The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

Kelvin, his time in the starfleet academy, his meteoric raise through the ranks of Starfleet, and his illustrious career at the helm of the Enterprise, his youth spent on Tarsus IV, this in-world memoir uncovers Captain Kirk in a way Star Trek fans have never seen. From his birth on the U. S. S. The autobiography of James T.

Kirk chronicles the greatest Starfleet captain's life 2233–2371, in his own words. Orders are despatched from our UK warehouse next working day. Kirk's singular voice rings throughout the text, giving insight into his convictions, his bravery, and his commitment to the life—in all forms—throughout this Galaxy and beyond.

Excerpts from his personal correspondence, captain's logs, and more give Kirk's personal narrative further depth.

The Autobiography of Jean Luc Picard

Titan. His extraordinary life and career makes for dramatic reading: court martials, his capture and torture at the hand of the Cardassians, unrequited love, his assimilation with the Borg and countless other encounters as captain of the celebrated Starship Enterprise. The autobiography of jean-Luc Picard tells the story of one of the most celebrated names in Starfleet history.


Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

Titan Books. Meticulously researched, decisive battles, this account covers a multitude of alien species, and the technology that made the Age of Exploration possible. Kirk’s official biography and newly translated Klingon reports. Star trek federation: the first 150 Years celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

This unprecedented illustrated volume chronicles the pivotal era leading up to Humankind's First Contact with Vulcan in 2063, the Romulan War in 2156, the creation of the Federation in 2161, and the first 150 years of the intergalactic democracy up until the year 2311. For the first time, complete with excerpts from Starfleet records and intergalactic intelligence, an ‘in universe’ history of Star Trek, including James T.

Titan. It includes field sketches, starfleet records, and reproductions of historic pieces of art from across the Galaxy, along with over fifty excerpts from key Federation documents and correspondence, illustrations, and intergalactic intelligence.

The Autobiography of Mr. Spock

Half human and half vulcan, written in spock's own words, the book, follows his difficult childhood on the planet Vulcan; his controversial enrollment at Starfleet Academy; his adventures with Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise; his diplomatic triumphs with the Klingons and Romulans; and his death and amazing resurrection on the Genesis Planet.

Titan. Despite his alien blood, his struggle to find his place in the universe is one we can all relate to. Spock" tells the story of one of Starfleet's finest officers, and one the Federations most celebrated citizens. We meet the friends he's made, the women he loved, and experience the triumphs and tragedies of a life and career that spanned a century.

Fictional autobiography of the iconic star trek character, his adventures on the Enterprise, told in his own words and telling the story of his life, including his difficult childhood, and his death and resurrection on the Genesis Planet. The autobiography of Mr. Titan Books.

Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek: Vulcan

Modeled after real-world travel guides, geographical, the book will explore every significant region on Vulcan with fascinating historical, and cultural insights that bring the planet to life like never before. Discover how to correctly perform the traditional Vulcan salutation you really don’t want to get this wrong.

. Titan. Learn key vulcan phrases such as nam-tor puyan-tvi-shal wilat: “Where is your restroom?” Find out what to do if you suddenly find yourself host to a katra—a Vulcan’s living spirit—at an inconvenient moment. Learn all about the native Vulcan people and their unusual customs. This hidden universe travel guide draws on 50 years of Star Trek TV shows, films, and novels to present a comprehensive guide to Spock’s iconic home world.

Set in the star trek universe, this hidden Universe travel guide explores all that Vulcan—Spock’s home planet—has to offer in an interactive guidebook. Plan your next trip to the planet Vulcan! Find restaurants that serve the best fried sandworms and Vulcan port. Titan Books. Take a trip to the Fire Plains or experience spring break at the Voroth Sea.

Also featuring a dynamic mixture of classic star trek imagery and original illustrations created exclusively for the book,  Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek: Vulcan is the perfect way to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek and will thrill pop culture fans and hardcore Star Trek fans alike. All this and more can be found within the pages of this essential travel guide to one of the most popular—and logical—destinations in the known universe.

Star Trek Shipyards Star Trek Starships: 2294 to the Future The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships

Titan. Enterprise, ncc- 1701-D, U. S. S. Titan Books. The final chapter features time traveling ships from the distant future. All the featured ships are illustrated with CG artwork, including original VFX models made for the TV show. The second volume presenting the first chronological history of all of the Starfleet ships featured in the Star Trek television programs and films.

Voyager and starfleet's first true warship - the U. S. S. The second volume in a chronological history of the Starfleet starships in Star Trek TV and films, from the 24th century to the far future!This in-depth reference book covers Starfleet vessels including the U. S. S. Defiant. This volume presents the technical information, star trek: first contact, service history, and artwork of the iconic ships featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Nemesis.


Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek: The Klingon Empire

Every major location in the klingon empire is covered in-depth, with tips on where to eat you’ve not lived until you’ve eaten Klingon skull stew, how best to get to and from your chosen destination, and what to do if you find yourself challenged to a bat’leth battle to the death. Explore the homeworld and vast dominion of Star Trek’s most formidable race, the Klingons, in this thrilling travel guide.

Nuqneh! bored of standard vacations to places like risa or wrigley’s pleasure planet? want to discover a unique and ancient culture not bound by standard niceties and social mores? Then Qo’noS and the vast Klingon Empire are for you! This one-of-a-kind travel guide will give you all the information you need to plan, enjoy, and survive your trip to the very heart of Klingon territory, from an overview of Klingon history to tips on what to wear fur and leather are very popular to a glossary of important phrases like “mamI' DaneH'a'? nItebHa' mamI' DaneH'a'?” Would you like to dance with me?

Star trek and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. So what are you waiting for? qapla’!   TM & © 2016 CBS Studios Inc. All rights Reserved. Titan. The book also features exclusive maps and illustrations that bring to life the Klingon Empire and form the perfect reference guide for any visitor.

Locations include the homeworld qo’nos and its famous locales such as the First City, and many, the Caves of No’mat the Hamar Mountains, plus neighboring moons Corvix and Praxis, and the city of Krennla, many more must-see areas.

Star Trek Shipyards: The Klingon Fleet

Featuring the ships of the klingon fleet from their first appearance in the original tv series through the hit new series star Trek: Discovery!THIRTY KLINGON SHIPS INCLUDING FOURTEEN SHIPS FROM STAR TREK: DISCOVERYThis volume features ships of the Klingon Fleet, from the 22nd to the 24th Century. Opening with the klingon defense force bird-of-prey - an essential part of the fleet since the Empire first achieved space flight - the book features thirty ships, the Sarcophagus, including the D7-Class Battle Cruiser, the Raptor and the late 24th Century I.

K. S. Titan. In this third volume, the ships of the klingon fleet are explored from their first appearances in all the Star Trek television series through their most recent appearances in the hit new series Star Trek: Discovery. Titan Books. Negh'Var. With technical details, the book shows the evolution and development of the fleet in sumptuous CG renders, operational histories and annotated plan views, and is the most comprehensive collection of Klingon ships ever produced.

The star trek shipyards series provides Star Trek fans with the first ever chronological history of the starships from the television and film series.

Star Trek Designing Starships Volume 1: The Enterprises and Beyond

The design history of every variation of the USS Enterprise is covered within this volume, including three that were never seen on screen. Hundreds of physical and cgi model development photos including concept art, blueprints, and schematics, sketches, provided by the original designers and the vast archives of CBS and Paramount Studios.

Delve deep into the design process that led to the iconic Star Trek ships featured on television and film. Titan. Titan Books. Includes concept art and interviews with the ship designers and screen model builders, this first-time ever explored subject will appeal to all Star Trek fans. Explore the design process behind the creation of more than 30 of the most iconic ships in Star Trek's history!This is the story of how some of the most talented designers in Hollywood created STAR TREK's starships, from the first sketches to the finished models that appeared on screen.

Covering the genesis of more than 30 ships including all seven Enterprises, this book is packed with original concept art, showing fascinating directions that were explored and abandoned, and revealing the thinking behind the finished designs.

Mirror Broken - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Titan Books. Titan. These are the voyages of the I. S. S. Collects the 2017 free Comic Day issue and the five-issue mini-series. The terran empire is on its last legs in its war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard has learned of a final chance for victory: a revolutionary new Galaxy-class starship that could turn the tide of the war.

The final frontier. To boldly go where no one has gone before!in the other-dimensional Mirror Universe, only a cruel Terran Empire, where advancement comes through assassination, there is no United Federation of Planets, brutality is commonplace and kindness is a weakness. For the first time in the history of star Trek: The Next Generation, go into the alternate "Mirror, Mirror" universe to meet the cold-blooded crew of the I.

S. S. The ship is called Enterprise-and Picard intends to take it. Enterprise. Enterprise, and their captain, the ruthless Jean-Luc Picard!Space. Its continuing mission: to conquer strange new worlds, to enslave new life and new civilizations.

Star Trek Shipyards Star Trek Starships: 2151-2293 The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships

Enterprise ncc-1701star trek shipyards is a series of lavishly illustrated books that provide in-universe profiles of STAR TREK ships. Titan. For the first time ever, a chronological history of the starfleet starships from star trek television shows and films!Profiles more than 250 years worth of Starfleet ships! Including Zefram Cochrane's ship The Phoenix, which made the first faster-than-light journey in human history, through Captain Kirk's famous Enterprise up to the Enterprise-B: the ship where Kirk was lost.

Titan Books. Discovery & the u. S. S. Plus all of the starfleet ships from the star trek: discovery tv series!this in-depth reference book includes a technical overview and operational history for each ship and is illustrated with CG artwork, including original VFX models made for the TV show. Includes the enterprise nx-01, THE U.

S. S. Each ship is profiled with technical information, its operational history and much more.