Tainted River Romance Book 2

His only problem - the new crew manager. But she’ll never let her insecurities show in the presence of the new captain. Despite her new position as manager of the Bonny Lass, Francine DuBois doubts her abilities. His religious upbringing taught him to frown on women of her profession, so how can he bring himself to overlook her way of life and give her the respect a workable relationship requires? Especially when he can't stop dreaming about her.

Which is worse? A tainted past, or a tainted opinion? He's too young to be a pilot and he'll never measure up to his predecessor. He’ll show everyone that he’s the best pilot the Mississippi River has to offer. After all, the only skill she’s ever been recognized for is entertaining men and giving them pleasure.

However, just below the surface, there's something about him she can't ignore. Luke waters may be young, but he’s determined to prove he’s more than capable.

Marked River Romance Book 1

Cora is that and more, but she belongs to someone else. Cora finally gets her wish, only to be taken down a road of strife, uncertainty, and mysterious prophecies. When she’s finally discovered again by Douglas, she’s a widow, fearing for her life and that of her newborn child and blind companion. Full of emotions, and the search for true love, family secrets, you’ll find it’s not just the cards that are marked.

Besides, anything has to be better than living with her pa who spends his days and nights drinking and gambling. He longs for simplicity and a woman with a pure heart—not one who craves his money. Cora craighead wants more than anything to leave Plum Point, Arkansas, aboard one of the fantastic steamboats that pass by her run-down home on the Mississippi River.

Douglas denton grew up on one of the wealthiest estates in Memphis, Tennessee. Life filled with parties, expensive clothing, and proper English never suited him. She’s certain there’s more to life out there…somewhere.

Forgotten River Romance Book 3

She’d rather remain a slave, than have him harmed in any way. Angel attains freedom, but time passes and there’s no sign of Billy. Their love may be forbidden, but can never be forgotten. Holding on to hope. Rumor has it, the war is about to end. He’s lived a privileged life on the Wellesley estate, where slavery is seen as a necessary means to operate their textile production.

In her heart, she believes he’ll come home to her. When billy tells her he’s joining the Union army, she begs him to stay, fearing she’ll lose her best friend. But that doesn’t stop Billy Denton from running away to enlist. Living and working at the estate is all Angel knows. The only man she’s ever loved.

Angel waits. Believing no human should be enslaved by another, he’s willing to fight—and even die—to change the future of the woman who holds his heart.

Redemption Southern Secrets Saga Book 7

But when a disheartening deceit comes to light, the strongest of bonds is tested beyond measure. An unexpected arrival changes many lives. In this final installment of the Southern Secrets saga, the newly married couples begin their lives together, so blissfully happy that nothing could disrupt their joy.

Their parents have set the perfect examples through years of unconditional love and affection. Every last secret is finally revealed. In the end, can they all find redemption? Even when faced with hardships and tragedies, their relationships have always held firm. True love gave them strength to overcome.

Misconceptions Southern Secrets Saga Book 6

Misconceptions lead everyone down the wrong road. The saga continues. Tragedy strikes and old wounds are reopened. But when they try to express their hearts' deepest desires to those who matter the most, nothing comes out as it should. The love of their family is the only thing that can keep them strong and help them move forward.

Running off to bridgeport allows Grace and Veronica to escape their romantic troubles for a short while, but eventually they must return to Mobile and confront their choices. It's sometimes difficult for a woman to decide which man she should spend the rest of her life with, especially when she has a confused heart.

Time away gives them the opportunity to evaluate their true feelings, and for the first time, no doubt remains.

Revelations Southern Secrets Saga Book 5

Twelve years have passed, and the children of your favorite characters from the Southern Secrets Saga are now young adults. Veronica martin has finally overcome the loss of her mother. He wants what his parents have—a long-lasting love. Along with an education, Michael's looking for a woman to share his life.

But on her eighteenth birthday, a mysterious letter turns her life upside down. Michael is in medical school, following in the footsteps of his father. Even more so, michael, her nephew and best friend, has always been there for her. Abigail anderson might be the woman to fit that mold, but Michael's confused heart complicates everything.

Grace fletcher has a difficult decision to make. Each has special qualities she adores, but knowing she can only commit to one has her torn. And it certainly doesn't make life easy at the Barnhardt’s home. Revelations bring even more questions that lead everyone down a long winding road—eventually unveiling the ultimate truth.

She gives her sister, claire, and Claire's husband, Andrew, the credit for bringing joy back into her life. Her heart belongs to identical twins, Karl and Gerald Barnhardt.

Desires Southern Secrets Saga Book 3

His money. His acquaintances. Power. Tragedy, mixed emotions, and deep prejudice accompany Martha’s youngest son’s return. It may take finding a love of her own in order to see the truth and understand the past. Nearly forgotten relatives in the Montgomery family have come to Mobile. Greed. Moving forward with their lives could prove as difficult as finding their way back to each other had been.

Beth alexander will never forgive Claire for her deceit, both the real and the imagined. His estate. Deceit. Desires run hot and deep, and Southern Secrets are buried even deeper. The new arrivals ignite more than one kind of flame. After an elaborate wedding, Victoria O’Malley and her new husband return to his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Are more than even she could have dreamed of, until she discovers that John Martin is not the man she thought he was. Lust.

Incivilities Southern Secrets Saga Book 4

Andrew readily assists her, hoping his aid might lead to reconciliation between Claire and Beth. As for the rest of the montgomery family, Melissa’s attraction to Henry Alexander becomes the least of their worries. Andrew Fletcher. Victoria’s determined to get what she wants, one way or another. They, too, seek the help of the kind doctor.

But some wounds can never be healed. Incivilities abound. Yet, when she finds herself pregnant, her triumph and courage are suddenly tainted with fear. And in the heat of the moment, someone pays the ultimate price for their deceit. Unveiled secrets lead to hate and revenge. Despite her protest, George seeks the help of Dr.

A tragic accident brings them to their knees and makes them realize what’s truly important. She flees to her family in alabama for the holidays, but eventually must return to her husband in Bridgeport, where John’s retaliation changes her life forever. In mobile, Beth struggles with her own pregnancy.


Deceptions Southern Secrets Saga Book 1

Despite criticism from the hospital administrator, he’s determined to stand by his principles and help anyone in need. The secrets and deceptions she creates blur the line between lies and truth, until she can’t discern one from the other. But claire’s world crashes around her when she discovers a painful truth.

Andrew fletcher arrives in her little town on the bay and she’s irresistibly smitten. Andrew tends to the elite at Mobile City Hospital, but also cares for the poor Negroes in a less desirable part of the city. Until Dr. A little more than six years have passed since the end of the War Between the States, and life in Mobile, Alabama isn’t easy.

Claire montgomery is twenty-five and unmarried. Regardless of the color of their skin. Their whirlwind romance is quickly followed by a wedding proposal. With no choice but to run away, she leaves Mobile and soon realizes she’s carrying his child. Every decision Claire makes changes the lives of those she loves.

. After years of listening to her mama’s caution regarding men, she’s determined to stay single.

Consequences Southern Secrets Saga Book 2

Exactly what she deserves—she’ll let nothing get in her way now. But someone is determined to ruin everything. Andrew fletcher can’t bring himself to let go of Claire Montgomery, despite knowing she’s settled into life with her blacksmith husband and newborn son. Dr. No one can measure up to her standards, yet every woman in Mobile is determined to take her place, trying everything imaginable to win his heart.

After a near-death illness requires andrew’s bedside care, Victoria O’Malley finally has him just where she wants him; she’s first in line to become a doctor’s wife. A series of tragic events will bring everyone together again, and things once meant to be hidden will rise dramatically to the surface.

Deceptions, no matter how slight, always have consequences.

Rumors of the Renegade Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 4

They encourage him to visit Water’s Rest in St. He makes the journey, but comes face to face with more than one of his former demons. Though lucas is no longer causing difficulties in the cove, the peaceful valley is not without its share of troubles. From the day alice henry arrived, Buck Larsen fell hard, and his feelings were eagerly reciprocated.

Five years have passed since the end of the war, and the families in Cades Cove have finally returned to a sense of normalcy. Only the love of family can sustain them and pull everyone through. Both families are saddened by his sudden disinterest in Alice, and when they learn his reasoning, believe he’s lost his mind.

War is no more, yet conflict most certainly remains. Louis, hoping luke and Francine Waters can help Lucas find peace and purpose. He’s tried his best to accept life as a farmer, but he’s restless and wants something more. His sister, Lily, knows just how unsettled he is. When he finally decides to act on them, his deceased wife mysteriously raises objections.

His poor behavior is affecting all of them, and she and Caleb fear he’ll have a negative influence on their children. The very thing Lucas Larsen hates.