The Paul Richter Omnibus: Read Books 1-6 of the Explosive Thrillers An Agent Paul Richter Thriller

From supersonic chases above the russian tundra to terrorists in Dubai and covert battles in North Korea, these are the most explosive thrillers you’ll ever read. Trouble? Guaranteed. Special forces and pilot experience. The bestselling military thrillers, now in a special omnibus editionPaul Richter: listed as working with the Foreign Operations Executive.

This omnibus edition contains all six books in the series so far. The agent paul Richter ThrillersManhuntOverkillPandemicFoxbatTimebombPayback.

Insurrection An Agent Paul Richter Thriller Book 7

But this time is different…in london, Paul Richter is briefed about a series of seemingly unconnected events, notably a terrifying spate of seemingly random shootings in America. Paul richter returns in james barrington’s gripping new thrillerIn Syria, a ritualistic ISIS beheading seems like another barbaric part of a terrible war.

Before long richter is on the case and in the line of fire. It seems a plot far bigger and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined is brewing from the mountains of the Hindu Kush and the deserts of Syria to the heart of Middle America. With no information, the clock is ticking for Richter – and millions of innocent lives.

For readers of james patterson, will Jordan and Chris Ryan, the Agent Paul Richter series is intense, visceral and totally unmissable. Watch out for more agent Paul Richter thrillersManhuntOverkillPandemicFoxbatTimebombPaybackInsurrection. Something doesn’t quite fit.

Manhunt An Agent Paul Richter Thriller Book 1

When that senior officer can’t be identified, it hurts even more. With the security of britain's most secret files at stake, and trust a commodity in short supply, a deception operation must flush out the traitor. Paul richter, an unemployed ex-Naval aviator, is the unwitting and ultimately expendable bait in the trap.

But as the net closes e, a russian intelligence officer flees moscow and her evidence points the finger of suspicion in a very different direction…With time running out, Richter finds himself battling both the British security establishment and teams of Russian assassins with orders to kill him, and nobody to trust, and the woman he’s trying to protect.

For readers of james patterson, the Agent Paul Richter series is intense, Will Jordan and Chris Ryan, visceral and totally unmissable. Watch out for more Agent Paul Richter thrillersManhuntOverkillPandemicFoxbatTimebombPayback. Nobody is above suspicionthe first in an unputdownable series of explosive thrillers featuring Agent Paul RichterIn the intelligence world, it hurts when a senior officer goes bad.


Right and Glory Eddie Dawson Novel Book 2

The eddie dawson novelsTo Do or DieRight and GloryOperation XD. That night activity in the village wakes them and they return to the fort and witness a group of German soldiers landing on the roof in gliders. Bravery and close combat in the fight against HitlerEddie Dawson and Major Sykes are sent to the impregnable Eben Emael in Belgium, the strongest fort in the world.

This main attack lasts 20 minutes, leaving Eben Emael crippled. They simply must get one. But dawson is disturbed – he has seen the Germans do the impossible: blasting holes through solid 12 inch steel armour using some kind of new demolition charge. This new secret weapon could change everything. But how? and can they make it out through deadly enemy lines, from bestselling thriller writer James Barrington, out all the way to Dunkirk and safety? The second explosive tale of Eddie Dawson’s derring-do in the Second World War, writing as Max Adams.


To Do or Die Eddie Dawson Novel Book 1

Their obvious escape route blocked, they head north, but their troubles have only just begun…To Do or Die is the first in a series of exciting adventure novels from James Barrington, writing as Max Adams. Dawson and a fellow sapper are caught on the wrong side of the front line. An absorbing story… James Barrington knows his stuff.

The historical novels reviewthe Eddie Dawson novelsTo Do or DieRight and GloryOperation XD. Treachery and valour in the second world waras hitler’s armies march across Europe, an explosives expert and lance-corporal in the Royal Engineers, Eddie Dawson, is sent to France on an assessment mission. His task completed, he anticipates an early return to Britain.

Set in the second world war, a time of heroes, outlandish bravery and brutal hand-to-hand combat, they are sure to enthral fans of Band of Brothers, James Holland and Iain Gale. Dawson’s demolition skills are needed to clear a minefield. Within hours everything goes wrong. Instead, he’s sent to German territory where the French have launched an ill-advised invasion.


Overkill An Agent Paul Richter Thriller Book 2

The cold war is far from over… agent paul richter is back in a searing novel that takes the world to the brinkA group of disgruntled Russian supremos decide the time has come to deploy their secret nuclear arsenal. What the renegade Russians don't realise is their own allies have an even deadlier agenda.

Richter is the only man that can stop them. They team up with al-qaeda in order to neutralise America and take political and economic control of western Europe. Only one man can stop them – a British intelligence agent: Paul Richter. Richter discovers that europe has been seeded with neutron bombs, with more lethal nuclear devices planted in strategic cities throughout the US… Now the American government is about to be handed an ultimatum – abandon Europe to Russian forces or see millions of its citizens destroyed.

But time is running out. From thundering plane chases above siberia, to a thrilling showdown in Gibraltar, this gripping espionage thriller is perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum, Tom Cain and Andy McNabWatch out for more Agent Paul Richter thrillersManhuntOverkillPandemicFoxbatTimebombPayback.

Retribution: A Paul Richter Novella

Paul richter is backAn African prince is gunned down outside a London restaurant. Before long he is in a deadly game of cat and mouse, wounded and chased through the English countryside. Timebomb6. Who is the third killer? why was there no threat warning? And why did the killers kidnap one of the bodyguards, a former SAS soldier? Paul Richter is sent on the case.

Overkill3. Watch out for more Agent Paul Richter thrillers1. Foxbat5. But this is no ordinary assassination. Pandemic4. Manhunt2. Richter will have to rely on all his combat skills and luck to avoid retribution…A standalone novella in the Paul Richter series, Retribution shows James Barrington at his best: fast, action-packed and giving absolutely no quarter.

Paybackcoming in 2017: the next full length Paul Richter thriller.

Understrike An Agent Paul Richter Thriller Book 8

The world would be remade. But when a corpse turns up on the remote Arctic island of Svalbard, it soon becomes clear this was no accidental death. An earth-shattering plot, a race against timeRussia has developed a new offensive capability. The body has been flagged by secret services and before long Paul Richter is sent, covertly, to investigate.

Meeting old friends, he plunges into a breakneck chase taking him from the frozen North to the rocky islands and blazing sun of the Azores. Perfect for fans of James Phelan, Chris Ryan and Andy McNab. The stakes have never been higher. It's devastating and, above all, secret. This time richter is truly on edge, working at the limits of global survival.

. Frightening in scale and plausibility, based on the most up-to-date science and intelligence, this is the most gripping Paul Richter thriller yet.

Operation XD Eddie Dawson Novel Book 3

Eddie dawson returns in his most explosive outing yetIf an officer wants to talk, something’s usually wrong. Buckle up! the eddie dawson novelsTo Do or DieRight and GloryOperation XD. Plucked from his unit, Eddie Dawson knows trouble awaits. The netherlands is under Nazi invasion from land and sea. But the nazis aren’t interested only in conquest; they want the enormous Dutch oil reserves for their war effort.

Soon dawson understands what game is afoot: he’s an explosives expert, and there’s a load of oil that needs to be destroyed. But can he get there in time – and get out alive? It's only beginning of even more explosive mission…Based on true events, this latest James Barrington WW2 thriller is intense and unputdownable.

Amsterdam is besieged.

Alter Ego - A Sam Prichard Mystery Sam Prichard, Part 2 Book 10

Sam prichard has retired and is enjoying the easy life, but then his world turned upside down. Sam is arrested for one of the most heinous crimes imaginable-- the rape and murder of a teenage girl, and DNA evidence points straight to him! It's an impossible situation, but Sam's loyal friends at Windlass Security won't abandon him no matter how bad it looks.

With sam out on bond and wearing an ankle monitor, they make a startling discovery. With more lives hanging in the balance, Sam races to clear his name, but might end up forced into a corner where the only way out is to turn on his own blood.

Payback An Agent Paul Richter Thriller Book 6

It goes well and as a reward he’s given an easy job: investigating James Holden, a middle-aged Englishman living in Dubai, who appears to predict terrorist attacks. It should be simple – a break in the sun and a couple of days’ work – but, almost as soon as he arrives in Dubai, Richter is diverted to Bahrain.

Then it all begins to get complicated. Who is the secretive patient in the nearby manama hospital? who slaughtered a dozen people at a remote stable in Saudi Arabia, seemingly just to steal one horse? And why has a US State Department jet carrying a specialist CIA team been diverted to Cairo?Nothing makes sense until Richter finally uncovers the outline of a truly catastrophic plot.

. The final paul richter novel is an utterly exhilarating and no-holds-barred thriller with a race-against-time series ending that will leave you stunned. Watch out for more agent Paul Richter thrillersManhuntOverkillPandemicFoxbatTimebombPaybackInsurrection. A race against time in the middle EastHauled back from an exercise with the SAS, Paul Richter is tasked with a short-notice extraction job.