Via Periculosa: A Latin Novella Latin Edition

Loosely adapted from the roman author petronius, Via Periculosa "The Dangerous Road" is an exciting and surprising supernatural thriller suitable for Latin readers in the first year of study and beyond. Niceros is a greek slave on the run in ancient Italy, avoiding capture, and seeking his one true love, Melissa.

However, mystery, a chance encounter at an inn sets in motion a harrowing chain of events that lead to murder, mayhem, and a bit of magic.

Familia Mala: Saturnus et Iuppiter Latin Edition

They're the original dysfunctional family! rivalry! jealousy! poison! betrayal! gods! titans! Cyclopes! Monsters! Magical Goats! Read all about the trials and tribulations of Greek mythology's original royal family! Suitable for all novice Latin readers in their first year of study and beyond, this novella is an adaption of myth of Saturn Chronos and his children retold into easy Latin.

The book only assumes a vocabulary of 95 unique words.

Ego, Polyphemus Latin Edition

This novella uses only 140 unique latin words--over 90 of which are easy Latin cognates--making this an idea way for a beginning Latin learner with little vocabulary knowledge to read an entire novella with ease. This novella, based on the works of Vergil and Ovid, is suitable for all beginning readers of Latin.

Until one day a ship arrives on his peaceful island, bringing with it invaders and turning his world upside down. Included in the novella are: 4 lines of hendecasyllabic poetry from the Roman poet Catullus; 3 lines of original dactylic hexameter poetry modelled after Ovid; footnotes providing the meaning of difficult or unusual words or phrases when they first appear; a full Latin to English glossary.

Ego sum polyphemus" polyphemus the cyclops' life is pretty simple: he looks after his sheep, writes horrible poetry, hangs out in his cave, eats his homemade cheese.

Labyrinthus: A Latin Novella Latin Edition

Her half-brother is a literal monster—the Minotaur who lives deep within the twisting paths of the Labyrinth. Her mother is insane. This novella was written using only 120 unique Latin words, 45 of which are close English cognates. And love? this novella is adapted from ovid’s "Metamorphoses" and Catullus’ "Carmen 64, " and is suitable for all novice readers of Latin.

. Her father minos, king of Crete, ignores her. Princess Ariadna’s family is. Complicated. When a handsome stranger arrives on the island, Ariadna is faced with the ultimate choice: should she stay on the island of Crete, or should she abandon her family and her old life for a chance at escape. Well.

Piso Ille Poetulus: A Latin Novella Latin Edition

Each track on the audio album includes. Piso is a roman boy who wants to be a great poet like Virgil. Can piso convince his family that poetry is a worthwhile profession? Piso Ille Poetulus contains just 108 unique words excluding names, and meaning established within the text, different forms of words, and features 22 original lines of dactylic hexameter.

His family, however, wants him to be a soldier like his father. The pisoverse is original historical fiction set in classical antiquity: Rufus lutulentus Rufus et Lucia: liberi lutulenti Piso perturbatus Drusilla in Subura Rufus et arma atra Rufus et gladiatores Drusilla et convivium magarum Agrippina: mater fortis fragmenta Pisonis Piso Ille Poetulus.

A piso singing his line of poetry b an english translation to reestablish meaning c the line of poetry repeated to check comprehension d a slow version of just the rhythm to become more comfortable singing to a beat e the normal speed of just the rhythm to practice singing at Piso's speed f the line of poetry repeated one last time The Pisoverse is written with sheltered i.

E. Limited vocabulary to provide more understandable reading material for the beginning Latin student. Whether used as an introduction to latin poetry, a survey of ancient Rome's famous buildings, or a glimpse into the day of a Roman boy, Piso Ille Poetulus is a must-have in every Latin classroom. Be sure to check out the audio album of Piso's 22 lines of dactylic hexameter, Amazon, available for download on iTunes, and https://pisoverse.

Bandcamp. Com/.

Filia Regis et Monstrum Horribile Comprehensible Classics Volume 1 Latin Edition

Until venus the goddess of beauty becomes jealous and sends a terrible curse: Psyche is condemned to marry a horrible monster who lives in a mysterious palace on top of a mountain. The reader will also find many surprising connections to popular modern fairy tales, " "Snow White, such as "Cinderella, " and "Beauty and the Beast.

Written in latin for first or second year Latin students, but also very useful for self-learners. Princess psyche has everything going for her: wealth, fame, beauty, admirers . Originally told by the roman author Apuleius, this adaptation of the myth of Psyche is an exciting fantasy adventure, secrets, full of twists, and magic.


Duo Fratres: Familia Mala Vol. 2: A Latin Novella Latin Edition

And the world’s first brain surgery!after the great war between the Titans and the gods, theft, Titan brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus engaged in a dangerous game of sibling rivalry that escalates into betrayal, and the punishment of the gods in this sequel to Familia Mala: Saturnus et Iuppiter. Written in simple latin and illustrated throughout by the author, this novella gives beginner and intermediate Latin readers a ring-side seat to the conflict.

One of the world’s most famous dysfunctional families is at it again!  . Sibling rivalry! jealously! theft! Fire! War! Robots! Volcanos! Man-Eating Vultures! .

Perseus et Rex Malus: A Latin Novella Puer Ex Seripho Volume 1

When the cruel king of the island, is seeking a new bride, he casts his eye upon Perseus’ mother, Polydectes, Danaë. The woman bravely refuses, a cave whose walls are covered with strange writing, setting in motion a chain of events that includes a mysterious box, and a dark family secret. Using only 300 unique latin words, this fantasy novel is of interest to those learning Latin in a classroom setting as well as those learning Latin on their own.

On the island of seriphos lives Perseus a twelve-year-old boy living whose world is turned upside down. Perseus et rex malus" is the first of a two-part adventure based on the Greek myth of Perseus.

Perseus et Medusa: A Latin Novella Puer Ex Seripho Volume 2

Perseus and his friends xanthius and Phaedra face monsters, dangers, and overwhelming odds in this exciting conclusion of "The Boy from Seriphos. This novel, consisting of only 300 unique latin words including close English cognates, is an adaptation of the myth of Perseus and Medusa, retold in the style of a young adult fantasy novel.

Suitable for intermediate students of Latin.

Pandora: A Latin Novella: Familia Mala Vol. 3 Latin Edition

Jealousy! treachery! mysteries! love triangles! pigs! weddings! transformations! Magic Potions! Volcanoes! Evil Spirits! Mechanical Frogs! And more!Those crazy Olympians wreak havoc in heaven and earth in this action-packed, humorous adaptation of the myth of Pandora. This novella is suitable for novice level Latin learners of all ages.

Although this is the third installment of the Familia Mala series of novellas, it can be read independently from the rest.

Syra sola: A Latin Novella

Can she find it? syra sola contains just 29 unique words excluding names, different forms of words, and meaning established within the text. Syra likes being alone, but there are too many people everywhere in Rome! Taking her friend's advice, Syra travels to the famous coastal towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in search of solitude.

This novella exposes students to multicultural Rome and beyond, and works well with any Latin class unit on animals, or Pompeii.