Your Battles Belong to the Lord: Know Your Enemy and Be More Than a Conqueror

Put on the armor of god, conquer your problems, and know your real enemy with renowned Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer. Have you ever felt you tried every solution on earth to solve a problem, but nothing worked? Have you ever wondered where the difficulties you face are coming from? Joyce Meyer has answers.

In your battles belong to the lord, Meyer explains that while some problems may result from a person's choices or circumstances, others are rooted in the spiritual realm. No matter how difficult your challenges are, if you have God with you, you have all you need to win every battle. Chapter titles include: "know your enemy, " "how the devil tries to deceive People, " "The Power of a Thankful Life, " "Hold Your Peace, " "Eliminate Fear, " and "Internal Rest.

In this fresh approach to the subject of spiritual warfare, Meyer focuses not only on the nature and strategies of the enemy, but also on the power and love of God, who always defeats the enemy and leads you to triumph. When facing life's battles, there are certain things you must do for yourself, such as: Diligently studying and applying God's WordTrusting HimPrayingMaintaining a positive attitude and thankful heartBut there are other things only God can do.

When you do your part, god does His-and He is always ready and eager to defend you and help you. Each chapter of the book helps you understand how the enemy operates and learn to counter his schemes and strategies so you can live at a new level of strength. Once you recognize the devil--who is real and active in the world today--as your true enemy and the source of many of your struggles, freedom, you can overcome them and live a life of peace, faith and victory.

Healing the Soul of a Woman: How to Overcome Your Emotional Wounds

Internationally renowned bible teacher Joyce Meyer draws on her own history of abuse to show women how Christ's redeeming love heals emotional wounds and brings joy to life. Can a woman who has been deeply hurt by life's circumstances be healed, and betrayal by those closest to her, heart and soul? If she has been wounded by a man she loved and trusted, abandonment, can she love and trust again? As a woman who endured years of abuse, Joyce Meyer can answer with a resounding "yes!"Meyer's positivity comes from living her own journey, and from seeing so many women who don't believe they can fully overcome their pain--or even know where to begin--find the guidance they need in the life-changing wisdom of the Bible.

Meyer's bestseller Beauty for Ashes told of her personal story of healing. Each chapter guides you through whatever obstacles may be holding you back to find your true destiny as God's beloved. God can heal all pain, and He wants to do this in you. Let healing the soul of a woman be the first step toward the wonderful, joyful future God intends for you.

Now, with the passage of more time, healing the soul OF A WOMAN delves deeper into Joyce's story and the journey of healing for all women.

Let God Fight Your Battles: Being Peaceful in the Storm

Faithwords. By learning to lean on god's power, you'll be able to leave your fear behind and develop a life-changing sense of confidence. This compact edition is perfect for taking God's assurance with you everywhere you go. Based on her bestselling book, the battle Belongs to the Lord, Joyce Meyer delivers practical advice and Biblical wisdom to help you triumph over any obstacle you face.

Be encouraged that no situation is beyond repair and start living a life of joy and peace when you LET GOD FIGHT YOUR BATTLES.

Unshakeable Trust: Find the Joy of Trusting God at All Times, in All Things

But god never will! Faithwords. Drawing on her own experiences and inspiration from the Word of God, Joyce makes the case that in every area of your life--spiritually, relationally, emotionally, financially--you can trust that God has your very best in store. In her new book, new york times bestselling author Joyce Meyer explores a life lived in complete and total dependence on God.

This book will both equip and encourage, as you learn how to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Regardless of your past pain, or your future uncertainty, your present circumstances, when you learn to trust God each day, you'll experience the joy-filled life Jesus came to give you.

Others may have let you down. With each new chapter, joyce unveils a sovereign and trustworthy God who longs to be in a relationship with his people, and inspires you to tear down the walls of self-reliance.

Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind

This special updated edition includes an additional introduction and updated content throughout the book. If readers suffer from negative thoughts, they can take heart! Joyce Meyer has helped millions win these all-important battles. Faithwords. Great product! Worry, confusion, doubt, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation: all these are attacks on the mind.

And she shares the trials, family, and ministry that led her to wondrous, tragedies, and ultimate victories from her own marriage, life-transforming truth--and reveals her thoughts and feelings every step of the way. She teaches how to deal with thousands of thoughts that people think every day and how to focus the mind the way God thinks.

In her most popular bestseller ever, the beloved author and minister shows readers how to change their lives by changing their minds.

Healing the Soul of a Woman Devotional: 90 Inspirations for Overcoming Your Emotional Wounds

Her steadfast claim comes from living her own journey of soul healing, and from seeing so many women who don't believe they can fully overcome their pain--or even know where to begin--find the guidance they need in the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. Great product! Despite suffering from years of abuse, joyce firmly believes a woman who has been deeply hurt by life's circumstances can be healed, abandonment, and betrayal by those closest to her, heart and soul.

Now, in this companion devotional, Joyce will guide you through 90 daily readings to encourage you through whatever obstacles may be holding you back from finding your true destiny. God can heal your pain, and He wants to do this in you. Let healing the soul of a woman devotional be an inspiration in your journey toward the wonderful, joyful future God has planned for you.

Receive healing for your emotional wounds and discover your destiny as God's daughter with this 90-day devotional by internationally renowned Bible teacher Joyce Meyer. Healing the soul of a woman delved deeply into Joyce Meyer's personal story and the journey of healing for all women. Faithwords.

The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word

Warner. Includes powerful scriptures covering over 50 topics, loneliness, such as patience, and wisdom.1 new york times bestselling author Joyce Meyer teaches readers how to create change in their lives and truly receive God's blessings. Faithwords. Great product! .

How to Hear from God Spiritual Growth Series: Learn to Know His Voice and Make Right Decisions

Joyce meyer will show you how God reaches out to people every day, seeking to bless them with His guidance and love. Joyce asks the question, "Are you listening?" and shares practical ways how you can do just that! Faithwords. Warner. She reveals the ways in which God delivers His Word, and the benefits of asking God for a greater ability to hear His voice.

But learning to recognize god's voice and the many ways in which He speaks is vital for following His plan and enjoying the happy, confident life that's in store for you. Great product! Two-books-in-one by #1 new york times bestselling author joyce Meyer, HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD and its companion study guide, will help readers understand the multiple ways God is speaking in their lives.

In the hustle and bustle of today's busy world, sometimes it's hard enough to hear yourself think, much less take a minute to stop and listen for the voice of God.

Ephesians: Biblical Commentary Deeper Life

Change will come, and your life will bear the good fruit that God intends! Faithwords. Warner. In this study tool, joyce meyer takes a deep dive into those beloved verses, identifying key truths and incorporating room for personal reflection. If you take the time to study His word, you'll see how much He loves you and who you are in His image.

. Great product! Internationally renowned bible teacher Joyce Meyer provides a close study and commentary on Ephesians, emphasizing the importance of living in Christ and putting your relationship with God first. Paul's letter to the ephesians is a well-loved book of the Bible that teaches some of the most important lessons of faith: who you are in Christ, how you are to live as His follower, and how to gain victory in the spiritual battles you face.

Joyce's new series provides key Biblical commentary that will help you develop a stronger relationship with God.

Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So They Don't Control You

Warner. Great product! The average person has 70, 000 thoughts every day, and many of those thoughts trigger a corresponding emotion. Living beyond your feelings Controlling Emotions So They Don t Control You. Our lives would be much improved if we controlled them. In living beyond your feelings, joyce meyer examines the gamut of feelings that human beings experience.

She discusses the way that the brain processes and stores memories and thoughts, and then - emotion by emotion - she explains how we can manage our reactions to those emotions. No wonder so many of us often feel like we're controlled by our emotions. By doing that, she gives the reader a toolbox for managing the way we react to the onslaught of feelings that can wreak havoc on our lives.

In this book, loss & grief, the influence of words on emotions, the impact of stress on physical and emotional health, fear, guilt & regret, Meyer blends the wisdom of the Bible with the latest psychological research and discusses: the 4 personality types and their influence on one's outlook, the power of replacing reactions with pro-actions, sadness, the power of memories, anger & resentment, and the benefits of happiness.


The Everyday Life Bible: The Power of God's Word for Everyday Living

This new edition updates joyce's notes and commentary to reflect the changes made in the revision of the Amplified Bible which refreshes the English and refines the amplification for relevance and clarity. Simultaneously, joyce meyer's renown as one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers has grown, as she continues to study and teach daily.

The result is the everyday life bible that is now easier to read and better than ever to study, understand, and apply to your everyday life. Living beyond your feelings Controlling Emotions So They Don t Control You. Great product!1 new york times bestselling author joyce meyer's popular study Bible; with practical commentaries, articles, and features that will help you live out your faith, is now available in the New Amplified Version.

In the decade since its original publication, THE EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE has sold 1. 1 million copies, taking its place as an invaluable resource on the Word of God. Faithwords. Warner.