Something That May Shock and Discredit You

New york times bestselling author of texts from jane Eyre Daniel Mallory Ortberg has mastered the art of “poetic yelling, ” a genre surely familiar to fans of his cult-favorite website The Toast. In this irreverent essay collection, Ortberg expands on this concept with in-depth and hilarious studies of all things pop culture, from the high to low brow.

. From the writer of slate’s “dear prudence” column and “literally the funniest person on the internet” Rachel Fershleiser, coeditor of the New York Times bestseller Not Quite What I Was Planning comes a witty and clever collection of essays and cultural observations spanning pop culture—from the endearingly popular to the staggeringly obscure.

Sometimes you just have to yell. From a thoughtful analysis on the beauty of william shatner to a sinister reimagining of HGTV’s House Hunters, Something That May Shock and Discredit You is a laugh-out-loud funny and whip-smart collection for those who don’t take anything—including themselves—much too seriously.


Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident Parasol Protectorate Book 0

Don't miss this charming novelette featuring the very first encounter between the Parasolverse's most popular power couple, preternatural Alexia and supernatural Lord Conall Maccon. Alexia also appears briefly in romancing the Inventor, and Conall and England’s most scandalous wolf pack are referenced in The Finishing School series.

From the comedic mind of new York Times bestseller Gail Carriger comes the much requested prequel short story to Soulless. Look out for cheeky appearances from other much beloved characters, not to mention the strategic application of a certain wicker chicken. This intoxicatingly witty parody will appeal to a wide cross-section of romance, fantasy and steampunk fans.

Publishers weekly, starred review soulless alexia has been described as buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Jane Austen! A Note On Chronology Set in the spring of 1872 this story occurs just prior to events chronicled in The Parasol Protectorate series featuring Alexia and Conall and after those in Defy or Defend.

It is best read if you are already familiar with Gail Carriger's gaslight universe and comedy of manners style, as it was written specifically with her fans in mind. Want more hot gruff werewolf gentlemen and practical tough ladies? Try How to Marry a Werewolf. This is a quick read at 9000 words about 15 printed pages available in print only as part of Fan Service collected Supernatural Society omnibus.

Alexia tarabotti attends what appears to be a very dull London party, until the new werewolf Alpha turns up, is unconscionably rude to her, and sits on a hedgehog. The parasol protectorate series soulless changeless blameless heartless timeless also by gail carriger set in the parasolverse the curious case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t The Finishing School series start with Etiquette & Espionage The Delightfully Deadly novellas The Parasol Protectorate series The Supernatural Society novellas The Custard Protocol series start with Prudence The Claw & Courtship novellas try Defy or Defend As G L Carriger The San Andreas Shifter series start with The Sumage Solution The 5th Gender.

The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror

Readers of the toast will instantly recognize ortberg's boisterous good humor and uber-nerd swagger: those new to Ortberg's oeuvre will delight in this collection's unique spin on fiction, where something a bit mischievous and unsettling is always at work just beneath the surface. From mallory ortberg comes a collection of darkly mischievous stories based on classic fairy tales.

Sinister and inviting, emotional clarity, familiar and alien all at the same time, The Merry Spinster updates traditional children's stories and fairy tales with elements of psychological horror, and a keen sense of feminist mischief. Bed time will never be the same. Unfalteringly faithful to its beloved source material, The Merry Spinster also illuminates the unsuspected, alarming emotional complexities at play in the stories we tell ourselves, and each other, and frequently, as we tuck ourselves in for the night.

Adapted from the beloved "children's stories made horrific" series, "The Merry Spinster" takes up the trademark wit that endeared Ortberg to readers of both The Toast and the best-selling debut Texts From Jane Eyre. The feature has become among the most popular on the site, with each entry bringing in tens of thousands of views, as the stories proved a perfect vehicle for Ortberg’s eye for deconstruction and destabilization.


Upright Women Wanted

. Her best friend who she was in love with. In upright women wanted, award-winning author Sarah Gailey reinvents the pulp Western with an explicitly antifascist, near-future story of queer identity. That girl’s got more wrong notions than a barn owl’s got mean looks. Esther is a stowaway. Gailey’s gorgeous writing and authentic characters make this slim volume a pure delight.

Publishers weekly, starred reviewAt the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. Her best friend who was just executed for possession of resistance propaganda. The future american southwest is full of bandits, fascists, and queer librarian spies on horseback trying to do the right thing.

Praise for upright women Wanted"A good old-fashioned horse opera for the 22nd century. Gunslinger librarians of the apocalypse are on a mission to spread public health, decency, and the revolution. Charles stross "A dazzling neo-western adventure. She’s hidden herself away in the librarian’s book wagon in an attempt to escape the marriage her father has arranged for her—a marriage to the man who was previously engaged to her best friend.


Wow, No Thank You.: Essays

A vintage Paperback Original. A new rip-roaring essay collection from the smart, hilarious, unabashedly raunchy, edgy, and bestselling Samantha Irby. Irby is forty, and increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin despite what Inspirational Instagram Infographics have promised her. She has left her job as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, has published successful books and has been friendzoned by Hollywood, left Chicago, and moved into a house with a garden that requires repairs and know-how with her wife in a Blue town in the middle of a Red state where she now hosts book clubs and makes mason jar salads.

This is the bourgeois life of a Hallmark Channel dream. The essays in this collection draw on the raw, hilarious particulars of Irby's new life. Wow, no thank you is Irby at her most unflinching, riotous, and relatable. She goes on bad dates with new friends, spends weeks in los angeles taking meetings with "tv executives slash amateur astrologers" while being a "cheese fry-eating slightly damp Midwest person, " "with neck pain and no cartilage in her knees, " who still hides past due bills under her pillow.


The Witches Are Coming

She tracks the misogyny and propaganda hidden or not so hidden in the media she and her peers devoured growing up, prejudice, delusions, a buffet of distortions, and outright bullsh*t that has allowed white male mediocrity to maintain a death grip on American culture and politics-and that delivered us to this precarious, disorienting moment in history.

West writes, "we were just a hair's breadth from electing America's first female president to succeed America's first black president. This is a witch hunt. We're witches, and we're hunting you. From the moment powerful men started falling to the #MeToo movement, the lamentations began: this is feminism gone too far, this is injustice, this is a witch hunt.

In the witches are coming, firebrand author of the New York Times bestselling memoir and now critically acclaimed Hulu TV series Shrill, Lindy West, turns that refrain on its head. The truth can transform us; there is witchcraft in it. In this wickedly funny cultural critique, the author of the critically acclaimed memoir and Hulu series Shrill exposes misogyny in the #MeToo era.

And then, no one can'-white american voters shoved an incompetent, true to form-like the Balrog's whip catching Gandalf by his little gray bootie, like the husband in a Lifetime movie hissing, 'If I can't have you, racist con man into the White House. We cannot understand how we got here-how the land of the free became Trump's America-without examining the chasm between who we are and who we think we are, without fact-checking the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and each other.

We weren't done, but we were doing it.

A Villain for Christmas: A Snow Globe Christmas Book 4

It doesn’t help that my parents think they’re the ultimate villains and won’t stop getting in my way, although they can’t even steal toilet paper without getting caught. But when real supervillains not the wannabe kind that i grew up with start targeting August, I might be forced to show everyone who I truly am: a slightly warped and snarky man who’d really rather read a book than save anything… besides August.

. We wish everyone a happy holiday season. Although this book is part of a snow globe Christmas series, it is a complete standalone, and it isn’t a requirement that you read the previous books to follow along. Despite growing up in a family of villains, I’d rather curl up and read than commit crimes. Hopefully, we’ll be able to save the world in time for Christmas.

This ridiculous and snarky holiday novel is 92, a risqué santa suit, a hairless cat with an unfortunate name, betrayal, bumbling family members that try to be evil but are mostly just embarrassing, true love, a snow globe with mysterious powers, a superhero with a fondness for suckers who absolutely does NOT use his powers to cheat on board games, 000 words and contains a villain turned unlikely hero even if he’s a manager's worst nightmare, and the saltiest chicken ever.

I’ll tear this world apart just to get another glimpse of him in those glasses and spandex suit. It’s probably because he doesn’t realize that I’m Leviathan, a villain with the power of telekinesis. And i can’t tell him because he’d never forgive me and would stop doing things like cooking for me—wait, maybe that would be a good thing, since he’s a terrible cook.

When i get coerced by my brother into helping him rob a bank, I run into August, my childhood crush—also known as Chrono, the city’s greatest superhero.

In the Dream House: A Memoir

Tracing the full arc of a harrowing relationship with a charismatic but volatile woman, Machado struggles to make sense of how what happened to her shaped the person she was becoming. And it’s that struggle that gives the book its original structure: each chapter is driven by its own narrative trope—the haunted house, erotica, the bildungsroman—through which Machado holds the events up to the light and examines them from different angles.

. The result is a wrenching, riveting book that explodes our ideas about what a memoir can do and be. She casts a critical eye over legal proceedings, and Disney villains, fairy tales, Star Trek, as well as iconic works of film and fiction. She looks back at her religious adolescence, unpacks the stereotype of lesbian relationships as safe and utopian, and widens the view with essayistic explorations of the history and reality of abuse in queer relationships.

Machado’s dire narrative is leavened with her characteristic wit, playfulness, and openness to inquiry. A revolutionary memoir about domestic abuse by the award-winning author of Her Body and Other PartiesIn the Dream House is Carmen Maria Machado’s engrossing and wildly innovative account of a relationship gone bad, and a bold dissection of the mechanisms and cultural representations of psychological abuse.


Laughter at the Academy

This is a box of strange surprises dredged up from the depths of the sea, each one polished and prepared for your enjoyment. Follow two very different alphabets in “Frontier ABCs” and “From A to Z in the Book of Changes. Get “lost, ” dress yourself “In Skeleton Leaves, ” and remember how to fly.

From fairy tale forest to gloomy gothic moor, seanan McGuire’s short fiction has been surprising, delighting, confusing, from gleaming epidemiologist’s lab to the sandy shores of Neverland, and transporting her readers since 2009. Now, ready to be enjoyed one twisting, that fiction has been gathered together in one place, for the first time, tangled tale at a time.

So take a chance, and allow yourself to be surprised. Her work crosses genres and subverts expectations. Meet the mad scientists of “laughter at the Academy” and “The Tolling of Pavlov’s Bells. Glory in the potential of a Halloween that never ends. Stories about mermaids, and Deep Ones are all here, robots, dolls, ready for you to dive in.

All this and more is waiting for you within the pages of this decade-spanning collection, including several pieces that have never before been reprinted.

The City We Became

Jemisin, check out:the inheritance trilogythe hundred thousand kingdomsthe broken kingdomsthe kingdom of godsthe inheritance Trilogy omnibus editionShades in Shadow: An Inheritance Triptych e-only short fictionThe Awakened Kingdom e-only novellaDreamblood DuologyThe Killing MoonThe Shadowed SunThe Dreamblood Duology omnibusThe Broken EarthThe Fifth SeasonThe Obelisk GateThe Stone SkyHow Long 'til Black Future Month? short story collection.

Some are as ancient as myths, and others are as new and destructive as children. New york city? She's got six. K. Jemisin. Every great city has a soul. But every city also has a dark side. Five new yorkers must come together to defend their city from an ancient evil in this stunning new novel by Hugo Award-winner and NYT bestselling author N.

K. A roiling, ancient evil stirs in the halls of power, threatening to destroy the city and her six newborn avatars unless they can come together and stop it once and for all. For more from N.

Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language

Internet linguist gretchen McCulloch explores the deep forces that shape human language and influence the way we communicate with one another. Linguistically inventive online communities spread new slang and jargon with dizzying speed. She explains how your first social internet experience influences whether you prefer "LOL" or "lol, " why ~sparkly tildes~ succeeded where centuries of proposals for irony punctuation had failed, what emoji have in common with physical gestures, and how the artfully disarrayed language of animal memes like lolcats and doggo made them more likely to spread.

It's the perfect book for understanding how the internet is changing the English language, why that's a good thing, and what our online interactions reveal about who we are. Reading her work is like suddenly being able to see the matrix. Jonny sun, author of everyone's a aliebn when ur a aliebn too   Because Internet is for anyone who's ever puzzled over how to punctuate a text message or wondered where memes come from.

What's more, social media is a vast laboratory of unedited, unfiltered words where we can watch language evolve in real time. Internet conversations are structured by the shape of our apps and platforms, from the grammar of status updates to the protocols of comments and @replies. Even the most absurd-looking slang has genuine patterns behind it.

An instant new york times bestseller!! named a best book of 2019 by time, amazon, and the washington post a Wired Must-Read Book of Summer   “Gretchen McCulloch is the internet’s favorite linguist, and this book is essential reading. Language is humanity's most spectacular open-source project, and the internet is making our language change faster and in more interesting ways than ever before.