Sojourner Truth’s Step-Stomp Stride

But she knew she wouldn't really be free unless she was helping to end injustice. Many people weren't ready for her message, but Sojourner was brave, and her truth was powerful. And slowly, but surely as Sojourner's step-stomp stride, America began to change. Born into slavery, Belle had to endure the cruelty of several masters before she escaped to freedom.

. That's when she changed her name to Sojourner and began traveling across the country, demanding equal rights for black people and for women.


When zoe and her family arrive at their claim, nothing distinguishes it from the miles and miles of surrounding prairie. Zoe has never seen Papa so happy or Mama so sad. Even after they build their soddie, the home can't be seen from any distance. Embarking on a new life, zoe and her family journey west to the Nebraska Territory in the 1800s.

Hmh books for Young Readers. But when she takes a trip to the small prairie town with Papa, Zoe sees something that might make a difference to their new soddie, and to Mama's life, too.

My Great-Aunt Arizona

Reminiscent of the books of laura Ingalls Wilder, family, My Great-Aunt Arizona is an inspiring tale rich with history, and artistry. Hmh books for Young Readers. HarperCollins. She grew into a tall girl who liked to sing, square-dance, and—most of all—read and dream of the faraway places she would visit one day.

Based on a true story, author gloria houston's joyous recounting of her great-aunt Arizona's quiet yet meaningful life reminds us of the special place a great teacher can hold in our hearts—even after we've grown up. Arizona was born in a log cabin her papa built in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Arizona never did make it to those places.

Instead she became a teacher, helping generations of children in the one-room schoolhouse which she herself had attended. Supports the Common Core State Standards.

Tar Beach

HarperCollins. Part autobiographical, part fictional, this allegorical tale sparkles with symbolic and historical references central to African-American culture. Dragonfly Books. The spectacular artwork resonates with color and texture. Ringgold recounts the dream adventure of eight-year-old Cassie Louise Lightfoot, who flies above her apartment-building rooftop, the 'tar beach' of the title, looking down on 1939 Harlem.

In full color. Children will delight in the universal dream of mastering one's world by flying over it. A practical and stunningly beautiful book. Starred Horn Book. Hmh books for Young Readers. Illus.

I Wanna New Room

No hardworking, well-behaved, practically grown-up boy like Alex should have to put up with that!Writing letters to his mom convinced her to let him get his pet iguana, so Alex puts pencil to paper again, this time determined to get his own room. Hmh books for Young Readers. Putnam Publishing Group. Ever since their baby sister came along, Alex has been forced to share a room with his little brother, Ethan, and it's a nightmare.

HarperCollins. Ethan always breaks stuff, snores like a walrus, and sticks crayons up his nose. A hilarious companion to I Wanna Iguana. Though all of his powers of persuasion can't get his dad to expand the house, he does come through with a fun alternative to give Alex some space of his own. Dragonfly Books.


Groundhog Gets a Say

HarperCollins. Jones books and the author of the Melvil & Dewey books comes a funny, fact-filled look at what happens when one very proud groundhog speaks out. There’s so much more to being a groundhog than just putting on a show once a year, and Groundhog has decided it’s time to tell the world the Hog truth.

Dragonfly Books. Hmh books for Young Readers. Putnam Publishing Group. Groundhog may be full of himself, by the end of this book, but chances are good that, you’ll agree he’s pretty wonderful! From the illustrator of the Junie B. With the help of a few of his fans, to how fast he can run not fast, Groundhog is ready to tell everything about himself, from how loud he can whistle loud, to how many things he uses his teeth for a lot.


Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom Caldecott Honor Book

Hmh books for Young Readers. With proper reverence, long ago, Weatherford and Nelson do justice to the woman who, earned over and over the name Moses. HarperCollins. This poetic book is a resounding tribute to Tubman's strength, humility, and devotion. Jump at the Sun. Putnam Publishing Group. Dragonfly Books.

I Wanna Iguana

He promises that she won't have to feed it or clean its cage or even see it if she doesn't want to. Of course mom imagines life with a six-foot-long iguana eating them out of house and home. And his mom's replies: how are you going to get a girl to marry you when you own a giant reptile? will have kids in hysterics as the negotiations go back and forth through notes.

HarperCollins. Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. Alex's reassurances: It takes fifteen years for an iguana to get that big. Putnam Publishing Group. Jump at the Sun. And the lively, imaginative illustrations show their polar opposite dreams of life with an iguana.

I'll be married by then and probably living in my own house. Putnam Publishing Group. Hmh books for Young Readers. Dragonfly Books.

Thunder Cake

Jump at the Sun. But the list of ingredients is long and not easy to find. Dragonfly Books. This is thunder cake baking weather, " calls Grandma, as she and her granddaughter hurry to gather the ingredients around the farm. A loud clap of thunder booms, and rattles the windows of Grandma's old farmhouse. Polacco's vivid memories of her grandmother's endearing answer to a child's fear, accompanied by her bright folk-art illustrations, turn a frightening thunderstorm into an adventure and ultimately.

A real thunder Cake must reach the oven before the storm arrives. Hmh books for Young Readers. Great book! . Ms. A celebration!whether the first clap of thunder finds you buried under the bedcovers or happily anticipating the coming storm, Thunder Cake is a story that will bring new meaning and possibility to the excitement of a thunderstorm.

And the storm is coming closer all the time!reaching once again into her rich childhood experience, Patricia Polacco tells the memorable story of how her grandma--her Babushka--helped her overcome her fear of thunder when she was a little girl. HarperCollins. Putnam Publishing Group. Putnam Publishing Group.

Nothing Ever Happens On 90th Street

Putnam Publishing Group. Great book! Dragonfly Books. Putnam Publishing Group. Scholastic. HarperCollins. Jump at the Sun. When eva sits on her stoop trying to complete a school assignment by writing about what happens in her neighborhood, she gets a great deal of advice and action Hmh books for Young Readers.

Our Tree Named Steve

Putnam Publishing Group. After the family spares him from the builders, Steve the tree quickly works his way into their lives. Dear kids, a long time ago, when you were little, Mom and I took you to where we wanted to build a house. He holds their underwear when the dryer breaks down, he’s there when Adam and Lindsay get their first crushes, and he’s the centerpiece at their outdoor family parties.

With a surprising lack of anthropomorphizing, love, this is a uniquely poignant celebration of fatherhood, families, and change. Dragonfly Books. Puffin Books. Hmh books for Young Readers. Jump at the Sun. HarperCollins. I remember there was one tree, however, that the three of you couldn’t stop staring at. Great book!

. Putnam Publishing Group. Scholastic.