She’s One in a Million: When Trusting God Isn’t Easy

When emily is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Janet journals the hardship, trying to make sense of the tragedy that plagued her family. Janet zimmermann’s daughter, emily, was a typical 14-year-old girl—in love with life and excited to be starting her freshman year of high school—when her world turned upside down.

The words are honest, real, and heart wrenching. This is her story, a story of faith and trust in God, even when trusting wasn’t easy.

Awake, but still dreaming

My life was about to change. This is my story, my true story, of my journey overcoming my brain tumor. That’s the thing about hope; even in my darkest days, that hope remained deep within my soul. As i looked into my husband’s eyes, i wondered if this would be the last time I saw him … the last time I hugged him … the last time I told him I loved him.

Life doesn’t send out invitations — so today I choose to be bold. One that i hope ends with a happy ending. And today, hope still fills my heart … hope that I will make the most of my second chance at life. I worried that my last few breaths would be taken as the wheels of the gurney squeaked down the brightly lit hallway, slowly making our way to the operating room.

And i choose to LIVE. Be unforgettable. Be brave. In the next few moments they would begin surgery to remove a brain tumor from my right frontal lobe. I wasn’t wearing an orange jumpsuit, but instead a flimsy hospital gown engulfed my frail body. I was handed my life sentence on February 10, 2014. I hoped that the person I used to be would fight their way back, out of the depths.

On the Toss of a Coin

In part one, the reader enters the strange mind of a person in a coma; parts two to four describe the physical and emotional stages of the illness following intensive care. According to doctors, michael should never have lived and, if he miraculously survived, he should be severely incapacitated. Only once did he lose the will to live.

It was impossible to face my mortality and for it not to influence my approach to life, ” he recalls. Michael remained on the critical list for several weeks as doctors battled to save his life. He was both patient and clinician, which gave him a unique insight. He was in a coma and on life support for ten days, careering ever closer to death.

One otherwise regular january morning in 2009, Michael Wise’s world was thrown into turmoil. Within hours, his vital organs failed as this catastrophic illness swept through his entire body. The long-term psychological effects of his battle are explored in part five, as an atheist, where he recounts the importance of life, and how, he was facing death.

He was at the peak of his career as an internationally renowned specialist dental surgeon when he was struck by an exceptionally rare, near-fatal, streptococcal blood infection. He is neither; he is fit and lives a full and active life. On the toss of a coin will inspire anyone facing or supporting a loved one experiencing health battles, and will enthral fans of biographies, memoirs and those interested in the human condition.


Janet navigated misdiagnosis, multiple surgeries, and life with a permanent colostomy. Eventually janet recovered, but Beth’s condition worsened. At age 24, janet buttenwieser moved to Seattle with a résumé devoted to public service and fantasies of single-handedly ending poverty. With themes that echo susannah cahalan’s 'brain on fire' and gail caldwell’s 'let’s Take the Long Way Home', GUTS is a story of resilience for the millions of Americans who manage to thrive while living with a chronic condition, as well as the many who’ve lost a loved one at a young age.

At the age of 38, Beth died. Throughout janet’s illness Beth took care of her; then she developed brain cancer and their roles reversed. Like many female patients her concerns were glossed over by doctors. But within a year she’d developed an intestinal illness so rare she wound up in a medical journal.

To cope, janet competed in endurance events, becoming a triathlete with a colostomy pouch. How would she advocate for low-income people when she couldn’t even advocate for herself?Janet’s model for assertiveness was her friend Beth. She was the kind of friend who’d accompany you to the doctor when you got dysentery in Ecuador, nonchalantly translating the graphic details of your symptoms into Spanish.

She was young and insecure, major liabilities in her life as a patient.

The Sun Still Shines: How a Brain Tumor Helped Me See the Light

Jodi perseveres, even with an injured body and spirit. In a candid and witty memoir, as a thirty-three-year-old wife and mother, Jodi recounts how her life was transformed when, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Interweaving the inspiring, provoking, and sometimes disturbing, Jodi reveals the hells and highs of her journey as she fights for hope and purpose—and life.

But when the surgery that could save her life thrusts her into battle with a devastating spinal fluid leak and facial paralysis, even her own children fear her new appearance and physical failings. Unwilling to accept her new fate, Jodi's family searches for a doctor who will join their fight against the odds.


Hurricane of Love: My Journey with Beth Wheeler

Beth wheeler’s love was like a hurricane. Dan was enjoying a thriving career as a popular television host on QVC. Be prepared to be swept away! Their growing family consisted of two beautiful daughters, a loving son-in-law, and a handsome grandson. For three years, he balanced his career as a cheerful, upbeat television host with caring for his wife as she battled for her life against an aggressive form of cancer.

They lived in their dream house on a beautiful, sprawling property. Now, at last, he shares their inspiring story in Hurricane of Love: My Journey with Beth Wheeler. Beth’s tremendous capacity to love swept through the halls of medical clinics, hospitals, family, and chemotherapy suites, positively impacting the lives of medical personnel, and friends.

Suddenly in 2012, their world was rocked when Beth was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Our priorities were turned upside down but ultimately right side up in an instant, ” Dan writes. It hit everyone in its path. Beth’s love and her strong faith in the Lord enabled her to face death with grace, dignity, and tremendous courage.

You will read about the many miracles they encountered along the way, including an angelic appearance and glimpses of heaven. Beth and Dan Wheeler had it all. This book will calm your fears, strengthen your faith, and inspire your hope.

Grief Life: A memoir of love, loss and triumph

Full of hope, they travelled the country searching for treatments and begging some of the best doctors in the world for help. When everything just changed. Soon, they found themselves embarking on an eighteen-month battle to save Chad's life after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer at only forty-four. Her best friend.

It is her hope that if you can see that she can survive her loss, that you will be able to survive yours too. It happens out of nowhere. And everything changes. They were raising kids, working in public service, travelling and watching their daughter compete in gymnastics. In her advocacy, she soon learned that it wasn't just death people were grieving and that everybody is living a "Grief Life" in some way.

The man she never thought she would have to live without. They never gave up but the monstrous cancer beat them anyway. Grief lifea memoir by Diana RegisterBased on a true storyIt happened out of nowhere. Diana and her high school sweetheart Chad were living an ideal life. Chad was diana's "person": Her confidante.

After chad died, diana set out to bring awareness to the disease but found that her raw, no-holds-barred comments about grief were what people resonated with most.

In Sickness and in Health: A Memoir by Joclyn and Jeremy Krevat

But with the help of a top-notch medical team, and a desire to just go home, they learned the true value of love, a will to live, supportive and loving friends and family, courage, hope and life. Joclyn, california with their dog, live in Sacramento, Jeremy, an occupational therapist, a public school administrator, Ramsay.

In sickness and in health: the memoir of then newlyweds Joclyn and Jeremy Krevat, an inspiring story of love and survival when their new life together was suddenly interrupted by an extremely rare heart disease, propelling Joclyn to the top of the heart transplant recipient list. Just a few months after their wedding, and a few weeks after running a 10K, a rare autoimmune disease landed Joclyn in the hospital with a failing heart.

Their experience received national attention and helped facilitate legislative reform surrounding “surprise medical bills, ” out-of-network bills received when a patient has done everything he possibly can to remain in-network. Enduring four open heart surgeries, bedpans, a punctured lung, an unsympathetic nurse, a lost voice, and legitimately gruesome hospital food, a pacemaker, rounds of experimental chemotherapy, it seemed the bad news would never end.


Hesitant Hope: A memoir of anguish, endurance and healing.

Her only hope was a drastic surgery that would take twenty hours and require removing the contents of her abdomen and flushing the peritoneal cavity with highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy – an extremely invasive procedure requiring days in intensive care and weeks in the hospital. While cancer treatments continue to evolve, statistics remain ominous – 1 in 2 Canadians can be expected to develop cancer in their lifetime.

In 2013, helen devries received a death sentence – stage IV cancer of the appendix. The alternative was three to six months of symptom-free living followed by palliative care for another two and a half to three years… “but certainly not five years. The hipec hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy treatment would take place at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, but to even qualify for the procedure would require a six-month chemotherapy regime.

Hesitant hope maps out the psychological landscape she and those close to her had to cross and illustrates the importance of a strong support network of family and friends. A lucid, unflinching look at a subject that will touch almost everyone at some point in their life.

Scarred: But Not For Life

The story would shock thousands and be remembered by many for years to come. Brutally dragged 780 metres beneath a taxi, a young woman’s inspiring story of survival, courage, and the will to live.13 september 2011. And although these versions would generate widespread outrage, none was entirely accurate.

The stories were about me. It would be plastered all over the papers and continue to attract interest well after the shock factor of what happened had passed. I was there. I am kim mccusker, “the girl who was dragged by a taxi”. This, as i experienced it, is the true version of events. Reports and articles would be written, as given to reporters by some of those involved and willing to be interviewed, and “facts”, would be recounted and repeated in all forms of public media over the months and even years that followed.


Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story

They were airborne for six minutes. Her search for the truth leads to a startling revelation, legal battle with the federal aviation administration, and a troubling question: Was the crash avoidable?From the author of “Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story”—an “inspiring true story” Kirkus Reviews that “celebrates the resilience of the human spirit” Publishers Weekly—comes another gripping biography, a tragic and ultimately hopeful story of perseverance in the face of unimaginable loss.

Reviews“amid karen perry’s terrible tragedy is the inspiring story of the deep and passionate support she received from her colleagues at Delta Air Lines. While it is an unfortunate and painful turn of events that take place, you are left inspired by the strength of the human spirit. Her experience speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit, inspiring each of us to find that light within ourselves.

Ashley davis bush, strength, author of “Transcending Loss”“A life-changing story from a remarkable woman of courage, and wisdom. Karen perry’s breakthrough is a constant reminder of God's plan and love for all of us. Jonas elrod, writer/director of “In Deep Shift” Oprah Winfrey Network“A wonderfully written book.

This skilled pilot and grieving mother is left to search for clues about what happened that night, and why. This is a true story full of honesty and riveting detail that leaves you forever moved. Paul babeu, pinal county sheriff“Karen Perry’s story is one of heartbreaking sorrow and transcendent strength.