Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max Redacted

But as vital supplies and makeshift weaponry are running out, so is time…and he will have to use every resource and survival tactic to fight for survival: for himself and his home. J. L. As the crisis unfolds, hyperinflation cripples the US economy. Bourne’s apocalyptic novel day by day armageddon was praised by #1 bestseller Brad Thor as “so real, so terrifying…that I slept with two loaded Glocks under my pillow.

In this ultrarealistic military thriller, the collapse of America’s power grid threatens the world’s fate—and only those prepared for the ultimate catastrophe will survive. On an unacknowledged mission inside the Syrian border, a government operative unwittingly triggers an incredible event that unleashes a weapon with the power to destroy the moral fabric of humanity.

The us government appears to offer salvation, but there is a sinister catch. Post-war armored military vehicles patrol the streets as martial law is imposed. One man stands up to push back against a high tech, tyrannical enemy hell-bent on ripping liberty from the pages of future history. Families struggle to find food, water, and electricity.


Tomorrow War: Serpent Road: A Novel The Chronicles of Max Book 2

Hyperinflation cripples the United States economy and post-war armored military vehicles are patrolling the streets. A riveting, #1 new york times bestselling author from the acclaimed author of the Day By Day Armageddon novels!During an unacknowledged mission inside the Syrian border, ultra-realistic example of “dystopian fiction at its best” Brad Thor, a government operative had unwittingly triggered an incredible worldwide event that irrevocably shaped the future of the United States.

One man has now stepped forward and continues to push back the dark wave of tyranny brought on by martial law in the streets of America, and may be the only hope of saving liberty for the country’s future. In the aftermath of the crisis, water, families have struggled to survive in a world short on food, and electricity.


Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Communications, weapons, and defense systems are rendered useless; thousands perish as vehicles suddenly lose power and passenger jets plummet to the ground. Fleeing the chaos of los angeles, Walker discovers that although America’s military has been scattered, its fighting spirit remains. Walker joins the soldiers as they head east across the desert, battling Korean patrols—and soon finds his own mission.

Walker reinvents himself as the Voice of Freedom, broadcasting information and enemy positions to civilian Resistance cells via guerrilla radio. But walker’s broadcasts have also reached the ears of the enemy. A gripping adventure set in the world of the epic videogamehome is where the war is America may be reeling from endless recessions and crippling oil wars, but hack reporter Ben Walker never expected to see his homeland invaded and occupied by a reunified Korea—now a formidable world power under Kim Jong-il’s dictator son.

The enemy’s massive cyberattack is followed by the detonation of an electromagnetic pulse that destroys technology across the United States. Korea dispatches its deadliest warrior to hunt the Voice of Freedom and crush the ever-growing Resistance before it can mount a new war for American liberty.

Day by Day Armageddon: Grey Fox

Sort of makes you wonder what the maestro of the universe is up to, no? You have again stumbled upon a ticket with service through the apocalyptic wastes, a little more beat up, but this time the train is a little bit older, and maybe a little wiser. Keep your doors locked. J. L. As the maestro of the day by Day Armageddon Universe, I have the latitude of being in control of that time.

Time is a very fluid thing, no one really has a grasp on it other than maybe how to measure it. I can adjust the slider either direction, moving the timeline back and forth along the continuum. This is one of the perks of creation, the benefit in constructing something albeit small from nothing. Bournealabama, 2013.


Ghost Run Day by Day Armageddon Book 4

Bourne’s reputation as “the new king of hardcore zombie action” Brad Thor, author of Act of War. The acclaimed and eagerly anticipated fourth thriller in the zombie apocalypse series from the author of Day by Day Armageddon and Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile, for fans of the smash hit show The Walking Dead.

In a desperate bid to survive as hordes of bloodthirsty undead now dominate the ravaged U. S. Task force phoenix may be humanity’s final hope, and the narrator's agonizing decisions could mean living one more day—or surrendering to the eternal hell that exists between life and death. Population, a navy commander discovers an incredible secret about the pandemic in this fourth novel in the acclaimed Day by Day Armageddon series.

Ghost run is a suspenseful, gripping, and intelligent thriller that will terrify die-hard horror fans and reinforce J. L.

Sex, guns and rock and roll, Welcome to the Diaspora

What if groups like blm and antifa were funded by people who hated america? what if they were led by paid agitators? What if somebody paid people top start shooting and make it look lie a race war? What if one political party wanted to abolish our constitution and replace it with a socialist system? What if We the People said "Enough"? What if it's already happening? Take a little walk on the wild side.

. What if all the current stuff in the news escalated? What if all the violent protesters were to get to carried away.

Day by Day Armageddon: Shattered Hourglass

Task force hourglass is humanity’s final hope, and his team’s agonizing decisions could mean living one more day—or surrendering to the eternal hell that exists between life and death. The acclaimed military thriller of the zombie apocalypse from the author of Day by Day Armageddon and Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile!In a desperate bid to take back the continental United States—where hordes of undead now dominate the ravaged human population—a Navy commander leads a global mission to the heart of the pandemic.



Working out in the fields during the attack, Huxley returns too late. Together, huxley and Jay carve a path of destruction across the remains of a once-great land. He only knows that they headed east and so will he. His daughter has been taken and his wife is bleeding out, her last whispered words about a man with a scorpion tattoo on his neck.

Where do the slavers go? Huxley has no idea. Now he’s a man with nothing left to lose … and that’s what makes him so dangerous. Ten years after the collapse, Huxley had built a good life again. The slavers are brutal, but they have no idea what’s coming for them. A brutal tale wrapped like barbed wire around love, honor and a father’s love for his daughter.

J. Molles is back on the top of the genre. Nicholas sansbury Smith, author of Hell Divers. From the bestselling author of the Remaining series…They took everything—killed his wife, enslaved his daughter, destroyed his life. J. Molles gives us a postapocalyptic rescue thriller that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

He had a loving wife, a farm with fields of golden barley, and a daughter with a strange and wonderful gift.

Beyond Exile: Day by Day Armageddon

And around the globe; there is no safe haven from the diseased corpses hungering for human flesh. Bourne is the new king of hardcore zombie action!" Brad ThorArmies of undead have risen up across the U. S. Survivor, day by day, the handwritten journal entries of one man caught in a worldwide cataclysm capture the desperation—and the will to survive—as he joins forces with a handful of refugees to battle soulless enemies both human and inhuman from inside an abandoned strategic missile facility.

J. L. But in the world of the undead, is mere survival enough? The terrifying sequel to Day by Day Armageddon—for fans of The Walking Dead. But in the heat of a texas wasteland, a small band of survivors attempt to counter the millions closing in around them.

Stolen Liberty: Behind the Curtain

Rangers take their promises seriously, and when a squad with the 75th Rangers make a solemn vow to their gravely wounded platoon sergeant, they will move heaven and Earth to honor it. Never does any of them question being there for the team or the consequences that they will face as liberty is stolen. When the political structure of the United States shifts, the former Rangers will have to go to great lengths to keep their vow.


Gone Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Book 13

Surviving the zombie apocalypse: GONE"A gut-wrenching, hard hitting series that will leave you breathless. John o'brien - best-selling author of the New World series"Shawn Chesser is a master of the zombie genre. Mark tufo - best-selling author of the zombie Fallout series"Through a combination of tight, well-structured plots and fully realized characters, Chesser has emerged as one of the top indie writers in the business.

Joe mckinney – two-time bram stoker award winner and best-selling author of the dead world seriessurviving tHE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: GONEEdited by Monique Happy Editorial Services98, entire governments disappeared instantly, 000 wordsOutbreak - Week 1Presidents, premiers, like a fragile house of cards in a hurricane.

Some hid deep underground or holed up in fortified strongholds, but most were swallowed up by the dead, never to be heard from again. For cade grayson—doting father and patriotic Delta Force operator—the past week has been the worst dealt to him by life during his short thirty-five-year stint on planet Earth.

Following a hashed-together kill or capture mission that saw cade and the newly formed Pale Rider team travel to Northern Utah to confront a band of escaped convicts turned cannibal, he returns to the compound in rural Utah with a grim task: bury three more of his people in the already crowded hillside cemetery.

With zs flooding the valley to the east, cade immediately guns up and leaves the wire with his daughter, Raven, and Chinese PLA scouts probing inland from the west, in tow. His new mission is twofold: to infuse Raven with as much survival knowledge as possible, and to find a close friend who has gone missing, feared dead.

But while cade and raven are away, the Eden group’s ranks are further thinned when two more of their own disappear.