And the real kick in the rear end? not only will he be in my car, in a few weeks, he’ll be in my life— as my stepbrother. Now a top 17 amazon bestseller i'm not starstruck. How’s that for cruel?Now I’m stuck being near him. Actually, nova sparks, not any day for someone like me, a plain Jane hair stylist.

I'm just star. Stuck. It's not everyday you have the number one box office star in your car. Stuck with these feelings I shouldn’t be having. The only way to get unstuck is accept I can’t have him and send him back to Hollywood. The only problem? He may have other plans. Fate has brought Ethan Hale into my small Montana world and kept him unattainable.

Stuck with the tabloids and paparazzi.


What is she doing here?does her brother, declan, know? Did I mention he's my best friend? This is going to be hard, I mean difficult, to work with her. Sure, i like to have fun with the opposite sex, but hey, in my line of work, who wouldn't?My name's Jonah and I work for Bunny Hunnies, a swimsuit magazine.

A top 100 amazon best sellerDoing this photoshoot with my best friend's little sister is about to get. Hard. Calling the shots, and taking pictures of gorgeous women is every man's fantasy, including mine. That is, until chelsea Sincock walks onto the set of one of my shoots. I've known chelsea since before she was this hot as hell vixen wearing nothing but a bikini.

They call me a playboy. And the more i gaze at her from behind the lens, the more I realize I'm in way over my head.


And by hard, I mean, well. Hard. Nothing in life is easy. Her. Coming back to sell my childhood home should've been easy. I shouldn't even be thinking about her. Especially when Catherine Wells is determined to make it hard. She's sweet and feisty and determined to get under my skin in every way imaginable. Now, i have something new to focus on.

I should just walk away. They call me a heartbreaker but they've never met Catherine Wells.

Groom The Deceit Duet Book Two

You must read briDE before reading GROOM. Marry clementine Bright or watch your carefully crafted kingdom crumble. Well played. I'll say my i do's and pretend to be the doting husband, but this is one union I want no part of. And even though i may want to have and to hold her, I know I'll just have to fight that feeling 'til death do us part.

Clementine may be beautiful, but she defies me at every turn. I'm the king of my castle. The ruler of my bedroom. From usa today bestselling Author Logan Chance comes the gripping conclusion of The Deceit Duet. Well played, Grandfather.

The NewlyFEDS

Rock hard abs. Saying and doing are two different things, and this is one game of espionage these two rivals never bargained for. She’s just destined to screw everything up. The only thing standing in his way is fresh off the desk bombshell in heels, Special Agent Addison Buckley. How deep undercover will these two go to catch the bad guy?Special Agent Vin Mills has everything he’s ever wanted.

Will these newlyfeds be able to catch the bad guys, or get caught under cover first? The only thing standing in her way is egotistical and tattooed hottie, Vin Mills. The department wants them to pose as newlyweds and blend with the residents in one of the most prestigious and nosy neighborhoods in Colorado.

Now a top 100 amazon bestsellerfrom usa today bestselling author, comes a laugh-out-loud fake relationship, Logan Chance, enemies-to-lovers standalone romantic comedy. A few touches, a few kisses, no problem. And a money laundering mob boss who’s about to go down. Buns you can bounce a coin off of. Sweet job.

Addison buckley has one thing she wants—a promotion.

Love Doctor

Sin- rhymes with rock was my muse. There’s one small problem—besides the fact it isn’t selling—my boss, Dr. He just doesn’t know it yet. Let’s just say, i took some creative liberties with him…I never thought he’d know about it. Write what you know, right? This six-foot hotter than magma boss of mine is going to educate me on how to write hotter scenes.

And never in a million years did I think he’d read it. I just published my first novel: Love Doctor. But he has, and he’s not happy. I should just quit, find a new job, but now I have another plan.

Coldhearted Boss

Last month, and after a fiery first encounter, we met at a bar, it seems we’re destined to be sworn enemies. As shakira says, these hips don’t lie. Oh right, i think they’re calling it personal “assistant” these days. My objective? Survive the heat long enough to send home a paycheck. My real objective? Stop having X-rated fantasies about my coldhearted boss.

He should just fire me and be done with it. It’s torture, all of it—his bad attitude, his ruggedly chiseled face, his desire to grind me into dust. I throw on baggy clothes, tuck my long hair under a baseball hat, and apply for a job. Say no more. Every one of our friction-filled battles burns hotter than the last.

Unfortunately, my half-baked idea of disguising myself as a guy is flawed from the beginning. Ethan stone is ruthless and arrogant, a man I never would have crossed had I known how much he likes to toy with his prey. A girl can only hold out for so long. Soon, i’m bound to go up in flames. I’m desperate and destitute when lockwood Construction rolls into my small town with an offer too good to pass up: high wages to any able-bodied man willing to join their crew.


Dirty Headlines

Every day in the newsroom is a battle. Every night in his bed, war. But it's my heart at stake, and I fear I'll be raising the white flag. Shen, comes a new standalone, enemies-to-lovers romance. Célian Laurent. Manhattan royalty. Notorious playboy. Heir to a media empire. And my new boss. I could have impressed him, if not for last month's unforgettable one-night stand.

I left it with more than orgasms and a pleasant memory--namely, his wallet. Now he's staring me down like I'm the dirt under his Italian loafers, and I'm supposed to take it. But the thing about being Judith "Jude" Humphry is I have nothing to lose. Brooklyn girl. Infamously quirky. Heir to a stack of medical bills and a tattered couch.

When he looks at me from across the room, I see the glint in his eyes, and that makes us rivals. He knows it. So do I. Now a top Five Amazon Bestseller.

Stay: An enemies to lovers, stand-alone romance

My life is perfectly ordered until I bump into her, divorced and struggling to make ends meet. I swore i’d never be that stupid again…emmy barton works for a dry cleaner? Yes, that Emmy Barton—long, bright blue eyes, blonde hair, pretty smile… Sexy little body. Smart mouth. She was the only girl who interested me, but I was leaving to be an officer in the Navy.

Now i’m home, running my business. What an a--hole. She says she hates me, but when we fight, it’s all heat and lust. I won’t leave her this way. I gladly handed him my V-card that night, ten years ago. All i saw were his clear blue eyes, tight butt, and ripped torso. Stephen Hastings is a control freak. She will stay… it’s a thin line between love and hate, and this line is on fire.

Stay is a stand-alone enemies-to-lovers, second-chance, marriage of convenience romance. I was so stupid. I hate seeing her like this. No cliffhangers.

Two Weeks Notice

To whom it may concern:i am writing this letter to formally announce my resignation from Parker International & the arrogant, condescending CEO effective two weeks from today. This was a very easy decision to make, as the past two years have been utterly miserable. I wish his next executive assistant all the luck in the world she'll need it and if my boss should need me to do anything over the next two weeks, kindly tell him that he can do it his goddamn self.

. Sincerely not really, tara laurenthat's the version of my two weeks' notice i should've sent to my boss, because the more professional version--the one where I said I was "grateful for all the opportunities, " and "honored by all the rewarding experiences" over the years?That letter was rejected with his sexy, trademark smirk and an "I highly suggest you read the fine print of your contract.

. So, i did. And now i've realized that unless i fake my death, or find a way to renegotiate my impossible contract, poison him, I'm stuck working under one of the cockiest and most ruthless bosses in New York. Then again, i thought that was the case until he called me late last night with an emergency proposition.


Ask Me Why: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romance

His zest for life makes me smile in a way that’s been long lost. That alone should have me running in the opposite direction. This is definitely one of them. That was our first mistake. Harsh. It’s certainly not the last. If you like a jerk with a heart of gold, this is the book for you. An amazon top 10 bestseller"ask Me Why is a gorgeously-written, angsty book that packs a great punch to your gut.

Three hollow beats. I’m still here. Then i meet his father. Well, confront is more like it. I get frostbite just looking into Brance’s glacial stare. As if he’d let me. After three years, that reminder isn’t as necessary. But everyone has their bad days. And can’t be bothered to care. Until an adorable little boy dashes into my store.

I don’t ask. Not that I want him to. Oh, and i dare you not to fall in love with little Ollie!" — LJ Shen, USA Today bestselling authorOne deep breath.