Park Avenue Summer

While pressure mounts at the magazine, alice struggles not to lose sight of her own dreams as she’s swept up into a glamorous world of five-star dinners, lavish parties, and men who are certainly no good. Editors and writers resign on the spot, article ideas, and confidential memos, refusing to work for the woman who wrote the scandalous bestseller Sex and the Single Girl, and cover designs keep finding their way into the wrong hands.

Mad men meets the devil wears prada, ’ which might as well be saying ‘put me in your cart immediately. Popsugar   it’s 1965 and cosmopolitan magazine’s brazen new editor in chief—Helen Gurley Brown—shocks America and saves a dying publication by daring to talk to women about all things off-limits.

. New york city is filled with opportunities for single girls like Alice Weiss, who leaves her small Midwestern town to chase her big-city dreams and unexpectedly lands a job working for the first female editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Helen Gurley Brown. For alice, it seems like the perfect foot in the door, who wants to be a photographer, but nothing could have prepared her for the world she enters.

When someone tries to pull Alice into a scheme to sabotage her boss, she is more determined than ever to help Helen succeed. Because if helen gurley brown has taught her anything, it’s that a woman can demand to have it all.

White Collar Girl: A Novel

Of course, that all changes the moment she establishes a secret source inside Mayor Daley’s office and gets her hands on some confidential information. But it’s 1955, and the men who dominate the city room of the Chicago Tribune have no interest in making room for a female cub reporter. There’s a story out there buried in the muck, and Jordan Walsh, coming from a family of esteemed reporters, wants to be the one to dig it up.

Every second of every day, something is happening. Even with her journalistic legacy and connections to luminaries like Mike Royko, Nelson Algren, and Ernest Hemingway, Jordan struggles to be taken seriously. Instead jordan is relegated to society news, reporting on Marilyn Monroe sightings at the Pump Room and interviewing secretaries for the White Collar Girl column.

But if she succeeds in landing her stories on the front page, there’s no guarantee she’ll remain above the fold. …. Now careers and lives are hanging on Jordan’s every word. The latest novel from the bestselling author of Dollface and What the Lady Wants takes us deep into the tumultuous world of 1950s Chicago where a female journalist struggles with the heavy price of ambition.


What the Lady Wants: A Novel of Marshall Field and the Gilded Age

The night of the great fire, her city, as seventeen-year-old Delia watches the flames rise and consume what was the pioneer town of Chicago, she can’t imagine how much her life, and her whole world are about to change. Nor can she guess that the agent of that change will not simply be the fire, but more so the man she meets that night.

. Leading the way in rebuilding after the fire, Marshall Field reopens his well-known dry goods store and transforms it into something the world has never seen before: a glamorous palace of a department store. He and his powerhouse coterie—including Potter Palmer and George Pullman—usher in the age of robber barons, the American royalty of their generation.

But behind the opulence, their private lives are riddled with scandal and heartbreak. In late-nineteenth-century chicago, visionary retail tycoon Marshall Field made his fortune wooing women customers with his famous motto: “Give the lady what she wants. His legendary charm also won the heart of socialite Delia Spencer and led to an infamous love affair.

Delia and marshall first turn to each other out of loneliness, they will stand together despite disgrace and ostracism, but as their love deepens, through an age of devastation and opportunity, when an adolescent Chicago is transformed into the gleaming White City of the Chicago’s World’s Fair of 1893.


Dollface: A Novel of the Roaring Twenties

Bobbing her hair and showing her knees, the lipsticked beauty dazzles, doing the Charleston in nightclubs and earning the nickname “Dollface. As the ultimate flapper, Vera captures the attention of two high rollers, a handsome nightclub owner and a sexy gambler. America in the 1920s was a country alive with the wild fun of jazz, speakeasies, and a new kind of woman—the flapper.

Vera abramowitz is determined to leave her gritty childhood behind and live a more exciting life, one that her mother never dreamed of. Her two lovers are really mobsters from rival gangs during Chicago’s infamous Beer Wars, a battle Al Capone refuses to lose. The heady life she’s living is an illusion resting on a bedrock of crime and violence unlike anything the country has ever seen before.

When the good times come to an end, Vera becomes entangled in everything from bootlegging to murder. On their arms, wailing jazz, she gains entrée into a world filled with bootleg bourbon, and money to burn. She thinks her biggest problem is choosing between them until the truth comes out. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Readers guide included. And as men from both gangs fall around her, Vera must put together the pieces of her shattered life, as Chicago hurtles toward one of the most infamous days in its history, the St.

Windy City Blues

The rise of the chicago blues scene fairly shimmers with verve and intensity, and the large, diverse cast of characters is indelibly portrayed with the perfect pitch of a true artist. Melanie benjamin, new york times bestselling author of the swans of fifth Avenue   Leeba Groski doesn’t exactly fit in, Leonard Chess, but her love of music is not lost on her childhood friend and neighbor, who offers her a job at his new record company in Chicago.

What starts as answering phones and filing becomes more than Leeba ever dreamed of, as she comes into her own as a songwriter and crosses paths with legendary performers like Chuck Berry and Etta James. Yet in the midst of the civil rights Movement, in times of struggle, Leeba and Red discover that, music can bring people together.

Readers guide inside. A new historical novel from the bestselling author of White Collar Girl and What the Lady Wants. But it’s red dupree, a black blues guitarist from Louisiana, who captures her heart and changes her life. Their relationship is unwelcome in segregated Chicago and they are shunned by Leeba’s Orthodox Jewish family.

In 1960s chicago, a young woman stands in the middle of a musical and social revolution.

A Palm Beach Wife: A Novel

Amid the glamour and galas and parties of Palm Beach, Faith knows that image often counts as much if not more than reality. She glides effortlessly among the highest of the high society so perfectly that you would never suspect she wasn’t born to this. In this town of secrets and gossip and rumors, Faith has kept a desperate grip on everything she holds so dear, built from so little.

. And yet even she—the only one who knows just how far she has to fall—never suspects from which direction, or how many directions all at once, betrayal will come. But it wasn’t always so; though she hides it well, successful husband, for her loving, Faith has fought hard for the wonderful life she has, for her daughter’s future.

For readers of elin hilderbrand, susannah Marren's A Palm Beach Wife is a delicious and irresistible commercial novel set among the high society galas and gossip of Palm Beach.

Meet Me in Monaco: A Novel of Grace Kelly's Royal Wedding

When struggling perfumer sophie duval shelters miss kelly in her boutique to fend off a persistent British press photographer, a bond is forged between the two women and sets in motion a chain of events that stretches across thirty years of friendship, love, James Henderson, and tragedy. James henderson cannot forget his brief encounter with Sophie Duval.

In monaco, as wedding fever soars and passions and tempers escalate, James and Sophie—like Princess Grace—must ultimately decide what they are prepared to give up for love. A fragrant french bonbon of a book: love, glamour, perfume, and paparazzi all circling around the wedding of the century. Kate quinn, new york times bestselling author of THE ALICE NETWORK and THE HUNTRESS.

Named one of instyle's best books to put in your totebag for the summer!named one of popsugar’s best books to put in your beachbag this summer and one of the best books of July!Set in the 1950s against the backdrop of Grace Kelly’s whirlwind romance and unforgettable wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco, New York Times bestselling author Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb take the reader on an evocative sun-drenched journey along the Côte d’Azur in this page-turning novel of passion, fate and second chances.

. Movie stars and paparazzi flock to Cannes for the glamorous film festival, but Grace Kelly, the biggest star of all, wants only to escape from the flash-bulbs.

The Chelsea Girls: A Novel

The bright lights of the theater district, the glamour and danger of 1950s New York, and the wild scene at the iconic Chelsea Hotel come together in a dazzling new novel about a twenty-year friendship that will irrevocably change two women's lives—from the national bestselling author of The Dollhouse and The Address.

Spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s, the complicated bonds of female friendship, The Chelsea Girls deftly pulls back the curtain on the desperate political pressures of McCarthyism, and the siren call of the uninhibited Chelsea Hotel. A red scare is sweeping across america, and Senator Joseph McCarthy has started a witch hunt for communists, with those in the entertainment industry in the crosshairs.

. Yet they soon discover that the greatest obstacle to putting up a show on Broadway has nothing to do with their art, and everything to do with politics. As the pressure builds to name names, it is more than Hazel and Maxine's Broadway dreams that may suffer as they grapple with the terrible consequences, but also their livelihood, their friendship, and even their freedom.

From the dramatic redbrick facade to the sweeping staircase dripping with art, actors, writers, filmmakers, the Chelsea Hotel has long been New York City's creative oasis for the many artists, musicians, and poets who have called it home—a scene playwright Hazel Riley and actress Maxine Mead are determined to use to their advantage.


The Last Collection: A Novel of Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel

Lily, however, prefers a Schiaparelli. Charlie’s beautiful and socially prominent girlfriend soon begins wearing Schiaparelli’s designs as well, and much of Paris follows in her footsteps. Schiaparelli offers budding artist Lily a job at her store, and Lily finds herself increasingly involved with Schiaparelli and Chanel’s personal war.

Coco chanel and elsa schiaparelli are fighting for recognition as the most successful and influential fashion designer in France, and their rivalry is already legendary. Their fierce competition reaches new and dangerous heights as the Nazis and the looming threat of World War II bear down on Paris. An american woman becomes entangled in the intense rivalry between iconic fashion designers Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli in this captivating novel from the acclaimed author of The Beautiful American.

Paris, 1938. They oppose each other at every turn, and practical; Schiaparelli’s bold, in both their politics and their designs: Chanel’s are classic, elegant, experimental, and surreal. When lily sutter, charlie, a recently widowed young American teacher, in Paris, visits her brother, he insists on buying her a couture dress—a Chanel.


When We Left Cuba

Daring. Instant new york times bestseller!in 1960s florida, a young cuban exile will risk her life—and heart—to take back her country in this exhilarating New York Times bestselling historical novel from the author of Next Year in Havana, a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick. Beautiful. The cuban revolution took everything from sugar heiress Beatriz Perez—her family, her people, her country.

Recruited by the cia to infiltrate fidel castro's inner circle and pulled into the dangerous world of espionage, Beatriz is consumed by her quest for revenge and her desire to reclaim the life she lost. As the cold war swells like a hurricane over the shores of the Florida Strait, Beatriz is caught between the clash of Cuban American politics and the perils of a forbidden affair with a powerful man driven by ambitions of his own.

When the ever-changing tides of history threaten everything she has fought for, she must make a choice between her past and future—but the wrong move could cost Beatriz everything—not just the island she loves, but also the man who has stolen her heart. Deadly.

The Masterpiece: A Novel

Dilapidated and dangerous, or a cancer to be demolished? For Virginia, Grand Central is at the center of a fierce lawsuit: Is the once-grand building a landmark to be preserved, it is simply her last resort. Though not even the prestige of the school can override the public's disdain for a "woman artist, " fiery Clara is single-minded in her quest to achieve every creative success—even while juggling the affections of two very different men.

Recently divorced, she has just accepted a job in the information booth in order to support herself and her college-age daughter, Ruby. For clara, the terminal is the stepping stone to her future. She embarks on a quest to find the artist of the unsigned masterpiece—an impassioned chase that draws Virginia not only into the battle to save Grand Central but deep into the mystery of Clara Darden, the famed 1920s illustrator who disappeared from history in 1931.

It is 1928, and clara is teaching at the lauded Grand Central School of Art. But she and her bohemian friends have no idea that they'll soon be blindsided by the looming Great Depression. And that even poverty and hunger will do little to prepare Clara for the greater tragedy yet to come. But when virginia stumbles upon an abandoned art school within the terminal and discovers a striking watercolor, her eyes are opened to the elegance beneath the decay.