The Real Teacher and The Seven Steps

Compiled of two essays, the first part reveals that the real Teacher is not a person and a real teaching does not come from the human mind. The real teacher and the Seven Steps” message is in the not to be missed category. In the second essay, and then elucidates, “The Seven Steps, ” the author lays out, seven spiritual principles.

Christ is that state of consciousness which is man’s Teacher. Only with that realization, may a seeker of truth come into a higher way of life. This is a volume of interest to a new student or to a long-time seeker of truth. They are presented in a way that is conducive to consistent study—taking each principle one by one or as a whole.


What Slows Our Spiritual Progress

This essay was originally presented as a session in the 1959 Chicago Open Class. He says, “the main thing that disturbs me in my travels around the world meeting Infinite Way students and talking to them, is the slow progress they are making. He continues: “now in these years of travel, teaching, and i would say the major reason is that we have not emptied ourselves of our former concepts of truth, I think that I have glimpsed some of the reasons that our progress is so slow, and that we are trying to add to what we already know, something that is going to be the Messiah or Savior or healing principle.

This declaration by their teacher may have startled the students in attendance, however the specific instruction and guidance presented in this essay are a timeless wakeup call. In this talk, personally, it is as if Joel Goldsmith had stepped down from the dais to come nearer to the room full of attendees to talk to each, one on one.


The Fourth Dimension of Life

In this excerpt from the outstanding "thunder of silence" talk, he writes, which remains among the most profound of Joel Goldsmith’s teachings, “There comes a point in your experience when you are not solely you—but in which you are conscious of a Presence within. What the author unfolds in this talk is not a mystical cloud nine expectation that is available to the few who are called; rather, he presents how to attain the higher dimension and details very practical steps that living in this realm requires in day to day life.

This is a message that is as accessible to readers as it is profound. Do you see?” the author exclaims, “there is a spirit in you; there is a divine spark which we call the Christ, or even personal health—in which you find yourself empowered from within, which lifts you into the Fourth Dimension of life—into a state of Consciousness in which you do not live by personal efforts, personal will or wisdom, from the Kingdom of your own being.

This small book is a loving and compelling invitation to all to come into the fulfillment of their true being.

Secret of the Twenty-third Psalm

Using the smith translation of psalm 19, affirmation, goldsmith points to the truth that for prayer to be effective an individual must come into an understanding that “Prayer has nothing to do with anything we voice … whether in the form of a petition, denial or any other form of speech or thought.

Yes, thy spirit is my resting place, an oasis in the desert of the letter of Truth. ". Thy presence has filled me with peace. Thy spirit has formed a tent for me, and in its cool shade I linger. In this two-part essay, the author uses two beloved Psalms to unlock the mystery and meaning of true prayer. As a weary wanderer, I have sought Thee and now my weariness is gone.

This volume provides much more than instruction and guidance about Prayer; the final pages express the poetic reality of life lived in communion with the Divine. Night unto night declares knowledge. Peace fills my soul. There is no speech nor are there words … their voice is not heard, yet their voice goes forth through all the earth and their words … to the ends of the world.

Part two of the essay is called, “Practical interpretation of the Twenty-third Psalm. In this message which came through inspiration, Goldsmith writes, “Here is a form of prayer that harmonizes most beautifully with the message of The Infinite Way and its idea of prayer. He goes through the psalm—"the Lord is my shepherd"—verse by verse and brings each into the light of new understanding.


In the material world, “protection” summons up images of defensive armor or offensive weaponry to be taken up against innumerable outside forces or situations. He writes, as a benediction and blessing to the world, “as we consciously bring ourselves back, we understand more fully that all power flows out from us, to the actual awareness of God as Infinite Being, through us, day after day, day after day, God manifesting and expressing Itself as our individual being, but that no power acts upon us from without our own being.

If readers were to have this one essay alone for study, they would have the whole of The Infinite Way teaching. Protection” is one of the writings highly recommended by Joel Goldsmith. The author describes a way of life that is a constant turning within to know the truth of being. Always, the question is, how to find protection against these outside forces? Goldsmith lays out a wholly new consideration of protection: “In The Infinite Way we have learned that God is One: therefore, God is one power, and we live in that conscious Oneness.

With that cornerstone of spiritual life, what does protection mean to the spiritual seeker? That important subject is the theme of this essay. This essay originally appeared as a chapter in the book, The 1955 Letters, but stands alone as a thorough and illuminating study of what it means to live fully in the dimension of spiritual awareness.


The Deep Silence of My Peace

These waters bring everlasting life. This inspired message is one of the most beloved of all of Joel Goldsmith’s recorded talks. I do not ask you to believe the signs. Out of the depth of this silence comes the Spirit, which appears as our cloud by day and our pillar of fire by night. It is both a healing meditation, the “peace, and a revelation of the Christ presence, be still, ” available to all seekers of divine wisdom.

I do not ask you to believe, the light, even if you experience a healing; I will only ask you to believe if you feel the Touch within you, the Presence, the Life. ”. From the depth of this inner silence come forth the healing waters. Out of the depth of this silence come the safety and the security which always follow the peace that God gives.

Many have turned to this talk in times of sorrow or doubt and have found healing and release.

The Truth of Being

This not to be missed writing is a compilation of two of Joel Goldsmith’s “recommended chapters. Love thy neighbor, ” the first essay is a chapter from the book "Practicing the Presence. Taking as its premise the principle that love is the law of god and god and all individuals are one, the author writes, enemy, animal, “When we see God as the cause and our neighbor as that which is in and of God, flower, relative, then we are loving our neighbor whether that neighbor appears as a friend, or stone.

Part two of this writing, “the relationship of Oneness, ” is one of the most important chapters of all the Infinite Way writings. These two chapters encapsulate the whole of the Infinite Way message as it applies to relationships and to expressing love to family, the community, neighbors, so-called enemies and the world.

Your world and mine is an outpicturing of our consciousness: when that consciousness is imbued with truth, and dominion; when there is an absence of truth in our consciousness—an acceptance of world values and world beliefs—then our world takes on the complexion of the chance, orderliness, prosperity, change, power, peace, joy, our universe expresses harmony, and luck characteristic of world belief.

. All conditions reflect the activity of the consciousness of the individuals concerned. In this essay, the reader has guidance about how to apply principles of the Infinite Way in specific life situations.

The Infinite Way

Goldsmith chose to put this quote from Lao-Tze at the beginning of the book: There is no need to run outside for better seeing, nor to peer from a window. This devorss edition is the original 1947 textnow considered a spiritual classic, The Infinite Way was Joel Goldsmith s first book. Be assured inner peace will come as one turns to the spiritual consciousness of life, and an outer calm will follow in one's human affairs.

And that can be achieved here and now; spiritual illumination enables us to discern the spiritual reality where the human concept appears to be; and To many, the word Christ persists as a more or less mysterious term, rarely if ever experienced by them. Goldsmith inspires, and possibly surprises, the reader with statements such as Immortality is attained in proportion as personal sense is overcome.

. In this book, goldsmith gives the reader the richness of the spiritual principles that constitute the message of The Infinite Way. Readers will find the chapter soul to be one of the most illuminating on that topic in spiritual literature, and the chapters on meditation, prayer, and supply will give the reader a fresh, new perspective on those timeless subjects.

Joel introduces the infinite way by saying, "In this small volume I have written the spiritual truth as I have gleaned it through over thirty years of study of the major religions and philosophies of all ages.

Practicing the Presence: The Inspirational Guide to Regaining Meaning and a Sense of Purpose in Your Life

This modern spiritual classic is one of the three books. Goldsmith felt contained the essence of all his t Devorss Company. The celebrated guide to the awareness of the devine and transcedental in our daily lives. HarperOne.

Metaphysical Healing

Devorss Company. Used book in Good Condition. Goldsmith instructs on how the mind can transcend its apparent limitations and become what it is intended to be, an instrument for the free flowing of the Spirit. Rare early pamphlet by the creator of the "Infinite Way". Parenthetically, Goldsmith was one of Elvis' favorite authors.

HarperOne. 2011 reprint of 1947 Edition. This is a guidebook to instruct those seeking inner peace and joy. This is a work for persons who are seeking a way to live the contemplative life in the midst of the world.

Meditation and Prayer

Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Joel goldsmith was a christian spiritual healer in the 20th century who repeatedly taught about the importance of prayer and meditation. Used book in Good Condition. Devorss Company. If we believed that the "kingdom of god is within us, touch, " he says, "we should be willing to leave the world for a season, until such time as we could reach, and respond to the Father within.

This short pamphlet outlines Goldsmith's understanding of mediation and prayer. HarperOne. Goldsmith explains that God is within us; we need merely try to make contact. 2011 reprint of 1947 Edition. Used book in Good Condition.