Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Slow Cooking: Recipes and Techniques for Delicious Slow-Cooked Meals

Detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs explain the basic techniques of slow cooking and braising such as browning ingredients, carving large cuts of meat, and preparing delicious side dishes. Five chapters filled with more than 130 recipes follow, both using a traditional stovetop or oven method, offering a range of irresistible ideas for preparing and braising fish and shellfish, meats, and vegetables, poultry, as well as a slow cooker.

The chapters begin with invaluable advice on buying and preparing fresh foods, such as braised Brussels sprouts with pancetta, each one handsomely photographed, and the recipes, with special-occasion dishes, chicken marsala, including veal stew with asparagus, perfectly balance everyday fare, and Italian braised short ribs.

. Comprehensive descriptions cover the types of slow cooking and explain every stage of the process, from preparing the food in order to achieve the best results to properly testing the food for optimum doneness, providing readers with all the knowledge they need to turn out delicious and memorable meals.

A glossary of culinary terms and ingredients completes this indispensable volume. Used book in Good Condition. This information-packed volume opens with a brief history of this centuries-old technique and a look at the many ways slow cooking and braising transforms the texture of food as well as enhances the natural flavors.

Slow cookers, dutch ovens, roasting pans, and other important equipment are clearly described and pictured.

The Italian Slow Cooker

Presents a variety of slow-cooker recipes for Italian food which detail how to combine fresh ingredients and simple techniques to produce dishes for soups, vegetables, sauces, meats, and simple desserts. Title: the italian slow cookerauthor: scicolone, michele/ richardson, alan phtpublisher: houghton Mifflin HarcourtPublication Date: 2010/01/07Number of Pages: 232Binding Type: PAPERBACKLibrary of Congress: 2009013744 Houghton Mifflin.


Breakfast Williams-Sonoma Collection N.Y.

Buttermilk waffles drizzled with melted butter and maple syrup, a warm omelet filled with melted cheese and seasonal vegetables, or a helping of perfectly crisp hash browns. In these pages, you will find simple breakfasts ideal for busy weekday mornings as well as more elaborate dishes perfect for brunch entertaining.

Classic dishes such as omelets, buttermilk waffles, or old-fashioned oatmeal not only are delicious, but also give us the energy we need to make the most of the day. And for special brunch gatherings, an entire chapter of original recipes—including sweet cherry and cheese blintzes as well as a hearty wild mushroom quiche—will help you plan an irresistible menu to share with family and friends.

In addition, an informative basics section and glossary provide you with all you need to know to prepare the first—and most important—meal of the day. This beautifully photographed recipe collection is sure to become an essential addition to your kitchen bookshelf. Williams-sonoma collection Breakfast offers more than 40 easy-to-follow recipes, including enduring favorites and inspiring new ideas.

Whether you are looking for a dish to prepare in advance and eat on a busy weekday, or a special treat to enjoy on a more leisurely weekend morning, such as blueberry pancakes or a savory frittata, such as almond-currant scones or homemade granola, this book has recipes to suit all tastes. Houghton Mifflin.

Eating a satisfying, well-balanced breakfast is undoubtedly the best way to begin any morning. These classic breakfast dishes are always delicious and provide plenty of energy for the day ahead.

One Pot of the Day Williams-Sonoma: 365 recipes for every day of the year

From january to december, you'll find fresh inspiration and a seasonal dish to satisfy any craving or suit any occasion. With this comprehensive book as your guide, you’ll discover an enticing recipe for every day of the year. From january to december, with accompanying notes offering ideas for variations, you’ll find a variety of one-pot dishes to satisfy any craving and suit any meal, garnishes, and other tips.

In summer, the garden bounty stars in lighter fare like braised meat dishes with diverse flavors, roasted and stir-fried seafood, stratas, and enchiladas. In autumn, such as meat loaf and baked ziti with sausage, root vegetables take a leading role in pot roasts, and rustic tarts while classic comfort foods, gratins, are back-to-school favorites.

Rich and savory dishes like meat pies, herbed cassoulets, fall-off-the-bone lamb tagines, spicy curries, and warming stews feed a crowd and keep winter’s chill away. From slow-cooked stews and quick stir-frys to paellas and pilafs, the spectacular array of dishes in this cookbook will serve you through the seasons.

Weldon Owen. This tempting collection of 365 recipes offers a one-pot meal for each day of the year. No matter what you are in the mood for—comforting casseroles, frittatas and risottos, or spicy gumbos, baked pastas, cheesy gratins, hearty pot pies, braised meats, creamy chowders, curries and tagines—you'll find an enticing meal that can be made or presented all in one vessel.

Endlessly versatile and easy to prepare, one-pot meals are the ideal solution to what’s for dinner. Houghton Mifflin.

The New Slow Cooker: More Than 100 Hands-Off Meals to Satisfy the Whole Family

Houghton Mifflin. Weldon Owen. Awaken your tastebuds with a whole new approach to slow-cooking. Welcome to a whole new way with slow cooking. Rounding out the book, the lush, tempting photography is not only mouthwatering but also inspirational, with visual ideas for textural and flavorful garnishes. The slow cooker has become one of the most popular kitchen appliances for today’s busy home cook, and it is easy to see why: comfort has met convenience, with delicious results.

From succulent beef to melt-in-your-mouth chicken to hearty legumes, this book contains an irresistible array of recipes your family will love. In this book, you will discover a whole new way to use your slow cooker to make more than 100 succulent dishes by enhancing them with bright fresh flavors: Tender short ribs in a sweet and spicy sauce are elevated with a crunchy daikon, creamy avocado, and earthy cilantro; and sliced brisket is perked up with a verdant, carrot, and fresh herb salad; zesty chicken-tortilla soup is layered with sweet corn, herb-laden chimichurri strewn with sweet cherry tomatoes.

Over 100 classic slow-cooked recipes are updated for today’s cook, and are bursting with fresh, bright flavors and crunchy textures. Weldon Owen. The best slow cooking, however, is an art that is only achieved with a little finesse. This book reimagines what the slow cooker is capable of, color, bringing freshness, and texture to the flavorful stews and braises of slow cooking and creating a road map for the modern cook.


Williams-Sonoma Collection: Mexican

Weldon Owen. Houghton Mifflin. Weldon Owen. Mexico's rich and diverse culinary traditions include countless complex and vibrant dishes. For a casual dinner, fill warm corn tortillas with tender morsels of carnitas or chunks of fresh fish lightly fried to a crisp golden brown. Including all the basics and an extensive glossary, this essential volume will help you create and enjoy many delicious Mexican meals.

. Or, plan a summer supper of watercress salad tossed with orange, jicama, and avocado; creamy corn and poblano chile soup; and delicate sea bass topped with salsa verde. A chapter on desserts also tempts, whether you crave chocolate cake with chile-infused whipped cream or coffee and KahlÚa flan. Williams-sonoma collection Mexican offers more than 40 recipes, including well-loved classics and many other timeless dishes.

In these pages, you will find recipes that capture the best of the cuisine, and spices, from mole poblano, a long-simmered blend of chiles, seeds, to bright-flavored ceviche dressed with fresh citrus juice. Full-color photographs of each dish help you decide which one to prepare, and each recipe is accompanied by a photographic side note that highlights a key ingredient or technique, making Mexican more than just a superb collection of recipes.

Versatile and delicious, Mexican food is always irresistible.

The Williams-Sonoma Collection: Chicken

In these pages, you'll find chicken dishes designed to suit any occasion—from a casual lunch to a hearty Sunday dinner. It is my hope that cooking your way through this book deepens the pleasure you take in the kitchen!" Houghton Mifflin. Used book in Good Condition. This beautifully photographed recipe collection, appealing to both novice and experienced cooks, will become an essential addition to your kitchen bookshelf.

Weldon Owen. Weldon Owen. The amazing versatility of chicken lets you quickly prepare it in a stir-fry, grill it to perfection outdoors on a summer's day, or slowly simmer it in a satisfying pot of chicken noodle soup. Williams-sonoma collection Chicken offers more than 40 easy-to-follow recipes, including both classic favorites and fresh new ideas.


Williams-Sonoma Collection: Italian

When hosting an elegant dinner party, serve individual spinach timbales followed by roast sea bass with fennel and lemon. With an informative basics section on Italian cooking, including an extensive glossary, you will quickly learn all you need to know to make delicious Italian meals to share with family and friends.

. Full-color photographs of each dish help you decide which one to prepare, and each recipe is accompanied by a photographic side note that highlights a key ingredient or technique. From a hearty frittata with sweet peppers and sausage to tender gnocchi served with a sublime sauce of four cheeses and grilled balsamic-glazed veal chops on a bed of polenta, the sumptuous yet easy-to-make recipes in this book represent the very best of vibrant Italian cuisine.

Williams-sonoma collection Italian offers more than 40 recipes, including beloved favorites as well as exciting new ideas. With an entire chapter devoted to each traditional Italian course, this volume offers plenty of inspiring recipes perfect for any occasion. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Weldon Owen. Pastas such as ravioli filled with butternut squash or papparadelle sauced with long-simmered meat ragù make satisfying meals in themselves. For a sweet finish, irresistible tiramisù, choose from crunchy almond biscotti, or creamy panna cotta.

Williams-Sonoma Collection: Fish

In these pages, you'll find appealing fish dishes for any occasion—from a casual weeknight supper to a more formal affair. Whether you are in the mood for salmon on the grill, traditional trout amandine, or a rustic bouillabaisse, there is always a distinctive and delicious way to prepare any type of fish.

Quick and easy to cook, fish is an excellent choice for any occasion. Williams-sonoma collection Fish offers more than 40 recipes, including classic fare as well as exciting new ideas. Williams-sonoma collection Fish offers more than 40 easy-to-follow recipes, including both familiar classics and tempting new ideas.

An informative basics section and extensive glossary fill in everything you need to know to add delicious fish to your cooking repertoire. And even with so many different ways to prepare it—sautéed on the stove top, or grilled over an open fire—the fresh, braised in the oven, clean taste and delicate texture of fish always shine through.

Used book in Good Condition. There's even a chapter devoted entirely to other seafood besides fish, including scallops, and lobster, shrimp, rounding out the delicious array of choices. Inside, you'll find simple dishes for quick suppers, intriguing recipes for serving guests, and hearty main courses for satisfying meals.

From delicate fillets of sole sauced with butter and lemon to flavorful salmon paired with apple and fennel, the variety of fish dishes is nearly endless. Houghton Mifflin.

The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook: The Essential Recipe Collection for Today's Home Cook

Williams-sonoma has compiled over 370 of the best recipes and 200 photographs from the top selling Williams-Sonoma Collection to create the ultimate cookbook. Cooking today is multidimensional: it's about creating soul-warming comfort food for friends and family; making healthy, flavorful meals in a limited amount of time; inviting the flavors of ethnic cuisines into our kitchens; and preparing tasty, sumptuous meals for holidays and special occasions.

Among its more than 370 recipes are time-tested classics, popular ethnic dishes customized for the home cook, fresh new favorites gleaned from restaurant menus, and dozens of breakfast and dessert choices, from the simple to the spectacular. These include: appetizers; soups; salads; fish and Shellfish; Poultry; Beef and Veal; Pork and Lamb; Vegetables; Breads; Desserts; and Breakfast and Brunch.

Dozens of photographed sidebars throughout the book illuminate cooking techniques, explain how to work with unfamiliar ingredients, and suggest flavorful sauces or condiments to accompany the main recipe. Weldon Owen. Used book in Good Condition. Look, spaghetti and meatballs, for plenty of kid-friendly recipes such as baked macaroni and cheese, and chocolate brownies, chicken potpie, too, all of which could become some of the most-requested dishes in your cooking repertory.

Sumptuous photographs for every recipe will show you how the finished dish should look. The recipes are organized into twelve chapters so you can easily find the right dish for your needs.

Williams-Sonoma Collection: Sauce

Weldon Owen. From a barbeque sauce that imbuse pork ribs with smoky flavor to a creamy hollandaise contrasting with crisp asparagus or refreshing pineapple salsa that sets off a single grilled fish, a delicious sauce can improve every dish. Used book in Good Condition. Weldon Owen. Just as the clothes make the man, the sauce can most certainly make a dish.

Houghton Mifflin. Each versatile sauce is presented as a part of an inspired dish, and you will find tempting fare to suit every course and every occasion. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. This is specially true when it comes to desserts—think of an almond pound cake drizzled with orange sauce, or a banana split topped with hot fudge.

William-sonoma collection Sauce offers more than 40 terrific recipes from familiar favorites to fresh ideas. This beautifully photographed, full-color receipe collection is certain to become an essential addition to your kitchen library. Free Press.