Road to Antietam Galloway Book 1

This is a story of suffering and hope, adversity and compassion. Daniel and christopher galloway are merely teenagers when they join the Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry at the beginning of the Civil War. What starts out as a light-hearted adventure, deadly enemy to full-blown battle, soon descends into a brutal struggle for survival as they go from training camp to skirmishing with an elusive, culminating in the single bloodiest day in American history.

Along the way, exposure, and extreme fear, both brothers suffer from illness, hunger, and they soon come to realize that the deadly war they've chosen to fight has less to do with glory and banners, and more to do with hardship and depravity. In this blisteringly realistic tale centered around actual events, it becomes apparent that the overall, larger picture does not always reflect the singular human experience.

Hicklin brings readers the story of two brothers and the life-altering events they experience amidst the harrowing backdrop of the American Civil War. In his remarkable work of historical fiction, Road to Antietam, author Tom E. This is a story of two brothers whose love for one another carries them through the darkest time of their lives-until that fateful, bloody day on the banks of the Antietam when they must face their greatest test, and everything changes forever.

. This a story of innocence lost and maturity gained.

The Way Home Galloway Book 2

The battles get larger and the fighting more brutal, and the casualty rates rise as both sides come to realize that they are pitted in a desperate conflict that will define the future of the United States. Hicklin’s debut novel, the american civil war enters its third year, and the men and boys of the Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry quickly learn that the devastating events of the Battle of Antietam were just the beginning.

Meanwhile, on the home front, the losses take their toll. Families are torn apart, people are pushed to the brink by grief and despair, and the Galloway family is no exception. In the thrilling sequel to Road to Antietam, Tom E. At places like fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Spotsylvania, The Wilderness, Gettysburg, they fight to win…and survive.

Illness and death hang over the family like a shroud. And through it all, guilt, one young man battles grief, and temptation as he struggles to stay alive long enough to make it home. In every major battle of the Eastern Theater, the Eighth is there.

When The Drums Stop

Little did anderson know that his dreams of adventure and heroism would soon be met with the harsh reality of soldiering in the Union Army. With each step, he would walk hand in hand with death and experience the physical and mental anguish of war. Shoot’em down! don’t let them rally!”for two years, the terrible and bloody Civil War raged in the United States of America, tearing at the very fabric of its glorious founding.

In the midst of utter turmoil a young boy, Anderson Roach, longed to join his brother as part of the famed Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry. With his brother gone fighting for nearly two years, Anderson was now ready to leave the farm and prove himself by joining the ranks of men on the battlefield. The flag bearers!” sergeant loyod pointed down the line as three Confederate battle flags made it to the top of the berm, waving erratically back and forth.


That Deadly Space: A Civil War Novel

Army and scheduled for duty in Europe during World War I. At the conclusion of each chapter, the narrative transitions to the now aged Conor who answers the probing questions of his grandson Aaron, himself a captain in the U. S. Gordon who eventually rises to command a Confederate army corps. Conor rafferty joins the confederate army as a young infantry officer against the wishes of his father who, in his Irish anger, is adamantly opposed to a war with the North.

He serves with distinction in General Robert E. The grandfather and grandson thus spend a week together—a week of sharing, learning, and bonding. That deadly space is a compelling tale that portrays the drama, romance, heroism, and tragedy of the Civil War. Lee’s celebrated army of Northern Virginia as it seeks the crowning victory that will end the war and stop the carnage.

The civil War has begun in earnest. Along the way, conor becomes a protégé of fellow Georgian John B. Conor soon finds himself in many of the war’s most consequential battles, leading from the front and risking all inside that deadly space.

Northern Wolf Northern Wolf Series Book 1

The war is a distant thought to Johannes Wolf, a young German immigrant with a crippled leg keeping him off the muster lists. Desperately dredging the gutters for recruits, and poorly run Union army, Wolf cons his way into the depleted, demoralized, and is promptly placed in the undesirable F Company of the 13th Michigan Cavalry.

Wolf's company find themselves riding with Custer and the Michigan Brigade on a collision course with master horseman J. E. B. A broken man will be forged in the flames of war. It is late 1862, and the united States has been ripped apart by civil war for over a year with no end in sight. Stuart and the army of Northern Virginia in a small town in Pennsylvania, called Gettysburg.

Will they stand tall against the knights of the south and prove themselves worthy? Or will they fall beneath screaming bullets and sweeping blades, becoming more bloody fodder for a lost cause?Northern Wolf is a thrilling, the horrors of war, historical page-turner packed with detailed passages of battle, and the struggle to discover oneself.

Start the adventure today! Fans of bernard cornwell, jeff Shaara, Simon Scarrow, and Steven Pressfield will be captivated by this powerful new series.

Northern Hunt Northern Wolf Series Book 2

They fall under the command of colonel Ulric Dahlgren and set out on a quest for redemption and vengeance that will strike at the head of the Southern Cause. Will they become famous for their glorious raid as knights of the north? Or will they become savages? Or even forgotten corpses buried in a shallow grave?Continue the Northern Wolf series and immerse yourself into America's historical battle for her heart and soul, epic battles, packed with grueling choices, and the horror of war.

Fans of bernard cornwell, griff hosker, Michael Shaara, and Steven Pressfield will love the newest installment of the Northern Wolf Series. It was a surefire raid to free prisoners, but it will soon become a battle for Wolf's soul. When an escaped northern prisoner reaches Union lines, his tales of abuse at Libby Prison set up the perfect justifications for a daring raid on Richmond.

Johannes Wolf has made a crucial mistake. He's volunteered for a secret raid, dragging along with him, his unit of misfits.

Northern Blood Northern Wolf Series Book 3

B. The best-selling military historical fiction series continues. To win the war, hands will get dirty. With the installment of Ulysses S. Stuart, the knight of the Golden Spurs, off-kilter and force him on to the battlefield. What might drive a gentleman soldier like J. Grant as the head of the union armies, plans have been put into place to dismantle the Confederate war machine once and for all.

B. E. E. Libby prison's most recent escapee, johannes Wolf, and his unit of misfits, might just be the ones to get the job done--if they don't kill each other first. Wolf embarks on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines to set J. Stuart mad?Kidnapping his wife. Can wolf and company accomplish their mission? or will they hang from the gallows as war criminals?Ride into the third installment of the popular Northern Wolf Series and experience fast-paced, hard-hitting historical fiction at its best!

The union needs a group of soldiers just brazen enough to do it or die trying. But, you can't fight decisive battles against evasive opponents that fade into the landscape and strike like lightning in the night. A daring raid is devised to draw the Confederate cavalry into a winner take all showdown.

How Can A Man Die Better

One wishes for this antagonist to get his comeuppance, and the result of this makes for satisfying reading. Gaston's the handle of language delivers, from gorgeous descriptions of a swamp to the unsavoury brothels of Nashville…. The reader's lens pulls us from the macroscopic to the microscopic, bringing in the personal detail of one man's struggles during a time when the United States was divided… Rating: 5 out of 5 starsEditorial Review written by the Book Review Directory Production Team.

An astounding and thoroughly consistent picture of a historical era. Gaston guides the reader safely to the end, thanks to his superior writing skills. Finnreaders favorite editorial book review***************told against the backdrop of the American Civil War, the narrative weaves Cage's story into the tales of those who fight alongside him….

Brutal, eloquent, impeccably researched. Immediately immersive.

COMBAT: Parallel Lines A Jock Miles-Moon Brothers Korean War Story Book 3

A change in us strategy—and a change of generals—could end the retreat and regain the upper hand. Winter of 1950-1951: facing the massive and determined chinese intervention MacArthur said would never come, US 8th Army is forced into a shattering retreat from North Korea to the 38th Parallel and beyond.

. But american and global politics threaten to force the conflict to a stalemate at the Parallel that neither side has the will—or the means—to break. Book 3 in the jock Miles-Moon Brothers Korean War story.

General Meade: A Novel of the Civil War

The general is forced to muster all his strength to persevere against an onslaught of political attacks, all while leading the Army of the Potomac and serving his superiors: General Ulysses S. A compelling work of historical fiction, General Meade: A Novel of the Civil War paints an engrossing picture of an unsung American hero.

Lee, whose army has invaded Pennsylvania. Filled with primary sources, including letters written by Meade himself, the narrative uses firsthand accounts to reveal fascinating details of life in a nation dangerously divided. At first heralded as a hero who turned the tide of the war, he falls victim to a nefarious smear campaign that threatens to ruin his reputation and his career.

Lincoln turns to the old snapping turtle, General George Meade—a courageous man with remarkable integrity and a fiery temper—to save the Union during its greatest time of need. Just three days later, meade confronts Lee’s troops at Gettysburg, resulting in the bloodiest and most dramatic battle of the war.

Delivering a glorious victory, General Meade vanquishes the Confederate Army, forcing a retreat south. But for meade, the battle is far from over. Grant and President Lincoln. As the civil war rages on, president Lincoln desperately seeks a commander to defeat the seemingly invincible Confederate general, Robert E.

Darkness at Chancellorsville: A Novel of Stonewall Jackson's Triumph and Tragedy

And, the confederate triumph proved a pyrrhic victory, in the end, since it lured Lee to embark on what would become the war's turning point—the Gettysburg Campaign featured in Cain At Gettysburg. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.

This historically accurate epic captures the high drama, human complexity and existential threat that nearly tore the United States in two, featuring a broad range of fascinating—and real—characters, in blue and gray, who sum to an untold story about a battle that has attained mythic proportions.

Lee and stonewall jackson bring off an against-all-odds surprise victory, humiliating a Yankee force three times the size of their own, while the Northern army is torn by rivalries, anti-immigrant prejudice and selfish ambition. Famed confederate Generals Robert E. Ralph peters' darkness at chancellorsville is a novel of one of the most dramatic battles in American history, from the New York Times bestselling, three-time Boyd Award-winning author of the Battle Hymn Cycle.

Centered upon one of the most surprising and dramatic battles in American history, Darkness at Chancellorsville recreates what began as a brilliant, triumphant campaign for the Union—only to end in disaster for the North.