The First Hundred Miles are the Longest

River Dog Publishing - The trio paddled through intense weather conditions, met all sorts of interesting river people, and learned more about themselves and each other as they travelled. Through all of the ups and downs, it became one of the greatest adventures of their lives. In the summer of 2002, his dog shoba, john Shaffer, and his father Terry set out in two canoes to paddle the length of the Mississippi River.

Mississippi Solo

Holt Paperbacks - Harris has been praised for his travel writing. Mississippi solo is a big, brilliant book, rollicking, a wonderful piece of American adventure, and an unforgettable story of a man testing his own limits. In this exciting reissue of his classic travelogue, readers will come to treasure the rich insightful prose that is as textured as the Mississippi River itself.

. Since the publication of his first book, Mississippi Solo, Eddy L. Sustaining him through the hard weeks of paddling were the hundreds of people who reached out to share a small piece of his challenge. The trip's dangers were legion for a Black man traveling alone, paddling from "where there ain't no black folks to where they still don't like us much.

Mississippi Solo - Barge waives loom large, wild dogs roam the wooded shores, and, in the Arkansas dusk, two shotgun-toting bigots nearly bring the author's dream to a bloody . They will be taken by the hand by an adventurer whose lifelong dream is to canoe the length of this mighty river, from Minnesota to New Orleans.

One Woman's River: A Solo Source-to-Sea Paddle on the Mighty Mississippi

Prairie River Publishing - Learn the rare story of determination and hope from the cockpit and perspective of a kayaking artist’s 107-day passage that only the Mississippi River can teach, as what first began as a creative quest soon became the discovery of a lifetime. In 2014 artist paddler and educator ellen kolbo mcdonah left the security of her home and family to find creative power along the banks of the Mississippi River and during the spring flood celebrated her sixtieth birthday in the headwater marshes.

Pack your paints and your paddle; we’re going on a 2, 552-mile creative adventure from source to sea on the mighty Mississippi River in a 14-1/2 foot kayak named Inspiration… alone. From lake itasca, minnesota, river friends were gifted with artwork created in return for kindness and assistance, through the Gulf of Mexico, but who was the true benefactor? Feel your pulse pound and your knees buckle as you race toward tows and barges in the river channel against the pull of current and dodge ocean-going vessels in the shipyard before New Orleans.

One Woman's River: A Solo Source-to-Sea Paddle on the Mighty Mississippi - Experience towering cityscapes, pristine wilderness and people met through Ellen’s richly illustrated book with glossary, reflective Mississippi beaches, including 42 color paintings and 69 pen and ink/pencil drawings completed from and during her journey.  .

Paddle Pilgrim: An adventure of learning and spirit, kayaking the Mississippi River

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - In addition to painting a kaleidoscope of vivid word pictures of river scenery, Ellingson writes movingly about the “interior landscapes” of solitude, silence, prayer, and communion with creation. Ellingson teaches courses in spirituality, environmental ethics, human development, and youth ministry at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Wash.

What began as an adventure led to learning and ultimately to spiritual pilgrimage!” he says. It had been on my bucket-list since i was a boy and read Huck Finn, ” reports Dave Ellingson, college professor and pastor, who paddled the entire Mississippi River in his kayak during the summer of 2012. He resides in Edmonds, Wash.

Paddle Pilgrim: An adventure of learning and spirit, kayaking the Mississippi River - Paddle pilgrim chronicles this “adventure of a lifetime” and recounts experiences from basking in a sublime sunset in Minnesota to dancing with a snake on an Arkansas sandbar. He is a lutheran pastor, Master Gardener, former distance runner and triathlete, and father of five grown children.

Mighty Miss: A Mississippi River Experience

BookSurge Publishing - After hanging in mid-air for a split-second, our canoe drops hard. Did we cheat death on winnie’s six-foot waves in near freezing waters and survive terrifying games of chicken played by towboat operators only to go down in a peril equal to Dante’s inner circle? Mighty Miss’ edge-of-death experiences mingle with portraits of sandy beaches; a Robinson Crusoe island; magnificent sunrises; close-up encounters with loons making their evening call; slam dancing carp, lips pulsating to pass brethren mosh-pit style; and fishermen and faith filled river people sharing intimate and uplifting stories.

Used book in Good Condition. The ecstasy of nature’s beauties and the excitement of survival make Mighty Miss a timeless and riveting Mississippi memoir. The bow bends as if to be ripped asunder. We are descending out of control and into the core of a forty-foot whirlpool. Immediate primal fears, heightened by expedition tensions and summer’s heat, grip us.