cam Crawford just checked himself into a ritzy Connecticut rehab facility. And not everyone’s going to make it home. Admitted the same day were a drunk, an addict, and a psychopath. With little in common except deep psychic scars are Avril, Cam, a 18-year old self-destructive wild child, and haunted, Rachel, a drugged-out actress, pretty boy, just trying to piece together their tormented lives.

All they want is to learn how to cope, make a few friends…but better be careful, find peace of mind, because there are a few twisted people inside the ivy covered walls of Clairmount.