T-Men Special Edition – Blu-ray

And tracks down his cigar-smoking target, quickly duping the counterfeiter into being introduced to the "higher-ups". With a story by virginia Kellogg White Heat and a screenplay by John C. Their only lead takes them to detroit where they convince mob kingpin Carlo Vantucci of their criminal pedigree and start piling up clues to tie the Vantucci mob to the "tough, tight outfit" in L.

A. Not wasting a second, O'Brien heads to L. A. Higgins raw deal, in a brief but key scene, T-Men also features Charles McGraw, Jane Randolph and, June Lockhart. Like none before them, along with the brilliant uses of light and shadows, their combination of highly stylized camera set-ups, created the gritty realism and visual tension that made their crime thrillers popular with critics and movie patrons alike.

T-men has undergone a major restoration and is loaded with bonus features in this special edition Blu-ray. But the deeper o'brien penetrates the organization, the more harrowing the mission becomes for him and fellow T-Man Genaro, with their every move being scrutinized and carrying the risk of deadly exposure.

Rode - a director's daughter: nina mann remembers - an interview with nina mann - plus: a 24 page booklet with an essay by author Max Alvarez The Crime Films of Anthony Mann featuring stills, posters and other production material - The mono soundtrack has been restored is uncompressed on this release Blu-ray only Shrink-wrapped.

O'brien and genaro finally get a break when they learn a former Detroit hood - The Schemer Wallace Ford - is on the outs with the syndicate and has been demoted to pushing the fake paper in Los Angeles. Rode - into the darkness: mann, writer and film historian julie kirgo, film critic and author Todd McCarthy, Alton and T-Men - Featurette with cinematographer Richard Crudo, film historian and director Courtney Joyner and biographer and producer Alan K.

Special Limited Edition - Raw Deal Blu-ray

Things aren't going as planned for rick either who set up the escape fully expecting the fugitive to get "cut down" so he could keep the $50, 000 he owes Joe for taking the rap for him. Raw deal presents the moviemaking team of director anthony mann and cinematographer John Alton at the peak of their success fresh off their box office smash T-Men, offering dark, moody atmosphere filled with fog-shrouded landscapes and characters who are no strangers to the "left-handed endeavor" of crime.

Beautifully restored in this special edition. Scenarist John C. Now past the dragnet, the trio each find themselves increasingly conflicted in their loyalties and core beliefs as Joe is torn between the two women, while Pat and Ann each make decisions that prove they're not as bad, or as good, who both care for him, as they're supposed to be.

All joe sullivan wants is "a breath of fresh air. But when you're serving time in stir for robbery, fresh air is a rare commodity. Rode & film historian & director courtney joyner - an image gallery with rare stills, posters and other promotional material - Restoration Comparison - Trailers - PLUS: A 24 page booklet with an essay by author Max Alvarez The Crime Films of Anthony Mann featuring stills, posters and other production material - The mono soundtrack has been restored is uncompressed on this release Shrink-wrapped.

Note: this special edition is limited to the first 5, 000 unITS. Raw deal also features a suitably slimy raymond Burr as Rick, John Ireland as Burr's sadistic henchman Fantail, and noir standbys Regis Toomey and Whit Bissell. Raw deal is film noir at its finest! bonus features blu-ray only: - feature length audio commentary by author and film historian Jeremy Arnold Deadly is the Male: The Making of Raw Deal - A Featurette with writer and film historian Julie Kirgo, film historian and director Courtney Joyner and biographer and producer Alan K.

Blu-ray - He Walked by Night Special Edition

The mono soundtrack has been restored is uncompressed on this release. Higgins raw deal and crane wilbur the Phenix City Story, it also features Jack Webb who went on to create and star in the aforementioned Dragnet. Rode image gallery with rare stills and posters Shrink-wrapped. Beautifully restored and first time on Blu-ray in this special edition.

Werker, along with an uncredited Anthony Mann who is believed to be responsible for the film's most iconic scenes. Bonus features: Audio Commentary by biographer and producer Alan K. Co-written by John C. Shrink-wrapped. Will modern police methods and sheer determination be enough to find the elusive cop-killer before he strikes again? Visually stunning, cinematographer John Alton's brilliant use of light and shadows shine in this groundbreaking police procedural that paved the way for the TV series Dragnet; which itself spawned an entire sub-genre of television crime-dramas that are still popular to this day.

Rode & director courtney joyner and biographer & writer and film historian Julie Kirgo Below the Surface: He Walked by Night - Featurette with cinematographer Richard Crudo, writer and film historian Julie Kirgo, film critic & author Todd McCarthy, film historian & producer Alan K. Based on true events, He Walked by Night was directed by Alfred L.

When a los angeles police officer is savagely gunned down, a city-wide manhunt ensues for his cunning and ruthless killer. But finding the murderer, chillingly played by richard Basehart in only his third film, proves difficult for Detective Marty Brennan Scott Brady and his colleagues as Basehart's Roy Morgan is always one step ahead of the law.

The Woman in the Window Blu-ray

Raymond massey, the hurricane - one of wanley's dearest friends – gets closer and closer to identifying the killer, Wanley finds he's more and more willing to resort to desperate measures to avoid being caught. Newly mastered in HD! Richard Wanley Edward G. At least, he wasn't until he met "the woman in the window.

With his wife and kids out of town, the chaste professor engages in an innocent flirtation with a chance acquaintance Joan Bennett, Scarlet Street and inadvertently commits a shocking and unspeakable crime. Co-starring Dan Duryea Storm Fear. Shrink-wrapped. But that's just the beginning of his problems, for as the cunning D.

A. Robinson, The Stranger is no criminal. Special features:-audio commentary by Film Historian Imogen Sara Smith -Theatrical Trailer Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Masterfully directed by the legendary fritz Lang Metropolis, The Woman in the Window is a suspense-laden, Spies, gripping thriller with the logic and plausibility of a nightmare.


Odds Against Tomorrow Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

While the City Sleeps 1956 Blu-ray

It’s a sensational story — if it bleeds, it leads — and a news conglomerate offers a big promotion to any high-level company exec who solves the case. Shrink-wrapped. Ask mother, ” says the message scrawled in lipstick at a murder scene, written by an unidentified serial killer who preys on women.

So begins the wheeling, dealing and backstabbing of the competing media hotshots as they vie to unmask the so-called Lipstick Killer. Shrink-wrapped. Fritz lang the big heat, whose early career expressionist works would strongly influence the film-noir genre, Thomas Mitchell, George Sanders, Vincent Price, Rhonda Fleming, directs this stylistically understated noir that features an abundance of starpower rare for the genre: Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino and other notables.


Crime of Passion Blu-ray

Written by jo eisinger gilda, night and the city and co-starring Raymond Burr Perry Mason, Crime of Passion delivers the goods with noir favorites Barbara Stanwyck and Sterling Hayden in top form. It's propaganda. Shrink-wrapped. First time on Blu-ray. Her plans are soon thwarted, however, when an expected promotion for Bill doesn't materialize and causes her to take matters into her own hands.

. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Newly transferred and restored in original aspect ratio 1. 85:1. Not for me. But kathy's mindset quickly changes when she falls hard for police detective Bill Doyle Sterling Hayden and marries him with every expectation of being a devoted and supportive wife. No bill, i don't think i ever will get married, " confesses popular advice columnist Kathy Ferguson Barbara Stanwyck.

To fix her dilemma, Kathy schemes to further Bill's career by any means necessary. Shrink-wrapped. In the form of a gun. At first, kathy enjoys her new role of suburban homemaker, but before long she tires of her mundane existence which is exacerbated by Bill's lack of ambition.

You Only Live Once Blu-ray

They soon marry and hope for a bright future together, but Eddie's past confronts him at every turn making it difficult for them to survive. Fate then deals the young couple a cruel blow when Eddie's convicted of bank robbery and murder all the while proclaiming his innocence. Three-time loser eddie Taylor Henry Fonda has had enough of life behind bars.

Shrink-wrapped. Restoration Comparison. Shrink-wrapped. A haunting masterpiece, you only live once was director Fritz Lang's second American effort after Fury and a forerunner to numerous "criminal lovers on the run" films like Gun Crazy and Bonnie and Clyde. Desperate to escape from prison before he's executed, Eddie gets hold of a gun and makes it past the prison gates, but not without tragic consequences.

. Shrink-wrapped. Made in the midst of the great depression, this unforgettable tale illuminates the cynical underbelly of American life that was otherwise lacking in late 30s cinema and delivers just as potent a narrative today as it did eighty years ago. Bonus features:feature length audio commentary by author and film historian Jeremy Arnold.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Determined to make good after an early parole from prison, Eddie finds devoted sweetheart Joan Sylvia Sidney waiting for him as he is released back into society.

Down Three Dark Streets Blu-ray

Levy and Arthur Gardner. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Schoenfeld and The Gordons. Gordon and mildred gordon who wrote the book on which Streets is based, Case File: FBI would later supply screenplays for such classic films as Experiment in Terror and That Darn Cat! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Biroc the towering inferno adds the right noir flavor to the tight screenplay by Bernard C.

The trio would enjoy much success in television as the creative team behind such hits as The Rifleman and The Big Valley. Oscar-winning cinematographer Joseph F. Restored and in 1. 75:1 original aspect ratio. Shrink-wrapped. Believing that one of stewart's three active investigations will reveal the identity of his killer, casey adams, claude akins and william johnstone, jay adler, and hunting down an unknown extortionist threatening helpless Kate Martell Ruth Roman--ending with a thrilling climax set against the backdrop of the iconic "Hollywood" sign! With a supporting cast that includes Martha Hyer, agent Ripley's assignment takes him "Down Three Dark Streets": chasing down fugitive criminal Joe Walpo Joe Bassett, breaking down small-time hood Vince Angelino Gene Reynolds, Down Three Dark Streets was directed by Arnold Laven Without Warning! and produced by Jules V.

When fbi agent zack stewart is gunned down in the line of duty, supervisor John "Rip" Ripley Broderick Crawford takes over his caseload. Shrink-wrapped.

The Sea Wolf Blu-ray

Is proud to present this film as first released in 1941, restoring its original 100-minute running time from 35mm nitrate elements. Shrink-wrapped. Edward G. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Producer henry blanke resisted, saying it would be “a detriment to the box office…like changing Gone With the Wind to Molly From the South.

As film fans know, molly stayed in the south and the haunting nautical adventure took a big bite out of the box office, becoming one of the top moneymakers of 1940-41. Adventure – and eerie suspense – ahoy! the sea wolf was such a box-office hit that it was given a national theatrical reissue in 1947, the film was cut to a length of 86 minutes, but to do so, and remained that length for 70 years.

But jack warner, claiming the title was too similar to the studio’s The Sea Hawk, wanted to give the 1941 film version something else: a new name. Robinson is captain wolf larsen, a hell-bent seadog who ranks with Moby Dick’s Ahab and Mutiny on the Bounty’s Captain Bligh. Long thought to exist only in substandard form, Warner Bros.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Doom is the mad seafarer’s fog-shrouded port of call…and he intends to take a roughneck recruit John Garfield, two castaways Ida Lupino and Alexander Knox and his crew including Gene Lockhart and Barry Fitzgerald with him.

I Walk Alone Blu-ray

Brand new hd master – from a 4k scan of the 35mm safety dupe negative by Paramount Pictures Archive! Byron Haskin The War of the Worlds, Too Late for Tears directed this classic film noir about two bootleggers on the lam. But noll, uses his ex-girlfriend kay Lizabeth Scott, who has no intention of being so equitable, Pitfall to divert Frankie from his intended goal.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Co-starring wendell corey desert fury and legendary noir baddies Marc Lawrence The Asphalt Jungle and Mike Mazurki Murder, My Sweet. Special features:-audio commentary by Film Historian Troy Howarth -KLSC Trailers Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Frankie is caught and jailed, but Noll manages to escape and open a posh New York City nightclub.

Shrink-wrapped. Partners frankie burt lancaster, elmer Gantry and Noll Kirk Douglas, The Devil’s Disciple split up to evade capture by the police. Shrink-wrapped. Years later frankie is released from the clink and visits Noll with the intention of collecting his half of the nightclub's profits.