Trailer Park Boys: Xmas Special – The Dope and Liquor Edition

Directed by series creator mike clattenburg, the hour-long special takes place before Jamie was J-Roc, before Randy and Lahey were a couple and before the Shitmobile was missing a door. In this prequel to the hit series trailer Park Boys, it's 1997 and Sunnyvale Trailer Park is getting ready for the holiday season.

Shrink-wrapped. Meanwhile Mr. Julian s got a great idea to make money this Christmas, Ricky gets confused between God and Santa, and Bubbles tries to get the Boys together for an annual Christmas bonfire. Lahey is thrilled because Christmas is the only day of the year that his wife Barb allows him to have a few drinks.

Bonus features: f**k-up reel; alternate takes; extended takes; deleted scenes;behind the scenes Featurette; Commentary Track with Cast; Easter Egg Disc Content: Brand New features are 2 featurettes: 1 Trailer Parks Boys 101; 1 Trailer Park Boys: The Movie - Behind the Scenes. Feature program now enhanced for 16x9 Televisions and new 5.

1 audio Track. Notes: ntsc/Region 1.

Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It

Trailer park boys: don't legalize it 2014 julian is broke and makes a deal with Cyrus, his arch-enemy; Ricky heads to Ottawa to stop the legalization of marijuana; Bubbles reluctantly joins them on his own quest to claim an inheritance left to him by his long-lost parents.

Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys

Ntsc/region 0 Import dvd pressing of the final Trailer Park Boys television episode, originally aired in 2008.

Trailer Park Boys: Season Ten

However barb is out of jail and determined to get the park back by taking Julian to court. Sunnyvale is now under julian's control with Bubbles providing musical entertainment in his bar and Ricky and Lucy running the local "Drugs Store". Under pressure from lucy, ricky is trying not very successfully to stay out of trouble and to hang on to the money that he has set aside for Trinity and Jacob's wedding.

Desperate to raise cash for his legal fees, Julian decides to turn the park into an all-you-can-drink-and-smoke casino resort that Bubbles promotes on the internet with surprising results.

Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe

However they discover on their first day in London that they need to complete simple tasks set by swearnet in each of the designated cities in order to earn money for food, booze, and weed. Season 1 of out Of The Park focuses on Europe. After working out a deal with the web tv station, Swearnet, Julian announces to Ricky and Bubbles that he was able to get them a free vacation in Europe, complete with spending money.


Trailer Park Boys: The Movie / Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day

This dvd contains the two trailer park boys full-length feature films: Trailer Park Boys: The Movie 2006 and Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day 2009. Both films follow the exploits of ricky, Julian and Bubbles, who are constantly trying to figure out new ways to get rich, get high, and stay out of jail.

Ntsc/region 1. Based on the canadian tv series that ran for seven seasons, the legend of the Tralier Park Boys keeps growing stronger by the day.

Trailer Park Boys - Season 08

The only thing missing in his life which he desperately wants back are Lucy and his pregnant daughter Trinity. Lahey are back together and doing great. Randy and Mr. Mr. Ricky recently harvested an enormous weed crop which he has successfully hidden in the walls of his trailer. Bubbles is in the process of opening what he calls a 'Shed and Breakfast' business.

And there have been some significant changes: Julian has opened a bar and gym in his trailer, “Julian's”, vowing to never break the law again. Lahey is retiring, randy has hired a new assistant supervisor to help him run the park, and life in Sunnyvale appears blissful for all. It's been several years since the cameras have been following Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles around the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.


Trailer Park Boys: Season 12


Trailer Park Boys - Season 09

Meanwhile, all the comic action is captured by a documentary crew that doesn't miss a moment as every plot to land themselves on easy street instead veers toward jail. Ricky, better known as the trailer park boys, julian and bubbles, are back for a new original season of boneheaded scheming to strike it rich and get out of their Nova Scotia trailer park, despite the interference of their vengeful park supervisor Jim and his shirtless toady Randy.


Trailer Park Boys: Out Of The Park


Trailer Park Boys: Live at the North Pole

Trailer park boys: Live at the North Pole DVD.