Principles of Neural Science

Important features to this edition include a new chapter - Genes and Behavior; a complete updating of development of the nervous system; the genetic basis of neurological and psychiatric disease; cognitive neuroscience of perception, planning, action, motivation and memory; ion channel mechanisms; and much more.

Like new, no markings or show of wear. Each chapter is thoroughly revised and includes the impact of molecular biology in the mechanisms underlying developmental processes and in the pathogenesis of disease. A doody's core title for 2011! 5 star doody's review! "this is a simply wonderful book that makes accessible in one place all the details of how the neuron and brain work.

The drawings are elegant and educational. The richness, the beauty, and the complexity of neuroscience is all captured in this superb book. Doody's review service now in resplendent color, the nervous system, the new edition continues to define the latest in the scientific understanding of the brain, and human behavior.

. The book is a feast for both the eye and mind. The writing is clear.

In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind

A deft mixture of memoir and history, modern biology and behavior, In Search of Memory brings readers from Kandel's childhood in Nazi-occupied Vienna to the forefront of one of the great scientific endeavors of the twentieth century: the search for the biological basis of memory. We are who we are in large part because of what we learn and remember.

But how does the brain create memories? Nobel Prize winner Eric R. A stunning book. Oliver sacks Memory binds our mental life together. Kandel intertwines the intellectual history of the powerful new science of the mind―a combination of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and molecular biology―with his own personal quest to understand memory.


Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain, 3rd Edition

In addition, readers will be able to assess their knowledge of neuroanatomy with the Illustrated Guide to Human Neuroanatomy, which includes a perforated self-testing workbook. This edition's robust ancillary package includes a bound-in student CD-ROM, an Instructor's Resource CD-ROM, and resources online.

Used book in Good Condition. This edition provides increased coverage of taste and smell, brain development, circadian rhythms, and developmental disorders and includes new information on molecular mechanisms and functional brain imaging. Widely praised for its student-friendly style and exceptional artwork and pedagogy, Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain is a leading undergraduate textbook on the biology of the brain and the systems that underlie behavior.

Path of discovery boxes, written by leading researchers, highlight major current discoveries.


Visual glossary: searchable glossary providing visual representations, concise anatomical and functional definitions, and audio pronunciation of neuroanatomical structures. For instructorsInstructor's Resource LibraryView samples on the samples page. The neuroscience instructor's Resource Library includes a variety of resources to help in developing your course and delivering your lectures.

The online grade book stores quiz results, which can be downloaded for use in grade book programs. Animations: all of the animations from the companion website are included for use in lecture and other course-related activities. Quiz questions: all of the questions from the companion website's online quizzes are provided in Microsoft Word format.

Powerpoint presentations: a powerPoint presentation that includes all figures and tables is included for each chapter, making it easy to add figures to your own presentations. White, and Andrew C. Atlas images: all of the images from the book's Atlas of the Human Central Nervous System which are from Sylvius are included in PowerPoint format, for use in lecture.

Each chapter's set of flashcards includes all the key terms introduced in that chapter. Sylvius: an interactive Atlas and Visual Glossary of Human NeuroanatomyS. Mark williams, Leonard E.

Fundamental Neuroscience

Addressing instructor and student feedback on the previous edition, all of the chapters are rewritten to make this book more concise and student-friendly than ever before. Capturing the promise and excitement of this fast-moving field, circadian timing, 3rd edition is the text that students will be able to reference throughout their neuroscience careers!New to this edition: 30% new material including new chapters on Dendritic Development and Spine Morphogenesis, Eye Movements, Sleep and Dreaming, methods, and ConsciousnessAdditional text boxes describing key experiments, Fundamental Neuroscience, Chemical Senses, mice, and conceptsMultiple model system coverage beyond rats, Cerebellum, disorders, and monkeysExtensively expanded index for easier referencing Used book in Good Condition.

. Each chapter is once again heavily illustrated and provides clinical boxes describing experiments, disorders, and methodological approaches and concepts. Fundamental neuroscience, 3rd Edition introduces graduate and upper-level undergraduate students to the full range of contemporary neuroscience. Used book in Good Condition.


The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tell Us About Ourselves

A nobel prize–winning neuroscientist’s probing investigation of what brain disorders can tell us about human natureEric R. Used book in Good Condition. His work continues to shape our understanding of how learning and memory work and to break down age-old barriers between the sciences and the arts. In his seminal new book, the disordered Mind, Kandel draws on a lifetime of pathbreaking research and the work of many other leading neuroscientists to take us on an unusual tour of the brain.

But sometimes those connections are disrupted. While these disruptions bring great suffering, they can also reveal the mysteries of how the brain produces our most fundamental experiences and capabilities―the very nature of what it means to be human. He confronts one of the most difficult questions we face: How does our mind, our individual sense of self, emerge from the physical matter of the brain? The brain’s 86 billion neurons communicate with one another through very precise connections.

Only then can we grapple with the big question of how billions of neurons generate consciousness itself. Studies of autism illuminate the neurological foundations of our social instincts; research into depression offers important insights on emotions and the integrity of the self; and paradigm-shifting work on addiction has led to a new understanding of the relationship between pleasure and willpower.

By studying disruptions to typical brain functioning and exploring their potential treatments, feeling, behavior, memory, we will deepen our understanding of thought, and creativity. The brain processes that give rise to our mind can become disordered, Parkinson’s, addiction, resulting in diseases such as autism, depression, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kandel, the winner of the nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine for his foundational research into memory storage in the brain, is one of the pioneers of modern brain science.

Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition Principles of Neural Science Kandel

Kandel, md winner of the Nobel Prize in 2000; James H. Schwartz, md, PhD; Thomas M. Here, in one remarkable volume, to anatomic structures and systems, is the current state of neural science knowledge―ranging from molecules and cells, to the senses and cognitive functions―all supported by more than 900 precise, full-color illustrations.

J. Siegelbaum, PhD; and A. The sequencing of the human genome, and advances in molecular biology, have illuminated the pathogenesis of many neurological diseases and have propelled our knowledge of how the brain controls behavior. To grasp the wider implications of these developments and gain a fundamental understanding of this dynamic, fast-moving field, Principles of Neuroscience stands alone as the most authoritative and indispensible resource of its kind.

In this classic text, giving an up-to-date, prominent researchers in the field expertly survey the entire spectrum of neural science, unparalleled view of the discipline for anyone who studies brain and mind. Far exceeding the scope and scholarship of similar texts, this unmatched guide offers a commanding, scientifically rigorous perspective on the molecular mechanisms of neural function and disease―one that you’ll continually rely on to advance your comprehension of brain, mind, and behavior.

Featuresthe cornerstone reference in the field of neuroscience that explains how the nerves, micrographs, radiographs, including muscular dystrophy, brain, and medical photographs clarify often-complex neuroscience conceptsOutstanding section on the development and emergence of behavior, and certain forms of Alzheimer’s diseaseMore than 900 engaging full-color illustrations―including line drawings, and mind functionClear emphasis on how behavior can be examined through the electrical activity of both individual neurons and systems of nerve cellsCurrent focus on molecular biology as a tool for probing the pathogenesis of many neurological diseases, Huntington disease, including important coverage of Used book in Good Condition.

Jessell, phD; Steven A. Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

Neuroscience, Fourth Edition

Neuroscience. Neuroscience is a comprehensive textbook created primarily for medical, premedical, and undergraduate students. Used book in Good Condition. Being both comprehensive and authoritative, the book is also appropriate for graduate and professional use. The book s length and accessibility of its writing are a successful combination that has proven to work equally well for medical students and in undergraduate neuroscience courses.

In a single concise and approachable volume, the text guides students through the challenges and excitement of this rapidly changing field. Used book in Good Condition.

Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th Edition

Also included is the media player, videos, which plays over 125 movies―animations, and molecular models―all with voice-over narration. Neuroscience. The media dvd-rom holds the multicellular systems chapters 21-25 of the text as well. For nearly a quarter century Molecular Biology of the Cell has been the leading cell biology textbook.

There is also a reference edition of molecular biology of the Cell, Fifth Edition ISBN 978-0-8153-4111-6 that contains Chapters 1-25 entirely in printed format. Additionally, in response to extensive feedback from readers, the Fifth Edition now includes several new features. Used book in Good Condition. To list but a few examples, a large amount of new material is presented on epigenetics; stem cells; RNAi; comparative genomics; the latest cancer therapies; apoptosis now its own separate chapter; and cell cycle control and the mechanics of M phase now integrated into one chapter.

Chapters 1-20 are printed and chapters 21-25, covering multicellular systems, are provided as PDF files on the free Media DVD-ROM which accompanies the book. And for the first time, Molecular Biology of the Cell now contains end-of-chapter questions. Used book in Good Condition. The hallmark features of molecular Biology of the Cell have been retained, clear concept headings, such as its consistent and comprehensive art program, and succinct section summaries.

Used book in Good Condition.

From Neuron to Brain: A Cellular and Molecular Approach to the Function of the Nervous System, Fourth Edition

Used book in Good Condition. It presents a readable and coherent account of how cellular and molecular approaches can provide insights into the workings of the brain. Largely in response to readers' comments, elements of format and presentation have been changed for this new edition—more headings have been introduced, and the illustrations, now in full color, the paragraphs are shorter, have been clarified.

The new fourth edition, while maintaining this focus, has been completely reformatted and updated. Inevitably, the authors have had to delete descriptions of certain classical experiments. The wealth of new facts, however, and concepts, techniques, presented a challenge in keeping the book to a manageable size.

Intended for use in upper-level undergraduate, with or without a specialized background in biological sciences, graduate, and medical school Neuroscience courses, From Neuron to Brain will be of interest to anyone, psychology, who is curious about the workings of the nervous system. Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. In the 25 years since from neuron to brain was first published, how the signals are put together, and how, the authors' aim has remained constant—to describe how nerve cells go about their business of transmitting signals, out of this integration, higher functions emerge.

Using a narrative approach, the authors follow a line from the original inception of a new idea to an account of research being done today. Used book in Good Condition.

The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present

Used book in Good Condition. Neuroscience. Kandel tells the story of how these pioneers—freud, schnitzler, and schiele—inspired by the vienna school of medicine, Klimt, Kokoschka, how we think and feel, in turn influenced the founders of the Vienna School of Art History to ask pivotal questions such as What does the viewer bring to a work of art? How does the beholder respond to it? These questions prompted new and ongoing discoveries in psychology and brain biology, leading to revelations about how we see and perceive, and how we respond to and create works of art.

The vienna school of Medicine led the way with its realization that truth lies hidden beneath the surface. Kandel takes us into the world of Vienna to trace, in rich and rewarding detail, the ideas and advances made then, and their enduring influence today. Used book in Good Condition. It is an extraordinary book from an international leader in neuroscience and intellectual history.

A brilliant book by Nobel Prize winner Eric R. Used book in Good Condition. Reinvigorating the intellectual enquiry that began in Vienna 1900, The Age of Insight is a wonderfully written, superbly researched, and beautifully illustrated book that also provides a foundation for future work in neuroscience and the humanities.

Kandel, kokoschka, one of the leading scientific thinkers of our time, and Schiele, places these five innovators in the context of today’s cutting-edge science and gives us a new understanding of the modernist art of Klimt, as well as the school of thought of Freud and Schnitzler. Artists and scientists met in glittering salons, brain science, literature, where they freely exchanged ideas that led to revolutionary breakthroughs in psychology, and art.