Rudy Maxa’s World: Exotic Places Six-Disc Edition

Disc 1: india delhi & agra rajasthanplunge right in to northern India's intoxicating mix of riotous pandemonium and sublime beauty, from Old Delhi's teeming streets to the magnificent man-made wonder, the Taj Mahal. Disc 5: argentina buenos aires mendozarudy takes tango to the max as he gets into the spirit of Buenos Aires, where the Portenos; live their lives with passion and flair.

. Take a blue cruise along the dazzling Turquoise Coast to discover enchanting Greek and Roman ruins. Disc 3: thailand bangkok golden Triangle Andaman CoastJoin Rudy as he explores all of Bangkok's nooks and crannies. In the heart of thailand's Golden Triangle, take an idyllic long-tailed boat ride along the Kok River.

Join rudy maxa, public radio's original savvy Traveler and contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine, for an unforgettable tour of the fascinating cities and regions that have captivated world travelers for centuries. Rajasthan beckons with its irresistible lure of brilliant colors and ghostly twilights.

Disc 2: turkey istanbul turquoise coastexplore istanbul's festive grand Bazaar, as well as some of the world's great buildings Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, more than 4, 000 shops and two mosques spread across 60 streets, and the Hagia Sofia. The andaman Coast offers a spectacular island paradise. Disc 4: russia & estoniast petersburg Tallin & the IslandsBring the champagne and caviar as you explore St.

Petersburg s canals aboard a private water taxi and marvel at the opulence of the Winter Palace.

New Travels of Rudy Maxa

Factory sealed DVD. It is all here! the fascinating, exotic cities of Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Delhi. Then fly to the blue lagoons and white sand beaches of Tahiti and Bora Bora. Jet to argentina and spend a few days in gaucho country. From there travel with Rudy Maxa The Savvy Traveler to Istanbuls spice market.

Why stay in one place when you can come back to north america, drink, quebec city, montreal, and newfoundland? next morning, and finally enjoy tea in Japan! Its a whirlwind of 25 destinations only Rudy Maxa can provide! Your tour will focus on: Four Great Cities of Asia; Food, Nova Scotia, you will wake up eating haggis in Scotland, and Place; Nova Scotia and Newfoundland; Montreal and Quebec City; Islands of Polynesia; Tahiti and Bora Bora.


Tahiti - Rudy Maxa's Best of Travel Bora Bora, Marquesas Islands, and Tuamotu Atolls

As seen on American Public Television. See the remote and sparsely populated Marquesas Islands, where dramatic mountains offer evidence of volcanic origins. Visit tahiti and bora bora up close and personal! Experience their rich sea life, crystal blue waters, and vibrant cultures. Factory sealed DVD. Participate in the oyster-cultivation process at the major pearl farm.

So, swim in the water, taste the food, take an adventure, and enjoy the culture and natural beauty of island paradise! Factory sealed DVD. Tour the diverse reefs of the coral Tuamotu Atolls. Rudys tour features brilliant aerial and underwater photography, while also exploring the colorful history of each island.

Dine on fresh, traditionally prepared fish and explore the life of a tropical underwater world. Escape with rudy Maxa to the pure beauty of island paradise.

Best of Travel: Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Hawaii, China, Australia & New Zealand Six-Disc Pack

Disc 4: hawaii experience the hawaiian vacation of your dreams! rudy braves Maui's twisting road to Hana with its cascading waterfalls, takes a helicopter tour of the world s most active volcano, visits Honolulu's Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor,  hikes breathtaking Waimea Canyon and kayaks past traditional Hawaiian villages.

Disc 6: mexico rudy etches a vivid portrait of Guadalahara with its rich history and vibrant culture. Rudy goes troco for the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef and ancient Daintree Rainforest. Extras: hong kong jade market, Shanghai parade, Chinese teahouse and more. Join rudy on a high-definition trek through some of earth s most magnificent lands! Disc 1: Australia Rudy tours Sydney's famed Opera House, goes pub hopping in the old Rocks quarter, captures glimpses of Australia's legendary wildlife at the Featherdale Park preserve and swims with sharks at Oceanworld Manly.

Extras: maori warrior practice, mussel cruise and more. In ever-changing hong kong, Rudy savors one of the most majestic skylines on Earth aboard the famous Star Ferry. Extras: rainforest bird revue, Sydney by air and more. Extras: ballet folklorico, Anthropology Museum, tasting tequila and more. Rudy explores seattle's lively downtown and waterfront areas and its dynamic cultural scene, as well as its natural wonders.

Disc 2: new zealand rudy gets a crash course in Maori bone carving at a local artists colony, braves white-water rapids on river boards and rides a hot air balloon over Lord of the Rings country.

Best of Travel: South Africa

Factory sealed DVD. Rudy, is the popular voice of the savvy traveler as heard on NPR, is seen on more than 300 PBS stations every week, one of Americas foremost travel experts, and is the contributing editor of National Geographics Traveler magazine. Factory sealed DVD. Finally, take a visit to the heart of South Americas lush wine country in the village of Franschhoek.

Factory sealed DVD. Rudy maxa, goes beyond the guidebooks to share his authoritative tips, the most trusted name in travel, trips and secret places. Program 1: safari - An adventurous safari is a wonderful way to visit the country. Surfers brave enormous waves, exotic birds watch visitors climb serpentine paths that rise above the coast, and charming seaside resort towns accommodate guests.

Factory sealed DVD. Where else in the world can you wake up in a cosmopolitan city, and watch the sun set from a beach with a glass of local wine in hand? From the dizzying heights of the citys iconic symbol, to the rugged cliffs and wildflowers of the Cape Peninsula, spend the afternoon with penguins, Table Mountain, ride a funicular to the edge of a continent, you will see all the natural wonders that surround this city.

Program 2: cape town - cape town is a nexus of cultures in a setting so stunning, it is called the new California or Africas Riviera. Get up-close and personal with lions, elephants, giraffes, and dozens of other animals in their natural habitats. Program 3: garden route and wine country - One of the worlds most beautiful drives, rugged, the Garden Route takes you on a trek along a wild, gorgeous coastline.

Rudy Maxa's Korea & Uzbekistan

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. And the countryside explains South Korea's other name: The Land of the Morning Calm. Factory sealed DVD. Maxa joins a family for the preparation of the national dish, "plov" and visits the yurt of a young family living on an isolated desert plain. Factory sealed DVD. Explore trade-route cities whose names summon images of ancient times: Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara.

Uzbekistan - in one of his series' most colorful and exotic episodes, Maxa takes viewers along the Silk Road in a country that is an emerging economy in Central Asia. This is a front-row seat to a country trying to balance Islam with modern society. Marvel at eye-popping mosques built centuries ago and impeccably restored during Soviet occupation of the country.

Rudy maxa samples both the delights of cosmopolitan Seoul as well as the tranquility of temples tucked into lush mountains where monks invite guests to stay overnight. With their misty mountain temples and the uber-modern cities, Koreans mix an abiding sense if history and traditions with a zeal to achieve global success in technology and other industries.

. Factory sealed DVD. Korea - from the bustling city of Seoul with its 10 million residents to the country's quite countryside, Korea is a travelers paradise.

Rudy Maxa Travels: Canada

Montreal and quebec city - you do not have to leave North America to get a satisfying taste of Europe in Rudy Maxas travels to Montreal and Quebec City, with their special blend of ruggedness and sophistication. Rudy connects with rugged sea-in-their-blood Canadians in Quaint fishing villages and surprisingly progressive urban centers.

Sample the tantalizing catch from the frigid Atlantic waters, including a stop at the lobster capital of North America. Factory sealed DVD. Nova scotia and newfoundland - Discover the pristine shores and rocky coves of the eastern Canadian provinces. And a peek at Cirque du Soleil. Rudy stands on the crossroads between east and west to visit Vancouver and its sister city, Victoria.

Vancouver and Victoria, B. C. He explores these unique cities and the French roots in their vibrant culture while sampling popular regional dishes like smoked meats and poutine, high-end dining with French and English flair. In victoria, rudy enjoys afternoon tea, visits beautiful Butchart Gardens, and dines on seaweed plucked from the seashore.

Factory sealed DVD.

Scenic Cruises of the World - Reader's Digest

The nile, the sacred river of Egypt. Take a dream cruise around the worlds most dramatic coastlines to more than twenty countries, islands, and other dramatically varied locations. These three magnificent programs make up this DVD - Majestic Americas: The stunning landscapes of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.

Greeces volcanic beaches. Factory sealed DVD. Hawaiis awesome surf. New zealands towering mountains, green forests, and vibrant cities. Factory sealed DVD. Explore victoria and Vancouver in Western Canada as cities of history, beauty and modern life blend. Enjoy the uniqueness of French Quebec and Montreal. The sunny beaches, lush forests and volcanic mountains of the Caribbean.

Fijis emerald seas and quaint villages. Region 1 coded dvd us & canada. Experience nova Scotia and Newfoundland, provinces where fishing and the sea rule. Experience a kaleidoscope of different cultures, savor timeless pleasures and meet the locals. Easter islands mysterious Rapa Nui statues. Australias lush rainforests and harsh outback.

Best of Travel: Australia & New Zealand Two-Discs Edition Blu-ray

English published, English Original Language, English Unknown. Rudy maxa is an award-winning public television series host and public radios original Savvy Traveler. Factory sealed DVD. Experience nova Scotia and Newfoundland, provinces where fishing and the sea rule. Factory sealed DVD. Rudy visits the winding coastal hiking trails of Abel Tasman National Park, takes in the birthplace of bungee jumping in Queenstown, and braves white water rapids in the spirit of adventure.

Digital copy of the program that you can download to your computer and/or transfer to your mobile devices. It is also a haven for wine-country tours and rapturously beautiful scenery. Program one: australia: sydney - seize the day in a city that knows how to play! Rudy Maxa tours the famed Opera House, explores the cliffs and rainforests of the Blue Mountains, goes pub hopping in the Old Rocks quarter, and captures glimpses of Australias legendary wildlife at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

100 Enjoy the uniqueness of French Quebec and Montreal. Stops also include the fruit and olive groves of hawkes bay, as well as a primeval forest, Cape Britt Lighthouse, the massive colony of gannet birds at Cape Kidnappers, an oyster farm, a blast from the art deco past at Napier, and regional wineries.

Blu-ray. Program four: new zealand: south Island - South Island is a mecca for extreme sports and outdoor adventures.

Rick Steves Europe 12 New Shows 2019-2020

Experience nova Scotia and Newfoundland, provinces where fishing and the sea rule. This two-dvd set includes the 12 newest shows from Season 10 of public television's "Rick Steves' Europe" series, with a bonus extra. English published, English Original Language, English Unknown. Disc 1: 8 shows, mikonos, 30 minutes each the best of sicily sicilian delights the heart of england scotland's highlands scotland's islands glasgow and Scottish Passions European Festivals I European Festivals II DISC 2: 4 shows, 30 minutes each + 1-hour bonus extra Lisbon Portugal's Heartland Greek Islands: Santorini, and Rhodes Travel Skills: Cruising Bonus Extra: Rick Steves' The Story of Fascism in Europe Run time: 6-1/2 hours Factory sealed DVD.

Factory sealed DVD. 100 Factory sealed DVD. Enjoy the uniqueness of French Quebec and Montreal. Factory sealed DVD. Region 1 coded dvd us & canada. Bonus extra: rick's 1-hour public television special, The Story of European Fascism. 2. Multiple formats, Blu-ray, Color. Join rick as he experiences the local culture, england, portugal, Scotland, cuisine and fun in some of Europe's most interesting places: Sicily, and Greece - plus multi-country shows covering Europe's most exciting festivals and the skills of smart cruising.

London and Beyond - Europe to the Max With Rudy Maxa

Dvd, scenic Tours, Maps. Factory sealed DVD. 2. Brussels and Belgium serve up superb chocolate and world-class beer. Blu-ray. Lushly filmed in high-definition, each program goes beyond the guidebooks to discover hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-path surprises! Rudy’s authoritative tips enhance the travel experience for beginning and seasoned travelers alike.

In the netherlands, we bicycle to amsterdam’s great art museums, and share a moving visit to the attic where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis. Factory sealed DVD. Rudy maxa is public radio’s original Savvy Traveler and host of the American Public Television series, Smart Travels. In london’s breathtaking countryside, visits jane Austen’s house, Rudy points out mythic castles, browses in the real Alice in Wonderland’s candy store, and gazes upon the mysterious megaliths of Stonehenge.

In london and beyond, rudy answers London’s call with this expert tour of its traditional sights and contemporary and cutting-edge attractions. Factory sealed DVD. English published, English Original Language, English Unknown. Multiple formats, Blu-ray, Color. Maps: london, london countryside, making dinner reservations, Belgium, Amsterdam • Rudy’s Travel Tips: Eating Inexpensively, Renting a Car Abroad Factory sealed DVD.