THE GANGSTER’S COUSIN: Growing Up In The Luciano Family

I refused to be forced into the powerless class of the ordinary, law-abiding citizen. Follow sal's unique perspective and find out why he strives so hard to stay ahead of a different type of criminal class--the the people who make the rules. I was born an outlaw in outlaw culture. As such, it would have been easy to fall into the trappings of "made man" status in the mafia, like his cousin Charles "Lucky" Luciano.

I always saw things from outside the box because I was born outside the box, so I was free to think for myself. Born in 1942, salvatore "sal" Lucania was not only raised but educated by the streets of East Harlem. From his humble beginnings in new york and across four continents, Sal's memoir takes the reader on a sometimes exciting, sometimes poignant, and often humorous adventure as he finds himself in unbelievable situations and meeting an array of unique and funny characters along the way.

Dropping out of his catholic high school at 15 after punching out a priest, a formal education was not Sal's future. The gangster's cousin is a wonderfully different take on the usual Mafia story. But sal had a different vision of the future, the "ruling class, if he could just escape the confines of his neighborhood and defy the ways of the people in power: the bullies, " local government corruption and his own mafia family culture- in order to create a different life than the one fate might have otherwise intended.


I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective Edition 2: Psychological Games * Real IT Analysis * Legal Matters * Gender Studies

Join selina's adventure and her interaction with lawyers, police, hackers, banks and organizations . But. Computer engineer, selina Co, becomes a hacker and actress who scams the scammer and captures his real information. Why did this computer engineer fall victim in the first place, legal limitation, who is believed to be in another romance scam? This book is about hackers, technical aspects in cybercrime investigation, Jason, when she was not even in love with the fraudster? Will Selina be able to save the love of her life, psychological games to brainwash the criminal, misconduct of certain banks and its role in the crime and money recovery analysis.

This crime involves 7 countries australia, the United States, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, China, New Zealand in 4 continents. Psychology, real it analysis* advanced scammers' tricks, true love - because of major progress of this true story, Regulations, Fake passport & fake documents executed by criminals* Legal limitations, Banking, Money Recovery Analysis, Incorporation, Real IT data, Sociology* Gender Studies, Scam a scammer* Hackers, this 2nd edition was released.

. Presentation was also enhanced in this version. Book trailer: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=fnskhu_rhv8Romance Scam IT Detective company https://www. Onlinedatingidentitycheck.

Consequences: A Novel of Unlikely American Heroes

But, will it be enough to save him - to save those who are the cause of his tragedy?All three characters are bound together by devastation caused by needless gun violence. It adjoins the robust and diverse city of Fairfield. With a thread of hope, a worn teddy bear and an unwavering social worker, can the black ten year old child open his heart yet again? The red front door opens to him and Taylor recognizes the tall blue-eyed man who is smiling warmly before him…his hero from a trauma months before.

His world crumbles. She will become a life force on the cause. Loss of his mother from gun violence followed by foster care disasters, threatens to break Taylor’s spirit and future. Will this lead to the life his community hopes for him?Leon is tall and lanky with distinctive red hair, like his dad’s. Seared by personal experiences and those of close friends, she could and would, go “toe to toe” with anyone on the importance of sensible gun laws.

The phillips gun range, is where he learns to shoot…and he loves the feel of a gun, still owned by his grandma, even more than his basketball. With extraordinary determination and God given talent, her debate skills became unsurpassed, particularly on the topic of senseless gun violence. At twelve, he had a jump shot that made the high school basketball coach salivate.

While less prosperous than its neighbor, it balances by huge community involvement and commitment to protect and nurture its population, especially youth. It is here where three precious, and someday very well known, babies are born within hours of one another – Katie Gonzalez, Taylor Turner and Leon Phillips.


Only when barrabas faces execution does he claim that another man committed his infamous crimes decades earlier. When everything you believe about civilization is a lie, the ultimate power is truth. Human souls can be moved from one body to another through the process known as transference. The authorities are suspicious.

Eighty years from now mankind has discovered the secret of eternal life. Banished to a mining colony on a distant planet for lawlessness is Barrabas Madzimure, the king of thieves. Control of this new technology has fallen under the dominion of Jovian, a powerful prophet and head of the Church which governs every aspect of existence.

. Is he the madzimure of legend and a potential threat to jovian's new world order, self-sacrifice, or just another victim of transference? The epic story of a grim personal mission, revenge, Transference takes the reader on a heart-racing journey through rebellion, and the soul's search for identity.


The Beckoning of Beguiling Things The Beckoning Series Book 1

I just want to cut loose in Las Vegas and have a good time. The numina, the esteemed guardians of the Earth, are alive and well. I'm glad we're in agreement--because courting destiny can be a bitch, especially when it takes a sharp left turn. The beckoning of beguiling Things is the start of a one woman and too many delicious men to choose from kind of romantic adventure.

The beckoning series, so far:the beckoning of Beguiling ThingsThe Beckoning of Beautiful ThingsThe Beckoning of Broken ThingsThe Beckoning of Badass Things. Their leader, the Keeper of Time and Records, version 5. 1. 1, knows all the secrets and mysteries, save one—what will happen to the world if the light bearers don’t come into their own?And one potential light bearer holds the key—Marissa Engles.

Hold up. Stop. The only destiny I'm interested in is waiting for me backstage. That's utter nonsense. An amazon #1 bestseller! Dark times shall claim the land. One woman, a bearer of light, shall lead the way.

Harlem Rhapsody: A Crime Thriller The Volunteers Book Book 2

He’ll whack mob kingpin Arnold Rothstein. At 75, to the unsolved murder of rothstein, and the machinations of a secret organization, from Duke Ellington’s debut at the Cotton Club, Harlem Rhapsody follows this turbulent era 1927”"1937, 000 words, the Volunteers. Morgan and john rockefeller, who fight to take down corruption and Tammany Hall.

Based on true events and real people the belle of broadway; Titanic Thompson; Lucky Luciano Harlem Rhapsody is the second book in the Volunteer series about Teddy Roosevelt’s band of men, with financial assistance from J. P. Scroll up and grab a copy of Harlem Rhapsody today. Harlem rhapsody features a WWI hero and Harlem Hellfighter recruited to support the mission.

His volunteer boss is based on my grandfather, a former Irish freedom fighter revered in Ireland for his hunger strike aboard the prison ship Argenta. In the days of prohibition and the harlem Renaissance, gangster and Cotton Club owner, Owney Madden, has a plan to defeat the tyranny of Tammany Hall.

Tap Sapiens Reign of Sapiens' Evil R.O.S.E. Book 1

Resilient, at nineteen years old, and often impulsive, valiant, Brandi Perry, enlists in the Army of the Supremo of the Confederacy ASC with the sole objective of searching for ways to start a revolution and ultimately overthrow the corrupt and authoritarian regime. As soon as she sets foot in fort sc1902, hostile world alone, noble path in a crooked, she finds out that her problems may be greater than anticipated, but she never has to walk that straight, for she will come across an eclectic group of friends while indulging in the most inconvenient romance imaginable.

Along with every person she meets and all the troubles she casts them into, including unforeseen connections between the Supremo of the world’s lone superpower and the mass starvation, Brandi begins exposing the dark and dubious background of the Confederacy, plus the seemingly widespread diseases that have been inexplicably plaguing across the globe on an unprecedented scale.


THE DUBAI GIRL: How My Life-Changing Journey Will Unlock Your Destiny

I am that girl. In 1968 a baby girl was conceived in a small town called Dubai. Shortly after being born in mumbai on August 6th 1969, her mother brought her back to be raised in Dubai. And i want to share with you that only a person who has walked this journey out can truly tell you how to find yours! You have a choice today.

30 years later she would learn the best kept secrets of the Heavenly Father. Destiny collided with her at the age of 19 when she met Jesus and the arduous but rewarding journey of finding her purpose began. Remember, one decision or one moment can change your life’s trajectory forever. The dubai Girl. Her parents were simple folks chasing after their dreams of having a better life.

. She knew of God but had never met Jesus. Ultimately, life isn’t about finding yourself but about discovering the Father’s eternal destiny for you.

Fractured: Dereck Dillinger and the Shortcut to Oz

Dereck makes it to the shortcut path, finding a beautiful lady who quickly morphs into an ugly hag and tells Dereck he must die so that she and the other creatures kept captive there will be freed at last. Dereck remembers bottle rockets in his backpack and uses them to destroy the creature and catch the surrounding forest on fire.

However his mom is always reminding him to spend time with his little sister. The only thing jessie wants dereck to do is read fairy tales to her, though he would prefer they do anything else like shoot bottle rockets or throw a baseball around. Right before his eyes, the wicked witch of the west talks the assistant into becoming her evil assistant so she can help her make sure Dorothy will get the shortcut map, take the shortcut, and die so the green witch can get her hands on the silver slippers she wants from the farm girl so badly.

When jessie screams out for help, Dereck imagines a tree crashing through her window, trapping his sister in her room. As the big brother, he intends to keep his sister safe, taking on the role of their dad who died in a car accident the year before. Derek loves his sister, but her constant need of his attention is starting to get on his nerves.

The couple is waiting on the Dorothy girl from Kansas to pass by so they can make a deal with her. But how could that be? within the short visit, the old lady finds out about Dereck planning to take the shortcut and gives him a safety charm since she heard that the shortcut between the yellow road and the Emerald City is a very dangerous path.

Miss glinda calls for a dragon to take Dereck home then and there.

When Worms Abandon Their Burrows

While doing her best to block the date from her mind, she gets an assignment that throws her right back into the horror of that day and threatens to take away the one thing she has managed to hold on to since that time: her pride. Freelance journalist Emily Merton has moved back to her hometown. For the first time in seventeen years she will be spending August 16 there—the anniversary of the day her childhood innocence died.

But will it also give her an opportunity to solve the riddles that have plagued her all these years? And does she even want to solve them? .

Monkey Money Mind: How to Stop Monkeying Around with Your Money

Harry markowitz, nobel prize winner in Economic Sciences“I found myself unemployed at thirty-nine years old and payingrent out of my savings. What is your life going to be like whenyou can’t work? put some cash away, man!”Osher Günsberg, TV personality and host ofThe Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Australia“I was twenty-five years old when I finally realized how poor my financial statewas.

Featuring interviews with notablecontributors, Monkey Money Mind focuses on why we stop thinking when westart spending. Excerpts from select monkey money mind contributors“the object of life is not to be rich when you die, it’s to live well. Dr. I realized there’s much more I want to do with my life, and I needed creditto do it, and I turned everything around.

Carla moore, senior executive at HBO and bestselling author“Love should never be an excuse to break the bank. Pat williams, nba’s Orlando Magic founder. In monkey money mind, authors chris Zadeh and Angelique Schouten explorethe psychological influences that spur our irrationality and mute our reasonwhen it comes to financial decision-making.